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  1. Update: Due to a series of events that I definitely saw coming (look at the last paragraph specifically), it seems that my attendance to the Winter Revel will be extremely limited this year, unfortunately. But hey, at least I should be able to stop in!


    In any case, I'm hoping that I'll be far more active in January than I have been this month. I won't be gotten rid of that easily~!

  2. Just unlocked the shop in Goomidra, and found something a bit familiar. Not gonna lie, I kinda forgot that it made it in the game in the first place... 😅




    1. DreamblitzX


      the fact that that thing can get dragon dance is now scary


    2. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      Seems like it's now got something serious to set it apart from it's muddy comrades, so mission accomplished?


      Unfortunately, it looks like that terror might be short-lived, though- Gen. 8 shook up a lot of EM lists, and whicash lost Dragon Dance because of it! Between that and seismitoad finally getting Liquidation, it almost feels like GameFreak wants it to fester in obscurity while its few fans watch... 😓

    3. DreamblitzX


      Well, it remains to be seen what Rejuvenation will do with gen 8 I guess


  3. I think I see what's going on here. In Sword and Shield, there are a good handful of pokemon capable of learning Aurora Veil by level up, including Alolan Vulpix at Lv. 44. However, Rejuvenation V12 was released roughly four and a half months before SwSh, and thus uses the UsUm learnlists, where nothing could learn Aurora Veil naturally and had to rely on the TM to actually add the move to their set. And since the TM isn't available to the player at all yet, the classic Alolatales set is impossible to pull off (without using Debug Mode) until V13 is finally released. As Crimson pointed out, there is a Shadow Pokemon with Aurora Veil as one of its Purification moves (seriously, how was Aurorus unable to learnt he move in the first place???), but it's pretty late game in our current build. You need to be able to Dive in the overworld to get access to it, and that doesn't come online until after the 13th Gym! Sorry about the inconvenience.
  4. That just means that, if it is a variant of the same bug, it only negatively affects the AI's side of the field. The fact that the error message popped up after all was said and done suggests that's it's probably something different after all, however...
  5. Hm, this a bit interesting. In unpatched versions of V12, Flora!Ryaland's claydol kept getting its turned skipped, resulting in what was intended to be a massive threat being a breather 'mon instead. Makes me wonder if it had tried to use one of the big Beams, and got caught in its own bug...
  6. Mechanically, all that's different is a single move, i.e, where the standard Max Inferno sets up Sun, Giga-Charizard's G-Max Wildfire instead inflicts the Fire Pledge+Grass Pledge Combo Effect on the opponents. A regular charizard can't use G-Max Wildfire, but a Gigantamaxed one can't use Max Inferno either, so choosing whether you want to actually go for the fancy cool look is really a matter of opportunity cost. (In this case, I'd only bother with getting a Gigantamax specimen if I happened to have an offensive Water Type on my team, since the Sun would hinder that guy's chances if it came out after charizard was done doing its thing).
  7. They got eiscue, which takes absolutely no damage from the first Physical attack it takes, and can repeatedly restore this trait every round if it's currently Hailing (which Angie's fight has on by default), effectively making it immune to Physical attacks, as well as Galarian Darmanitan, whose Ability is literally a built-in Choice Band that stacks with other Choice Items (and is being a bit of a terror on comp. ATM. as a result). And then there's the Arcto-fossils, which sport a 75 signature attack that doubles in power if the user outspeeds the target, plus Slush Rush to ensure it actually does so (It doesn't help us that both Angie's preferred weather and Field Effect activate Slush Rush). Arctozolt seems to be particularly nasty because it does bring in the rarely-resisted BoltBeam Type pair (i.e., Electric and Ice) in its STABs alone. I'd be genuinely surprised if none of these monsters made it onto Angie's team! Ice also got Mr. Rime, whose signature Ability would actually hurt her (I don't think any Ice trainer would be fond of destroying their own Aurora Veil, ya know?), and frosmoth, which... I'm still on the fence about in regards to how actually useful it is in this context. It might be the most aesthetically fitting of the bunch for our psycho frost maid, at least?
  8. That's exactly right! Frankly, I feel like the claydol Crest is the most involved of the bunch, considering just how much it affects. I'm not exactly sure if I'm remembering right (I haven't personally bothered with them myself), but aren't all of the older fossilmons already available in Rejuvenation? I don't imagine that there'd be too much of a delay toward getting the frankenfossils once those come online, so dracovish should be an available option by then. I still can't quite get over how ridiculously powerful that one turned out to be, TBH...
  9. Autumn Zephyr


    Welcome, o lurker of the realm, to the Reborn Evolved Forums! Feel free to check out all that we have to offer, and above all else, enjoy your stay~!
  10. I think you might be missing my point here. A huge part of the appeal of these games is that you don't have to stress about obscure methods and wild guessing to have access to a pokemon's HA- even if said HA is actually a core part of the pokemon's identity *cough, cough, darmanitan*- you can just have them right then and there. By declaring that the Abilities are to be banned, you're basically condemning all of the pokemon that have said Abilities to the far reaches of the endgame. But you can't quite do that, because one of the pokemon is contractually obligated be available right out the gate, so instead you're stuck forcing the Devs. to completely redo the system. If you're hardcoding certain "broken" Abilities to never crop up, you might as well do so for all of the problem children, no? And bidoof had just gotten nerfed in the mainline games already as it is! Given how ridiculously extreme both of the above scenarios wind up playing out, I stand by my belief that the most elegant way is to just make the pokemon lategame and tough to get. We're already playing in a realm where Alolan muk is handed to us on a silver platter, ledian can wreck against all odds, and claydol can spam boosted Hyper and Solar Beams without repercussion, so they'll really just fit right in with Rejuvenation's incredible levels of mechanical jank. And about the starter grookey? A certain highly-feared Gym Leader just got a bunch of shiny new toys designed specifically to try and give the Ice Type a fighting chance, so I think Grass is going to need every bit of help it can get! But this really isn't the right thread for this discussion, and I feel we've clogged it enough. The most reasonable thing to do now is to agree to disagree and let those who control such things work out the details. On the bright side, people who wanted to try and use indeedee (it's literally the only one of the four I hadn't specifically referred to yet ) now have a better idea of what they might be up against, right?
  11. Ah, yes, freedom. Sad how that seems like such a precious commodity these days, no? In any case, hopefully your story will be a worthy addition to the collection we already have! Anyway, welcome to the Reborn Evolved Forums! Be sure to read up up on the Guidelines, feel free to check out all that we have to offer, and above all else, enjoy your stay~! Also goodness gracious, this puts even my Introduction Post to shame...
  12. I wouldn't even call the grookey line a problem- Grass didn't have a Starter that was anywhere near being on the same level as greninja, blaziken, and the unholy love child of the two (cinderace), so rillaboom finally allows the Type to be somewhat competitive far before the Crests become close to being available. Yes, it would probably make battles a little monotonous, but that's the price you pay for picking something that's known to be in the upper echelons of power in the first place, right? As for placement, the Terrain Setters (including non-starter grookey and evolution location for Galarian Weezing) would certainly be late game, but not relegated to post. Reborn has every non-Legendary pokemon available now, yet it's not even completed its last Gym yet. And that's not even touching the fact that Rejuvenation has been a little bit more generous regarding what pokemon you have access to than Reborn was to boot, so it wouldn't make any sense to chuck them right to the point where you might as well use the superior Tapus instead! I mean, can anyone really say with a straight face that pincurchin is on the same level as goodra, garchomp, metagross, or hydreigon, all of which are pokes we already have access to? How about Mega Mawile and Mega Gardevoir, who's last ingredient to whom has been confirmed as being added in the next Version as part of the story? So my thought is that instead of sticking to the knee-jerk reaction to condemn these poor souls to cryostasis via Angie's Cold Truth. it would be nicer to instead brainstorm where they could be found. My thoughts line them up like this: Naturally, the above is just speculation at this point, so take it with a grain of salt in that regard. Regardless, I still feel that it's far too early to kick them out of the running quite yet.
  13. Autumn Zephyr

    An Intro!

    "Mirror, mirror, on the field, Who shalt this fractured power wield?" -The Mirror Arena honestly still has my favorite Field Effect Intro to date, so I kinda respect Serra for showcasing it. Fair warning, though- the Exp. Curve and Level Curve don't match up well at all after her Gym, so you should probably expect to be a bit underlevelled for a while... Anyway, welcome to this incredulous land we call the Reborn Evolved Forums! Be sure to read up on the forum Guidelines, feel free to check out everything we have to offer, and above all else, enjoy your stay~!
  14. Given that A) they use completely different sprites prior to purification, and B) the game the Shadow pokemon are based off of didn't allow them to be shiny either, I believe it's safe to say that they cannot by shiny. A bit of a shame for the ones with really good Purification moves, but at least other specimens of the same species are capable of having higher IVs to make up for it.
  15. If nothing else, centiskorch should serve as a decent backup for volcarona in the upcoming Steel and Fairy Gyms. Frosmoth could potentially put in work against the Dragon Gym as well, depending on how Specially-oriented it winds up being. Unfortunately, it seems we're bit too far into the game for orbeetle's offensive capabilities to be particular use at this point. At least it's still a niche as a Dual Screener that can also steal the field when needed?
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