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  1. The ice stone is obtainable in the game. The easiest way to get it is by completing the Kimono girl's quest at Route 9 inside of Souta's house.
  2. I have a little problem. I am at the Lost Castle to release a certain ghost from it's confinement, but when I input the third book code 9043, it says that it's incorrect. Is it a bug? Forget it, I didn't read all of the books carefully.
  3. You can find Spector in the Lost Castle.
  4. I (Mega Audino) have recentely saved the Hippowdown from it's rift curse and returned it to normal, but after the battle it just stays there to interact with. Are we supossed to catch it or something?
  5. I don't really see why everyone is so surprised by this outcome. From the start, it was quite obvious that something like this was going to happen.
  6. That is most likely the case after our dearest creator decides to troll us for a few years...
  7. There is a new patch that supossely fixed the egg picking problem. I hope that this helps.
  8. I am going to ask these small questions out of curiosity. Are we going to have a updated relationship guide of v11 anytime soon? And how many new patches are we going to have this month?
  9. I have recently restarted another playthrought of Rejuvenation, but I came across a problem with the Buizel on the south of Oceana Pier. What can I do to get it's attention? (I already have the Gourmet Treat, but the text just states that Buizel is staring off into the distance.)
  10. To get a Feebas, you win it in the pokemon credits randomizer of Celia city's pokecenter. Warning, it will take almost an eternity to get one because I had to soft reset a lot of times.
  11. To get a Croagunk, you need to go to the hidden cave behind the waterfall in the keneph jungle, then you must contunue to press in the stone tablet until it reveals a hidden passage where a Croagunk and a Shard Piece awaits. You can find a Swablu at Addenfall woods, the place where you battle Amelia for the first time, you will see one in a tree, you will need a GourmetTreat in order to battle it.
  12. Out of Reborn, Rejuvenation and Desolation, it is for a fact that Desolation's plot is the one that scares the hell out of me the most than the previous two, for now at least. I seriously recommend to play the previous mentions along with this one as their plots are really good, Desolation in particular.
  13. You don't need to justify your reasons. Anyone's got their life circunstances going on,so it is only natural that your project got delayed,but it is great to know that you are still alive and well.
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