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  1. okay so: 1) try changing the field. coz that would stop the activation of floatzel's swift swim. 2)if you cant chnge the field then know that the field boosts electric type and water type moves base power by 1.5x. try getting coverage moves on your pokemon. thunder fang for houndoom,try searching other moves that you can get access to for other pokemon you have at this point of time. and so floatzel's moves hit harder and he's damn faster than you in this field. 3) check if you can use sunny day+ solar beam combo coz your pokemon can take advantage of that but dont remember if you get the tm for solarbeam at the point hwere you at. that i would suggest is change the field. or stack upon coverage moves.
  2. as if angie wasnt frustrating already
  3. they can set them for post game but the only one's that gonna be a problem is grookey line.
  4. oh boy, you're in for a ride. p.s. the best pokemon game ever made
  5. well the name do dreamyard do suggest some things. pokemon like munna and drowzee and their evos are definitely gonna be found there coz yk, the dream related aspect of these pokemon. plus they are all psychic and puppetmaster was a psychic type user, so its pretty much possible we are going into dreamyard the next ep. and who knows maybe some alternate dimension too. and there maybe an encounter with cresselia or darkrai here. but yes, its all hypothetical.
  6. are the boosts given by these crests permanent? what will happen if i use haze on any of these like the boosts to the stats? will they be reverted?
  7. I kinda totally missed the fact that collecting cells was totally optional. so you're definitely right about that. but we gotta see this trio is getting the limelight with yveltal being associated with x and xerneas being on the title page being allegedly associated but not factually to melia. oh and the way game has been to the point till now, it does fell like the game's about melia and we are just here to clear up the mess of everyone. so i do definitely think xerneas will be givento melia. and the zygarde quests may be optional right now but may become important in any of the future versions. it can be seen like this, either collect them over different versions or collect them all at once.
  8. well it does seem she's gonna get it. we got a zygarde yk. and x has yveltal.
  9. well its just in the starting stages and jan will definitely keep those aesthetics or maybe make it better. but definitely we are gonna get something really good out of that route.
  10. cannot be reverted by cloud nine orair lock. you gotta wait it out.
  11. no. atmost its 6 months. v9-v12 in the last 2 years.
  12. why are we even getting gen 8 in this update? we don't even have the full roster and by the time swsh comes out, development would be halfway complete.
  13. well i played through half of the game with mostly the same team with some changes here and there but not like changing the whole team. but as you said the game is difficult, had to try out new pokemon which i never used and some of them were damn good but some were meh. now i have atleast 1.5 boxes worth of trained pokemon from whom i choose the best for the upcoming matchups. otherwise i always keep metagross swampert lickitung(hm slave) noivern/talonflame on my team.
  14. well its spatk is really high but defences are shit and its really really slow. it did get me through till the first half of the game but then as better mons came it'snow become redundant and ampharos is my goto elec mon rn. unless you are running a trick room team or can get its speed stat to atleast +3, dont think so its that good. or maybe someone else can tell how to use it effetively.
  15. this one was really hard to find
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