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  1. Yeah sure, Christmas is great... But have you ever felt the hype for Rejuv V11?
  2. I want to breed 2 teams(or more) worth of pokemon before the new episode, one for singles and one for doubles. My current Team(s) consist of: Singles-Meowstic, Lucario, Swampert, Mimikyu, Roserade, Mega Altaria My doubles is pretty much the same except replace Lucario and Altaria with Volcarona and Oricorio. Sorry in advance wonder trade Much love
  3. It does not appear so. Is there a common link with these disappearances? I didn't notice it until after I defeated the Elite 4, so I have no clue of what event could've caused it.
  4. Christmas Slowking seems to be a tad broke, their text shows up when I approach the door, but the interaction sprite doesn't appear. Love the game, by the way! It's the first one I've used a bug type from the beginning all the way up to the Elite 4 and beyond.
  5. In Darchlight cave there's a crystal in the room leading to the third lab that causes a softlock if you interact with it. images in spoiler.
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