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  1. well i played through half of the game with mostly the same team with some changes here and there but not like changing the whole team. but as you said the game is difficult, had to try out new pokemon which i never used and some of them were damn good but some were meh. now i have atleast 1.5 boxes worth of trained pokemon from whom i choose the best for the upcoming matchups. otherwise i always keep metagross swampert lickitung(hm slave) noivern/talonflame on my team.
  2. well its spatk is really high but defences are shit and its really really slow. it did get me through till the first half of the game but then as better mons came it'snow become redundant and ampharos is my goto elec mon rn. unless you are running a trick room team or can get its speed stat to atleast +3, dont think so its that good. or maybe someone else can tell how to use it effetively.
  3. this one was really hard to find
  4. is there any way to know what andwhere the different bgms were used in the game?
  5. is this the v11 one or specifically made for v12? and it does not seem to work with the mods
  6. well ik these fights were hard and frustrating but i think that is one of the most revered points of this game. i never had to strategize in any of the mainstream pokemon games just one shotting everything but here it forces me to get more pokemon, do a deep research about tactics, strategize the shit outta this game. there wereso many pokemons i use now that i had never ever used and now are literally pivotal to many of my matches. and about the fights mentioned i dont remember how i defeated crawli,probably was with noivern and ryland was kinda bugged as his claydol did nothing at all so clam mind+6 sylveon did him in. but damn you angie. i hate you,you gave me nightmares -_-
  7. angie was the hardest for me. souta was pretty easy for me. i used an ampharos, had cotton guard on it. +6 defence in two turns then swept through his whole team
  8. Okay so i was thinking that there are basically two reasons that people use party debug for: 1) to get pokemons they cant, 2) to train the pokemons. And that is pretty obvious though. And i can understand why jan wouldn't want the 1st point as it goes against to how the devs want the players to play the game. And i totally support this reason as well. But then there's the 2nd reason of using it which saves a hell lot of time. Though there's a manual way of grinding pokemons in the game i.e ev training and those audino trainers but its really time consuming and many people may not actually have that kind of time. so what i suggest and actually request anyone here to make a mod that combines both and cuts upon the time for grinding. maybe increasing the level of pokemon in the ev rooms acc to the level cap?
  9. but you mustn't have completed the whole quest. coz after it ends he starts selling different berries and there's no way thereafter to lower ev's
  10. they seem tohave removed both the debug and party debug. the new script file is most probably for the mods.
  11. use the sylveon!!!!!! miaty terrain, calm mind X 2/3 , moonblast/. in that order. boom, match won.
  12. * 4 in wispy tower and 4 in giratina statue
  13. remaining ones: water, ice, fairy, bug, ground, rock, poison, flying.
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