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  1. Cella is a protector actually, and she's still alive. Eldest.
  2. Btw Risa can't be one, y'know, considering she applied for the TOur. WHy would she be an E8 if she applied for a tournament to get all her region's badges?
  3. My team has been edited so much since Puppetmasters, hhh Gyazo
  4. I'm curious. Have we met the Dark/Fairy leaders? Also, will we,,, ever battle Lavender/Khreiss? If I can get an answer ofc.
  5. If I MAY ask, will the Mega Ring in Rejuv be obtainable from a SQ or story?
  6. Actually added the Pokemon but Sunday onto my team post Adam.
  7. Small update: Now that this is pinned, I will update it accordingly/when I am able to. ^_^
  8. ... you mind if we talk on discord Anti-Loser#8143





  9. Spreadsheet may be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10qjDzVZYGrVFgEp_sceHdHWZDLGm9tAIETLfVCvphUc/edit?usp=drivesdk
  10. So decided I wanted to make a list of Reborn Forum Users' fav Pokemon. I will update it when I have the ability to after new submissions come in. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Rsb9HzR0uuzXDu19xtINgn5Byp_dpm6CubXaLkXS1EY/edit#responses Please join in and answer! Its highly appreciated! ^^
  11. Story A city of great fame and vivid color is where you and your sister were born and decide to travel to get all 8 badges. Deciding to do a tournament is how you start your journey, where all the graduates of the Trainer School participate. Can you beat the tournament and be permitted to start on the journey of your dreams? Only time will tell. My Thoughts I am interested in making this, and I need a sprite creator (all kinds), and I need to find out how to make fields (yes, the ones from Reborn + my own).
  12. This is a list of both Rejuvenation and Reborn episode/version names so there's a collective post for both. Reborn Rejuvenation
  13. Jan confirmed there will be never be online play.
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