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  1. Sadly no. I could add one but not in the alpha.
  2. Well guys, today i walked through the tall grass and caught a never seen screenshot. I might as well share it with you:
  3. @MegaMew could help but what story did you choose? Brady, the professor or did you go alone?
  4. Hm? As far as i know it's okay to use the graphics when i credit them. I will add the credits then. As for the screenshots, sadly i do not have some at the moment.
  5. Pokemon Reworld Hello guys and welcome to Pokemon Reworld. What's Pokemon Reworld? Pokemon Reworld is a fan game created by me. What's this game all about? What does this game features? Pictures (main characters only) Protagonists: Rivals: Misc: Screenshots: Credits Progress Alpha: This alpha is only the beginning of Episode 1. Also if you are interested in being a beta tester for Pokemon Reworld please PM me.
  6. Can I tell you about my secret about Pokemon Rejuvenation?

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      Yeah i am but we could better move this to the personal messenges.

    4. RoyChaos
  7. In the upper part of the town is a locked exit. Before you reach the bridge in front of the exit. Go to the right building.
  8. What's the best thing about Makoto from P5? By the way she's my favourite character too.
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