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  1. Try going to route 9, there's a time crystal there..somewhere
  2. as soon as you enter the zone go down and then take a right on the rock path you'll find a rockclimb section and then the scyther's are visible and you just run into them have you figured out where the rest of the workers are ive found the one in goldenleaf and the person on the battle ship cant find the third
  3. Its the safari zone in kakori village. Did u figure out where the three workers where?
  4. For the Goldenleaf forest restoration quest,does anyone know where the helper in Akuwa town? Thanks!
  5. Hey guys I was wondering if anyone could add the Anju Pendant into my file? I totally missed it in my play through. Thanks! Game.rxdata
  6. When I enter the lost camp, 1. only four of the orphans are present 2. They don't move 3. if i find a new orphan it doesn't update
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