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  1. Okay now i can finally continue with my list. So as i read through everything again and tried to analyse a bit, i will share my reads on everyone so far. Drago: He is trying to contribute to town, but is repeating what was already said. Slightly Suspicious. Jelly: He claimed to have information that Newt got attacked N1, but it somehow contradicts with whatever we learned from Bok and Knightly. So there is a gap of information that doesn't convince me, that he is town. Jeah there is the whole thing about Knightly saving Jelly, but idk. Suspicious. Anti-Loser: He strikes me the wrong way over and over again. He takes big risks and really contributes, but i can't shake of the feeling, that he is just a wolf in sheeps clothing. Slightly Suspicious. Bean: Oh well Bean. Digged his own grave with his trolling. Can't do much for him. Beany Nicki: Just from her last post, i get suspicious feelings. To me it seems like passively incriminating Bean, but not taking the risk in voting someone. Suspicious. Ali: From his contributions he strikes me as Town. But his last message where he just voted Jelly without elaborating gave me weird vibes. Towny Lia: Good Contributions. Doesn't strike me as something else then town. Towny Nick: Well it's Nick. He could go either way. But i think he is town for now. Towny Caimie: Oh well. Afk, so there is not much you could analyse from the posts, so she could go either way. Neutral Lykos: He strikes me as Town, but his contributions speak otherwise. I still think i know what role he is and therefore i give him towncredit. Towny Astra: He doesn't take risks and is going with the flow, so neutral for now. Neutral Sopheria: A newcomer, who isn't very active. I don't have a read on her rn. Neutral Newt: It's Newt. He became Mayor instead of me, so obviously he is suspicious. Slightly Suspicious Baz: I already said what i think about him in a previous post. Slightly Suspicious Knightly: Good Contributions. Claimed to have a very restrictive Doctor ability. Not sure if i can trust that, but Townread for now. Towny Candy: Was Puppeted last dayphase. I agree what Anti-Loser had to say to the whole situation, but i somehow rather think Candy is Town, while Anti-Loser might be Maf. Slight Townlean Bok: Confirmed to be attacked on N1 + saved by Knightly. 100% Town So those are my reads as for now. They might be totally wrong, but i think that could help us to get a better understanding between players.
  2. Oof So many responsibilities. Does that mean i should become the new Bean for this game, after Nano and you died? Also you should have voted me for Mayor, if you wanted to entrust everything to me
  3. Lmao why backstabbing bastard XD I never voted for you. Also it's your own fault for getting into that situation. I mean it was kinda obvious that you were trolling, but somehow people went really hard into that. I also don't think the next most voted person (Candy) is mafia, so there is like literally nothing i can do for you.
  4. Mhhh so i was not really there for most of the time, so i made a list to get back in Track: Disclosing Votes: - Swindler: 14 Votes - Baz, Nick, Sopheria, Drago, Bok, Knightly, Jelly, Kiet, Newt, Lia, Lykos, Anti, Candy, Ali - Piercher: 1 Vote - Astra - Arm Traffiker: 1 Vote - Bean Lynch Votes: - Bean: 7 Votes - Lia, Drago, Bean, 2x Newt, Nick, Caimie - Candy: 3 Votes - Anti, Bok, Knightly - Jelly: 2 Votes - Jelly, Ali - Sopheria: 1 Vote - Sopheria - Baz: 1 Vote - Kiet - Drago: 1 Vote - Lykos - Anti: 1 Vote - Candy I hope i didn't make any mistakes counting the votes. Also i am not sure if there is any way to save Bean right now with how little time remains. But i guess it's his own fault for trolling to hard. For once his randomness gets punished lmao.
  5. First off all, people who are deliberately trying to tie the votes (after seeing a vote count), make themself suspicious, which gives us better reads over the players. 2nd one of the ability will have been disclosed anyways, cause i don't think town would be so sloppy to let a tie happen. And even if a tie happened, we have prime candidates to be mafia. So that would be a possible Mafia candidate against no information for a Mafia role and i would gladly take the first. What i am saying here is, you took the reigns and put all the votes into the puppetmaster. As in trying to maybe not reveal Swindlers ability yet and also making yourself seem fairly towny by rallying the masses. So yes, i am still not convinced that you did it for the benefit of town. [Eliminate] Bazaro Jeah figures XD Can you tell us what restrictions you had when being puppeted? Additionally as the role indicates, you couldn't elaborate on your vote last dayphase. If possible can you tell us your thoughts behind voting Nicki? I guess Newt got puppeted today? And i am not sure if those 2 things are somehow alligned or if the Puppetmaster just made this post to make us wary? Well if you were the only protective role in this game, that almost means we lost our Doctor But in good hindsight you saved 2 from possible mafia kills? you should have let Bok die though, we don't loose anything loosing him. [Disclose] Swindler
  6. Well that was actually sarcasm. I don't think Lykos is mafia. I think i might know what role he has, but i can't confirm it. So i haven't voted him. As for why i vote Baz: He vocally tried to unite us into voting for the puppetmaster, instead of the Swindler. My guts is telling me that he might be trying to hide something? Also i didn't want to jump onto the existent votes, cause the reasoning behind them is kinda sketchy.
  7. Do i at least get the pizza, you were promising now? Lykos following my reads blindly And he wasn't even electing me for Mayor. 100% Mafia man. [Unvote] Newt [Eliminate] Bazaro
  8. I mean he was already pretty crazy in the Fire Emblem Battle Royal Mafia game + Boku no Mafia Academia, so the sudden change is just a bit surprising. I am probably overthinking a lot of things, cause i got fooled once [Cancel] Piercer [Disclose] Puppetmaster I guess that should solidify Puppetmaster to get revealed. If not some crazy shenenigans happen. Wait what? But i voted for Newt, so he can die and nominate me for Mayor, which was more of a joke vote.
  9. Am i the only one who gets weird feelings from Anti-Looser? The sudden change from the previous games and this, is quite shocking. He is contributing to towns sake, but somehow cause of his behaviour from recent games, my gut feeling tells me, there is something wrong. Like Mafia trying to be way to towny. But jeah that's only my gut telling me that. On a 2nd note, like how everyone already pointed it out. It's kinda weird of Jelly to confirm Newt as town after Bok claiming to get attacked. Either he didn't read up or there is more depth behind his words? I can think of a possibility, but i don't know. Need more Information from Jelly on that. Also about the anonymous messages. Either the one who is sending those messages can actually send both Vowels + Consonants and is trolling us or there are 2 roles who can send anonymous messages, each with a restriction. But i don't think it's such a big deal rn. How about we lynch Bok today to assure he is truly dead?
  10. Stop giving hostile 3rd Party more ways to be op. Those are my takes on the Mafia Roles: The Briber: I guess that's like the Hooker or Informant? The Immolator: We already know what that role does. The Piercer: Maybe like Poisoner, which after getting stabbed let's you bleed and can be healed by the Doctor? (But sounds kinda op with having this + factional kill) The Pupppetmaster: Like a redirection of Night Actions? The Swindler: Framer? Well at least that's what comes to mind. But like Nick already said, with how custom the Immolator role was, i don't think those can be indicative to any of the roles. For me the Piercer sounds the most interesting to disclose for now, but i can always change my vote later on, depending on how the votes unfolds. [Disclose] Piercer From the anonymous messages and the role list only Sun Worshipper and Moon Worshipper have the ring of a cult to it, but they are alligned with town Probably some hidden abilities, which will make this game into a Cult Wars Mafia Game again.
  11. Hey Guys. I have a really good Idea. Let's lynch Newt, so we can have me as the new Mayor [Eliminate] Newt [Disclose] ?!?!?! I actually don't know if that disclosing vote would do something. But Alaris is onto something.
  12. Only Sopheria is nice, who believes in me, trying to make this a better place. You will regret it voting either Newt or Nick. Both are Mafia Scoundrels. Trust in my intuition. And if you vote Bean. Humanity is lost.
  13. You guys are making a big mistake in voting either Nick or Newt. You are blinded by their lies. The only true Mayor is me. I strive for total power. I will make this nation great again. First of all i will build a wall to fend off, those pesky outsiders. Then i will have you all pay taxes, so just i can live a carefree life. Additionally i will have you all be working like slaves to dig out the treasure lying in this town. I will bring you peace through total domination. Here no more lies. Now Vote for me, cause i am the best candidate. Everyone who defies me, will be smitten to ashes.
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