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  1. Jan confirmed there will be never be online play.
  2. You can walk through the following in Amethyst: https://gyazo.com/4e931f6e294858216351ea5cf80fe1e4 Also, you can walk through most parts of the tables in Karren's base.
  3. Wanted to see if anyone wanted to do a Soul Link with me? It'd be best for a similiar timezone to mine, in which mine is EST (6:55 RN). Also, hopefully you can have a Discord so we can screensgare without chatting. (cant chat cuz parents, sorry c:)
  4. Hello! With the permission of @BIGJRAand the help of @QualityGamingYT, I was able to make the Monotype Glance Guide for Rejuvenation on a Google Doc. Note that the original Monotype Guide, which is for Reborn, is here: Now... presenting... the *drum roll*... https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MvrNq3eZVYxlKr2cfXiy2vryWw25BfzNkj1FYoCxFXU/edit Rejuvenation Monotye Challenge Guide Doc!
  5. I'm guessing you are doing the Mono Glance Guide after?
  6. Don't worry, Az helped me. As for how I was in the casino? Reverted to an older save.
  7. So in the chapter where Anathea dies (I think it was the Rift Garbo chapter), after you enter the password into the "PC', you can go inside the previously locked door and inside will be a Gothita Pokeball.
  8. Game_3 - 428 - Erinn - 21h 15m - 6 badges.rxdata
  9. Stuck in the bush entrance of Kakori! Game_3.rxdata
  10. I don't seem to see Braixen and Val after I talked to Saki in Blacksteeple Prison. Can anyone help? Game_3.rxdata
  11. Granbull: +30 to both defenses Audino: +30 to Special Attack and gives it Triage.
  12. They are post Marinette/Pre Narcissa now.
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