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  1. Remaining1

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    Yeah sure, Christmas is great... But have you ever felt the hype for Rejuv V11?
  2. Remaining1

    Build My Team(s)

    I want to breed 2 teams(or more) worth of pokemon before the new episode, one for singles and one for doubles. My current Team(s) consist of: Singles-Meowstic, Lucario, Swampert, Mimikyu, Roserade, Mega Altaria My doubles is pretty much the same except replace Lucario and Altaria with Volcarona and Oricorio. Sorry in advance wonder trade Much love
  3. Remaining1

    Spork + Delicia's Delicious Dreamland Bug Reporting Thread

    It does not appear so. Is there a common link with these disappearances? I didn't notice it until after I defeated the Elite 4, so I have no clue of what event could've caused it.
  4. Remaining1

    Spork + Delicia's Delicious Dreamland Bug Reporting Thread

    Christmas Slowking seems to be a tad broke, their text shows up when I approach the door, but the interaction sprite doesn't appear. Love the game, by the way! It's the first one I've used a bug type from the beginning all the way up to the Elite 4 and beyond.
  5. In Darchlight cave there's a crystal in the room leading to the third lab that causes a softlock if you interact with it. images in spoiler.