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  1. Autumn Zephyr

    Cant find girl who stole my wallet on route 2

    Hint: check the trees. She's quite fond of photosynthesis, you see~
  2. For some reason, my Rejuvenation file decided to automatically go down on the majority of menus. Makes it really hard to accept trades or heal at the Pokemon Center...

    1. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      Update: It's not just Rejuv.-Reborn's acting up as well. Guess there's a problem with my keyboard, then?

  3. Autumn Zephyr


    Oho, is this the beginnings of a future thread in the Fan Games Expose subforum? Guess only time will tell! Anyway, welcome to this creative-ish place we call the Reborn Evolved Forums! Be sure to read up on the rules, feel free to check out all we have to offer, and above all else, enjoy your stay~!
  4. Autumn Zephyr

    Help with V11 Gym leader

    Flying and Bug Types work well in this particular fight, since they now resist Rock and deal Super Effective damage to them. Fire and Ice also resist Rock attacks in this field, but they don't strike them for SE damage like the previous two do-keep these guys as tanks in case the others drop. Things are a little different with his tyranitar, however. Thanks to its held Seed, it's a Normal Type with Normal Typed attacks only. This means it's weak to Ghost, but deals Super Effective damage to Ghost Types. As such, I'd reccomend leading with a non-Ghost that happens to know a Ghost attack (note that the Shadow Ball TM is available at this point). Another thing to keep in mind is that you can use his own trick against him: have a pokemon hold a Magical Seed to turn it into a Normalized Normal Type of its own! This'll allow them to deal Super Effective damage against all of his pokemon not named Tyranitar with a 1.2X damage increase to boot. I'd recommend doing this to a pokemon that doesn't already have one of the above advantages, since it'd be wasted on a Bug/Flying/both Type or the one designated anti-tyranitar unit. Based on your specific list, I'd say a team of Espeon w/ Shadow Ball (anti-tyranitar unit), Masquerain, Altaria (your core members), Typhlosion, Alolan Nintales (the relative tanks), and Alolan Raichu w/Magical Seed held should be able to net a win. At the very least, it'll do well as a decent starting point.
  5. Autumn Zephyr

    Meet the vets!

    Well, I've had the 'Veterans' tag on my profile for half a month now, so I guess I oughta do this. It's funny, though- I don't remember participating in any wars! Known As: Autumn Zephyr, of course! Age: I'm 20 years of age, and admittedly little salty salty about it. Gender: An androgynous mess, better known as Non-Binary. Birthday: April 24th Location: Athens, Georgia... though a conversation I had recently revealed that I can't really say that I'm from here. Height: To quote myself from last year, "Tall enough to be the one called on to reach high things, while still being below 6'. Is that an awkward zone?" Hair Color: A dark, dark brown. Kinda like dark chocolate, now that i think about it! Eye Color: Past!me put it best: "Anywhere between the-clouds-while-it's-just-sprinkling grey and a sort of pale aquamarine(?)" Relationship Status: Single, though I'd probably be more of a burden than a legitimate significant other in my current state anyway. Lives With: My two younger brothers, my step-mother, her cat and snake, and a certain paternal tyrant Pets: See above. Why'd I keep this category, again? Favorite Food; Sweet potatoes, butternut square, blueberry-pomegranate ice cream... and orange-infused dark chocolate. Basically, I've got an odd sweet tooth! Least Favorite: Hope you like turkey stuffing, 'cuz I ain't touching that even on Thanksgiving! I'm not a fan of spaghetti squash or avacados either. Favorite Drink: Cheerwine, blueberry-pomegranate-acai Vitamin Water, tea with the same flavor set as the previous entry- all rarities, of course. Water usually does fine. Least Favorite: Alcohol. And I'm not saying this out of principal, either! Favorite Color: Lighter shades of purple and orange usually suit my tastes just fine. I even wrote a poem about them once~! Least Favorite: Green and brown might look fine side by side, but they often turn out hideously when blended together! Favorite Genre of Music: I'm not exceptionally picky, though I've found that I typically gravitate towards upbeat 'folk' arrangements and mellow ones with electronic instrumentation. Favorite Band: Welp, still don't have an answer for this one. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Favorite Album: This, on the other hand, I do have an answer for this time! Meltberry- Bioluminescent is one of my favorite discoveries from the past year. Favorite Song: Outside of the above, last year's entry (Magenta by Nano) is still valid. Favorite Game: Haven't been able to play much new from last time, so that list (Elebits, We Love Katamari, Pokemon BW/2, and Mario Kart Wii) still works. I do wonder why I didn't have The World Ends With You on it at the time, though... Favorite Genre of Game: High, I'm still all over the place here! I'm a bit more picky with these than I am with music, though. Hobbies: Mucking about on internet forums, watching other people play video games, playing Reborn and Rejuv, and occasionally attempting to make something halfway decent on Windows Paint. Riveting, I know. Favorite Movie: Same as last year: Madoka Magica: the Rebellion Story. I don't exactly get to watch a lot of films... Favorite TV Show: *Flounders about uncomfortably* So, Who Are You?: A curious fellow who's just as likely to be undetectable as unmissable in a social gathering, with stories to tell ranging from silly and light-hearted to frustrating and disappointing, depending on how severe my unmedicated depression is at the time. I make an effort to help others when I can, which I hope makes up for the bitterness I can exude when said depression gets the better of me, which is admittedly pretty often- that sort of thing happens when you're still living in a toxic relationship that's now threatening to actually ruin your whole life, after all. Hopefully I'll be able to keep my silly side as the most commonly seen one here for the following year, at least! Anything You're Responsible For?: Aside from apparently all the chores in the house (most of the others tend to ignore theirs completely), I kinda have an almost $1,000 debt I need to somehow pay off. Don't let your parents charge you rent, kids! Especially if they're still claiming you on their taxes! If you had to choose one of your posts as your way to introduce yourself, which would it be?: I'd say this one will do. It shows my general frame of thought (and my wordiness), without delving into the dark depths of my angsty soul in the slightest. It's almost perfect~! What Can I Talk To You About?: Pokemon's a pretty safe bet, though there are a lot more games I could potentially work with. Seriously, I know waaaay too much about games I've never played myself~! Any Closing Remarks?: What is a year, but a brief moment in time? Hopefully this next moment will unshackle those here who are imprisoned, and bring joy to even those who never were~!
  6. Autumn Zephyr

    How do I get Marowak Alola?

    Getting the sad critter up to Lv. 28 in the Goldenleaf area during the Nighttime hours should do the trick.
  7. Autumn Zephyr

    Kecleon Sidequest is BS

    Given how early in the game your supposed to do it, it's actually very true to the original. It was always a brutal enemy if you rob its shop even at high levels in the PMD games, so why should it be any different here?
  8. *Spends several hours hunting for a pansear with a Passho Berry*
    *Finally finds one, and use Thief to nab it*
    *Pansear survives and uses Incinerate, destroying the Passho Berry completely*


    1. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      Update: RNGeesus has finally deigned to release me from my suffering.


  9. Autumn Zephyr

    The Time Has Come! Our Pokemon Reborn Adventure!

    I'm gonna agree that the desert isn't very easy to get lost in, just large and empty. It does get really frustrating to find all of the oasis mirages to spawn the Mirage Tower as a result, but at least doing so heals all the damage you probably took battling all those Arena Trap dugtrios! The 1R253 Scrapyard made me get really tired of the train horn SFX, though... If I remember correctly, every room in Titania's Gym has its own name. 'Cuz, you know, it just wasn't quite memorable enough as it was! Seeing as you're going Reshiram, don't let your guard down- the next Gym isn't going to be very nice on the feels either! Though it is reportedly very easy so long as your name isn't Autumn Zephyr, so at least you should be able to get the Badge just fine once your file's saved.
  10. Autumn Zephyr

    Is Shiny Treecko in the game?

    Basically, if a pokemon is in the game for capture/general obtainment, it is available shiny. The odds are around 100/1, but RNG is extremely fickle- being that far past odds is unfortunate, but not beyond the realm of belief.
  11. Welp, my USB just decided to and and delete the vast majority of my files, it seems. R.I.P.

    1. Fuchsia


      That sucks dude, I've been through similar situations 🙁


      I hope that your files weren't too important.

    2. not Azery

      not Azery

      Massive yikes.

  12. Autumn Zephyr

    Dev Blog | V12 Status Thread

    Ooh, check out dat coral reef- now with 120% less bleach! Seems like the oddly vibrant colors from Flora's trees in Route 3 have bled beneath the sea, hm? Also, am I the only one who's a tad amused that this thread cropped up the same day Commander dropped a review for this game?
  13. Autumn Zephyr

    Lurking in the foggy and rainbow path

    >That feel when kittens and cats apparently aren't animals smh Terrible and pointless nitpicking aside, welcome to this somewhat foggy domain we call the Reborn Evolved Forums! Be sure to read on the rules, feel free to check out all we have to offer, and above all else, enjoy your stay!
  14. Autumn Zephyr

    Hi I'm new and I messed up

    If it makes you feel any better, I messed up and didn't get full Relationship Points with him before Didn't quite feel like hunting down all the mirage oasis at the time, R.I.P. Anyway, enough of that sad stuff! Welcome to this cookoo land we call the Reborn Evolved Forums, o Follower of the Path of Truth! Be sure to read up on the rules, feel free to check all we have to offer, and above all else, enjoy your stay~!
  15. Autumn Zephyr

    Hello from the worst pokemon trainer

    Well, that's not entirely accurate. Your team is fully healed between the first two battles, and your "given Full Restores" between the second and third, so it's not like they leave you completely swamped. Didn't help me from getting blocked for somewhere between a month and a half and two months, but it's generally accepted at this point that I really, really suck compared to what the devs think their demographic is, so... eh. You should to fine in comparison. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯