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  1. Guys. Why would i vote for Lykos, if i just said a post above, that he is town in my eyes. I made this vote without any information why i had voted Lykos. I saw Drakyles call, asking me "why i voted Lykos", but i deliberately didn't answer it, cause i voted him just to see if there might be some people following the BW. [Unevict] Lykos [Evict] Alaris
  2. Arigatou gozaimasu! To all the participants that helped make me who i am now, you deserve to be the victors more than i. But i like to thank all the supporters and sponsors, who helped me win this. I love you all Special shout out to RNG-Jesus, who made this all possible, and ECT, who was my last ally. In the end you weren't blessed by RNG-Jesus enough. Only the chosen ones were meant to survive till the end.
  3. That was the main reason why i also suspected Drak to be Mafia. But now with him telling us, that the gun wouldn't have been delivered, cause of his Veteran Mafioso, i am not so sure anymore tbh. Bok could have done a fucki wucky, but tbh i have no clue. I have a townlean on Lykos, even if he did some questionable moves. I am still a bit suspicious about Drak, but he kinda seems towny. Unfortunately i can't build an opinion on Alaris or Roswell as of right now (cause they haven't talked that much for me to build an opinion). Gonna have to wait for more information for me to place my vote as of right now,
  4. Oh i forgot to tell you. The information i received was: LykosHand visited DragoKnight on Night3. Well unfortunate that isn't useful info
  5. I am back Also you guys are totally wrong about Seal being confirmed Town. I couldn't say anything, cause i was dead. This is stated in the roles OP. But when i die, the roles i flip are also randomized. So unfortunately we can't be sure that Seal is confirmed Townie. I still think he is town, but you shouldn't be so sure about that. Just a friendly reminder. What i think the most suspicious is, that Seal resurrected Bean over me I gave up my life (not really cause it was a toygun) to get rid of a hostile 3rd Party. And that's how i get thanked He revives the hostile 3rd Party again.
  6. @Chickenborn I am sorry Bean. I love you But i am following my guts. If i am wrong about that, you are free to lynch me next day phase. @Seal If Bean flips town, you want to resurrect him? Or rather ressurect one of the active players. We need more action/discussions and opinions tbh.
  7. Coyote (Newt, ECT, and Hypurr) - Hostile - The Coyote may visit a player every night and guess their character name and either their primary or secondary role. "Celebrity" cannot be used as a role guess. If they guess right, the Coyote devours that player and becomes immune to day kills and lynches. However, if they guess wrong or guess the tertiary role, the Coyote will be revealed to all. The Coyote wins if they outnumber the rest of the living players. Yes the coyote is immune to lynches, if he devoured someone last night. Additionally Bean is immune against all nightactions that would kill him, cause of the ECT role. ECT (ECT) - The ECT strikes fear in the heart of men and all shall bow down to him. He puts on a facade, fooling everybody barring the wisest. Beneath, he is cruel, angry, bloodthirsty. He will appear as town when investigated and will retaliate with deadly force to those that wish him harm. Those brutalised by ECT will be unable to use their night action unless treated by the doctor or if ECT is lynched or killed. They will not be informed that they were brutalized, but will know their action failed. He is not part of the Mafia Chat (if he is aligned with Mafia). Also, he randomly visits someone every odd-numbered night and has a 50% chance of healing them, 25% chance of giving them random information, and another 25% chance of having no effect, as part of his disguise. Votes on ECT count as double their purpose, ie, if 6 people voted for him then the votes on him will be counted as 12.
  8. Cause some people with possible Third Party Roles as their primary claiming Town as their primary now, someone has to be lying. Statistically there should be more 3rd Party roles as primary role. Cause having like only 1-2 TP Roles in a setup with 28 people, feels a bit underwhelming. And cause i am rather inclined to believe a non-hostile TP over an hostile TP, the vote was clear to me. I could also be totally wrong about everything, but my gut is telling me Bean will eradicate us all, if we don't get rid of him now.
  9. As we have discussed the possibilities of the Priest role, we think it's not really beneficial to town. It's a gamble to get a new mafia member/hostile third party through that resurrection. And i think we don't really want to take that gamble. But i still get a feeling that Seal is town. And i still can't believe that Bean is Town primary with Coyote as secondary or tertiäry. Additionally with some more people, who had 3rd party roles, claiming to be Town primary, we have less persons, who would be 3rd Party primary. On top of that their 3rd Party WinCon isn't hostile at all. So i believe Bean is 3rd Party Primary. If i am wrong, you can lynch me all you want. [Unevict] Seal [Evict] Bean
  10. Hey i am not the only one who voted him. And yes i was nominating Alaris for the lulz. I have a slight townlean on Seal2, but his inactivity is making it hard to believe that. I like to hear more about him tbh. Also from what Baz just told us, i guess Alaris might be hiding something For now i am doing a pressure vote on Seal and wait for his response. [Evict] Seal2 Without further ado, let's announce how many roles we have of each allignment in this game. As the Head of Household for this day, i present you our counting of the roles: Town: 46 Mafia: 32 Third Party: 6 @Alistair @Jason Grace
  11. I mean how should i know Yahy died. I voted for myself for the lulz and to have a change of all the Yahy Votes. I mean you could have voted for yourself too I will sort out the roles with Baz and give out the numbers at a later time. Trust in the new HoH
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