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  1. Lesson learned: never stand between Dimitri and his food. And now, for a stream of thought! "Wait, is that Kido?" "...Could be a coincidence. It's not like earphone-print hoodies are the most spectacular of fashion choices." "Oh, hello Konoha. Nice to see that your weird face circles are as prominent as ever." So, uh, I hadn't expected to encounter another Kagepro fan over on this side. Though I'm not sure how reasonable an assumption that was to make in retrospect...
  2. New vid! And the corresponding article on the main site: here Pokemon, you confuse me. First, you say that Dragons are the pokemon dealing with lifeforce, then you have Fairies steal that away from them. And now you have a pokemon that actively thrives on the lifeforce of others, and you go and make it pure Psychic Typed? When what it actually means to be "Psychic" is already muddled to begin with? On the flipside, I now feel a bit justified in holding my ground with Shield even after the Sirfetch'd reveal.
  3. "If I draw chibis this time, maybe this drawing will be done quickly!"


    *Several hours later*


    "...Guess the person doesn't matter so much if I'm just gonna go ham on these crystal formations, huh?" 😅

  4. I noticed it as well. It's starting to feel like Galarian Zigzagoon was only added so that people couldn't say that Regional Variants have only been Genwunner pandering, which... Well, I don't like it when colleges pull that nonsense, and there's no reason to excuse GF from the sentiment just because they aren't an post-secondary learning institution.
  5. They'll likely claim impidimp as well, since that wasn't technically revealed officially quite yet, but aside from that... You're correct. There's still a little under 8 hours left for the stream, though, so a third 'mon could still crop up before the end.
  6. "Alright, everypony, does anyone know where Borea Ember is?" Help, I might be taking the joke too far! Hey, at least that shot wasn't obscured by impidimp deciding it was a good time to breathe on the camera lens again. That wasn't exactly the nicest play, GameFreak.
  7. "If we give it a ton of alternate wing designs, maybe it won't feel so lonely!"-someone trying to pitch vivillon to Sugimori's design team On the plus side, it's certainly quite a good 'mon despite its 'Early Route Bug" status- and without needing to resort to an HA, at that!
  8. "Bug Types have become too strong. We must nerf them somehow!" "Uh, couldn't we just put that bad ones in and leave it at that?" "No! They must be made non-existent!" "...Not even butterfree's allowed?" "...Fine. But only because it's from Gen. 1!" Yup, seems like a ridiculous prospect to me. Surely they've got something chitinous in the works, right?
  9. I somehow failed to figure out that it being October means that it's also Inktober until earlier, so I'm only now getting around to working on Day 2: Mindless. Whoopsie~!

  10. There was a galloping sound when a vague pinkish blob passed by the top-right corner, so it does make some sense. ...I do find it a bit odd that they brought slurpuff back when they already have alcremie, though. Helps out the folks who want to run a bakery-themed team, I guess, but ther's almost enough dual-Typed Fairies to make a reasonably balanced Mono-team without having to double dip on the Single-Types at this point.
  11. Honestly, I misinterpreted this stuff as dataminers somehow managing to get into the game a month and a half early when I first saw the story yesterday. Granted, I wasn't exactly thinking the straightest in general at the time, but that was a bit of a shock regardless...
  12. Okay, so I'm probably not the most qualified to help here (this a single battle back in V9, and I mostly cheesed it with Minimize grimer at the time), but I did a little research to try anyway. It's recommended to keep the scraggy alive for a bit since it's largely non-threatening (Paralysis makes it even less so, of course), and chimecho messes up a large chunk of his team despite its coverage against Psychic Types. Chingling can be found in the villages grass at night, and evolves through Happiness (also at night), so it'll take some effort to actually get. I've also heard a lot of how natu breaks so many of the early Gyms, though I remain unconvinced. If you want to give it a try anyway, they can be found in the Amethyst Cave. Edit: Well, guess I got a bit accelgor'd on that last one
  13. The second part of the sidequest doesn't become available until you beat the Steel Gym though that does mean that your levels should be enough to handle the trainers involved. Go forth and sweep the last three Gym Leaders* with your newfound power! *When the game is completed, in the last one's case
  14. Our very own Amethyst made a tutorial video series a few years back, so maybe that'll help you out? Here's the first vid (along with the whole playlist, of course). Happy spriting!
  15. Welp, this day went much, much worse than expected. Sudden short-term family drama cost me too much time and left me having to travel six miles on foot, and thus caused me to show up far late to orientation and potentially to lose my one legitimate chance at getting the stable income I need to attempt (potentially in vain) to break out of the long-term family drama. I'm friggin' tired of this BS! 😠

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