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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  2. Today I learned that i have a typing speed of about 34 words per minute. That's... not great, by any stretch of the imagination...
  3. Welp, the folks down the street have lost one of their cows again. Guess they haven't learned their lesson from the last two times this has happened... (=_=; )

  4. Better late than never at all, right? Anywhodles, welcome to the Reborn Evolved Forums! Be sure to read up on the rules (if you haven't yet, for whatever reason), feel free to check out all we have to offer, and above all else, enjoy your stay~!
  5. ...After Devastation is out of PP. That move explicitly ignores Sturdy, so said Lv. 1 geodude is just dead if thrown out before she's forced to use Struggle.
  6. Doesn't work, at least not the way you probably think. There isn't a single legitimate Focus Sash available at that point in the game, and Devastation doesn't care if your pokemon has Sturdy- it's gonna die in one hit anyway. It would speed up up the last leg of the fight a bit, but you have to survive the Devastation to get to that point, and Madame X's Max Potions have higher Priority than Quick attack does.
  7. I don't think giving them the spoilery answer is all that beneficial- it's something best seen for oneself, I feel.
  8. If I remember correctly, most of his team is made of Ice Types- this means that most, if not all, of his pokemon have a significant number of weaknesses. Rock (that aren't also part ground), Steel, and Fire Types should prove to be helpful here here as a result, so I'd recommend slipping a couple of those onto the team for the fight if you have them. If you're worried about them being too low in levels, there is a patch of tall grass in the area with snover and abomasnow in it, which should allow you to test you current fire power with them as well. Don't worry too much about Aelita- most attacks that she takes are attacks you don't have to worry about, and every hit she manages to land is a bit of extra chip damage, so she's got some utility in the grand scheme of things. Neved isn't all that unfair, R.I.P.
  9. Sludge Wave's chances of triggering a status effect is a mere 10% to begin with- it trades that chance for extra power compared to Sludge Bomb. Thus, it's entirely possible that it never rolled for you to get statused in the first place. Either that, or whenever it did roll for one, the following one from the Field itself would then roll up one that your pokemon is immune to thanks to their Type (Electrics are immune to Paralysis, Poisons are immune to Poison, Ices are immune the Freezing, and Fires are immune to Burns).
  10. Welp, I'm sick today. A fever of 100.8 (F) may be low by fever standards, but it's still an air of sickness that makes it unwise for me to leave the house. Sadly, this is the day with classes I can't afford to miss out on, too...

    1. Yahen


      38.something in C iirc

      Thus its still a pretty high temp considering it is probly a random fever, take care okay?


    2. Vinnie


      Stay home, get some rest. Maybe look online to see if your teachers will post notes, or ask a friend if they'll take them for you? 

  11. *Playing through Bravely Second*
    "Wow, Urchin gave me a lot more trouble in the main game's Normal Mode than it did in the demo's Hard Mode."

    *Oh yeah, the demo actually gave me a bit to work with, such as the scrolls for all the spells I'm high enough level to cast, including a healing spell that's worth more than just using Halfsies on a Potion. Of course it's gonna be easier!"

  12. Given what the quest in question is, I'm not too sure that's the most efficient method either. You have to complete another quest to gain access to the island, it's still uncommon there, the held item rate is trash no matter where you find it, you have to pay a fee to access to it every time, and the usual trappings of the Safari Zone are in affect (which in turn means that you can't use Frisk to determine if it's holding the Magnet before you start the struggle of relying on the crummy Safari Balls to nail it). I wouldn't take this option, personally speaking.
  13. "There weren't any heals at all between the family fights originally." Okay, that's fair enough. The current limitations still keep the pressure on you even after the heals, so it's not really all that severe a ner- "The last battle's IVs were completely and utterly tanked." Okay, now I feel really terrible about losing to this dang thing 22 times!
  14. Cherubi can be found on the roof of the Chrisola Hotel (which is in East Gearen, a little further east from Venam's Gym). They're pretty common, so the hardest part is finding the place.
  15. Real question: why isn't Rejuvenation's Pokemon Location Guide stickied? 🤔

    1. Starry Knight

      Starry Knight

      It isn't? Never knew then again I've never played it lol

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