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  1. With Newt revealing the Gamemechanics the dayphase seems dead. Rip
  2. I wish Nano didn't do so early, so he could provide me with more guns @Nano4 Where are you, when we need ya. You let us down in the most cruicial events ever.
  3. Wow. What a cheap host. Had to strip me off of my power, so he can become Supreme Leader. Not on my watch.
  4. Tbh i just wanted to give you guys the hope of thinking this leadership is a democracy. I would have lynched someone regardless of what you guys voted. Cause this is a Dictatorship Just kidding the whole "Accept/Decline" thing is just a way for me to read players. But i wasn't kidding about that, i would have lynched someone regardless of what you decided. I already elaborated why on previous phases. But that doesn't really matter. I actually didn't thought about this scenario. But that would make the game a bit unbalanced Inb4 this game doesn't have a Vigilante to begin with. And those actions we thought were from the Vigilante were from a hostile third party. But well we wouldn't know about it. Those 3 quick Amine Votes look fishy.
  5. I had to vote someone to get a tie in votes. And i thought why not Lykos the Coyote/Werewolf cause Lykos. But i didn't want to lynch you at all. I thought you would understand my vote Well i actually forget again and now it's pretty late, but well. Do you guys want to establish a Tie and have noone lynched? --> [Accept] Or do you guys want someone lynched/don't care either way? --> [Decline]
  6. Okay for real though? Who actually considered that my vote counts double? I only realised it after i wasn't able to choose a Lynch Target because there was no tie in votes. My vote on Baz was mostly cause of my gut feeling. I mean i was pretty neutral to everyone else and i had to vote someone. Voting oneself is actually not contributing at all and imo it comes over as more as scummy and blending in the background. So jeah, i might have been the reason Baz died and i take full blame on that. But i did not vote Baz cause of some stupid supposition, that he might be Cult Leader, or cause Nano offered me guns. So if you find me suspicious, i understand your reasons. I don't like how 2 Votes already formed onto Bok. So i place my vote for now to tie it. [Eliminate] Lykos Die Werewolf
  7. Ehm i feel like i might be the reason why Bazaro died. I didn't really thought my vote on Baz would have mattered that much, cause he was already out of the tie with only 1 vote on him. Little did i know, my vote actually counted double. I totally forgot about that. It might sound as an excuse, but i really forgot As for Nano's last words. He really gave me a gun again. But this time i won't shoot it recklessly, or would i? Found out in a few hours after someone died Also it seems like this Nightphase a lot happened. 3 possible attacks? What i think i got from this Phase Change: - There are either 3 Nightkilling Actions. Mafia Factional Kill, Vigilante Kill and a third party kill? - There were only 2 Nightkilling Actions and one died through a trap or Granny? Which means Nick would have died to either the trap or Granny. But with Amber claiming to have been wounded, that would mean he would have been the Granny. This role doesn't fit Amber imo and i don't think he would just claim to be wounded, if he was Granny. - There were even more Nightkills, but some got roleblocked or protected. I think this is more unlikely, cause 3 possible Night Kills are already a lot. Can you tell me your "obvious reasons" pls? I don't see how Bok might be suspicious imo.
  8. I really don't like how this Day Phase went till now. There are 3 players, who haven't posted at all. Drago, Candy and Amber Does that mean we need replacement for all 3. Also it seems Amine has a lot of stuff going on. From what i have seen from the decisions for this dayphase. You people want a Lynch over a no Lynch. So guess it will be it. Also cause i have to put a vote out or else i get a warning point. [Eliminate] Bazaro His last 2 posts sounded iffy imo. It just striked me the wrong way. And my Gut feeling is never wrong.
  9. Wow you guys smh. "6 people voted Kiet for Leader. That is so sketchy." How is that sketchy? I just had no opposition. Like surely. Noone of you tried to be selected as Leader. And most of the votes were from a mayor faction, which might vote me regardless (Asian Alliance). And maybe the others voted me for the memes, but who knows. But sure. You guys always find something to make me look suspicious. Well like Newt already answered that. Yes the Mayor decides on the lynch, if there is a tie. And he could even go for a no Lynch. I can't lynch both though. So Nickis suggestion to have no Lynches till Day4, where the number of Factions are revealed could work. I am actually against it, cause it would make most day phases useless and the game super boring. But if you guys like the idea, we can for sure make this work with proper communications. Wow rude. I am showing you guys da wae to have fun. I mean we had no clue if a Supplier or Fabricator are in this game. If i died using the gun, you would have known, that a Fabricator exist. Same as for when i survived. And if only one gun was circulating we would even know that only one of the roles exist. It was a plan depicted to guide you. But with Nanos claim and the Backfire rate, i might believe, that he is the only Gungiver? Oh btw. Screw what i said above. I just wanted to shoot Bean. As for me being Cult Leader. It is a bit of a stretch there. I mean there is a much more suited role for me and probably a lot of people already figured it out. But well it's a more modified version of it. Take this roleclaim as it is or still suspect me. As for the Vote Counts: Amine - 2 Votes (Lykos, Nick) Nano - 2 Votes (Bok, Arch) Bazaro - 1 Vote (Nano) I particular don't find any of the 2 most voted person suspicious, but well idk. It's hard to tell. As the Mayor of this town. I think we should decide, if we want to continue with the no lynch till Day4. So vote [Accept] or [Decline] for that proposition. I myself will vote later as to see what you guys will decide from that.
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