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  1. Chapter 9: Meteor Mash Hey guys Im back with a new episode. Sorry for the infrequent uploads. Here we go. Lets pick up where we left off. After defeating Serra, we see Bennet leave with El, being promised an Elite 4 position if he cooperates... Sketch af Anyways, I grab the medicine for Anna and head back to the hideout. Anna gets healed up, and its time to get our 7th badge from Noel... Too bad. We get ambushed by Team Meteor and they mean business. They sent their big dawgs so we set up a defense around the hideout. Lucky me, I get to take on Sirius After defeating Sirius, we find out that Noel and Anna have been kidnapped. Time to head in, with Saphira, to Tanzan Mountain, where Team Meteor base is, and rescue them. Holy, that was a marathon. We go through the base puzzles and fight upwards of 40 grunts and finally reach ZEL. Turns out the wackiness in Spinel Town was caused by a Pulse Abra. Before we can fight him, we get teleported by Abra to underground of Tanzan Mountains. Turns out there is a giant Steelix here. I gotta take this thing down. After defeating Steelix, Saphira somehow tames it, and we head back to eliminate Team Meteor. We take on the Pulse Abra Easy fight, after disabling the Dark pulse, Abra cant touch my team, and Lord of Bones makes easy work of him. Lin from Team Meteor, who looks to be the big boss. Things look bad, But Saphira comes in clutch with the massive Steelix and fights Lin. During the chaos, we escape. But Saphiras Steelix goes down and we have no idea where she is. I get back to the hideout and its time for the 7th badge against Noel. And here we go The game plan here is to systematically take down everything until Bewear, and then set up on Bewear with Mismagius. I have to kill Clefable in 1 shot, or that thing will set up and become unkillable. Well it went well, and Mismagius lived by a sliver. Luckily the terrain helped me out. On to the next episode. Hopefully soon.
  2. Cant believe the greatest game I have played is ending. Excellent strategic gameplay. So much freedom to explore and quite engaging plot and characters Thanks Ame
  3. Oh man. I have been hoping to watch a dark mono run. I was going to do it myself after my current ghost mono. Good luck, dark types are very versatile and you get a lot of options early.
  4. You will get access to mystery egg from the police sidequests. Those mons are pretty powerful Slugma after getting shell smash is also quite good in some situations. I would replace Noibat with another flying type. Many powerful ones available. Just catch another high level noibat in the future, just before it evolves. You get access to magnemite which is the best electric. Also amphoros is decent. Pick up a psychic type because fighting and poison types are everywhere for the majority of the early and mid game. Espur is perfect, or alolan raichu
  5. Chapter 8: Shattered Dreams With the strength badge active, we can finally go save the kids from the orphanage that got captured by Dr. Sigmund and Team Meteor (remember those kids??). But before that, I have a little adventure to capture the next member of our team (Misdreavus). I go down to the underground railnet in Reborn and meet up with Cain. Using strength we make our way into the old Yureyu building where Team Meteor is hanging and where the orphanage kids are being held. As per usual we bust in and start busting up the goons. We rescue Anna, Noel, Charlotte, Shelly and Heather. Then Cain and I take on Dr. Sigmund Dr. Sigmund uses a lot of psychic mons and decides to exclusively attack Cain at first. Owlit takes out some mons out easy with stab, super-effective Spirit Shackle. Electivire brings down Owlit. The rest is cleaned out by Alphonz and crew. Not very interesting match, since it was 12 vs 6. After beating the Doctor, we take the whole crew into the railnet. I find a Dusk stone to evolve my Misdreavus. This thing is going to be awesome. After clearing the Railnet, we arrive in Chrysolia Forest clearing with Mountains to the north and forest to the east. Charlotte takes us through Tanzan Mountain into the cove where her house is. We establish a base of operations there. Anna becomes sick, I head toward Spinel town to grab some medicine. Crossing Chrysolia Forest to get to Spinel Town is a pain (this Labarynth makes no sense). Spinel Town itself is a shit show. Things teleporting outta nowhere. The pokemart transports itself on top of a gym. Might as well get a badge before I leave. I meet Serra, the 6th gym leader (ice type). Before I can face her, I got to face her son, Bennet. Mismagius sets up nasty plot and makes short work of Bennets team. Luckily I got Power Gem on this thing. Now on to Serra. Team Preview is on my second attempt at Serra in the video. Game plan here is to break the field and kill her with hazards. I first send out Alphonz, who uses magnitude to destroy the mirror arena and take glaceon to red health. King tut comes in to toxic spikes and also dies. Mismagius finishes off glaceon. I send out Lord of Bones (marowak), who smashes past A.Sandslash and Jynx. Mismagius then sets up nasty plots on Ninetales and 1 shots her. Somehow Froslass outspeeds and kills Mismagius and starts massacring my team. Somehow Lord of Bones comes in and destroys the rest of her team. I think they made the AI stupid in this one? Serra could easily have swept with Froslass. Whatever we got the 6th badge. On to the next.
  6. Chapter 7: Wastelands and Wastemans Hey guys, I back. Sorry for the long wait since episodes, I moved cities recently and was super busy. But lets pick up where we left off. I just beat Kiki, but she has fallen very ill and unable to give us the badge. Also, Cain is missing, so I go to look for him on Azurine Island. This place is a dam marsh and I keep falling for every Foongus trap. Finally I find Team Meteor, who have captured Cain. Time to beat Taka's ass and get back Cain OK, we find out Team Meteor is planning to blow up Apophyll Beach with a Pulse Camerupt. So Cain and I rush back to Apophyll to stop them. Team Meteor is in Pyrous Mountain, so Victoria and I team up to smash our way to the top. Team Meteor admin, Solaris, is at the top and confronts us with a lvl 75 GARCHOMP. I would have uploaded the battle but it was too short. I had a plan going in, to burn the Garchomp and take it down with Curse, but my first mon, Annabelle beat him on like the 5th reset. Garchomp misses with a fire fang for some reason, and Anabelle gets him down with a destiny bond. I love these ghosts man. With Solaris defeated, we find out Cal was a part of Team Meteor. His Betrayal leads to Kikis death at the hands of the Garchomp we just defeated (dont ask how any of this makes sense). But anyways, Cal sabotages the mission and the Pulse Camerupt fails. Team Meteor takes off. Unfortunately, there is no time to mourn Kiki's death. Cain and I head off to the Wasteland. Before I can enter, Cain decides to battle. Here we go... During the battle, its raining and Bloody Mary makes short work of Cains main Pokes. Time to enter the Wasteland and get that dam next badge. I pick up some new squad members, not sure if I will use them all. Spiritomb is a nice pickup, and also a cubone which I evolve into Alolan Marowak. I reach the gym to face Aya, but of course, Fern beat us to it. We have to whoop him first. Fern is pretty at this point in the game. No match for the squad Time to face Aya. The lineup is A.Marowak, Alphonz, Dead Zeplin, King Tut, Bloody Mary and Owlit. The plan was to smash her pokemon with ground moves from Alphonz and AMarowak. That goes south quickly. Basically a fiesta from here, with no real strategy. Unfortunately I dont really have an answer to her Drapion with Knockoff. Luckily King Tut's Bulk stalls out the match for a win. Bless the Lord for Will-o-Wisp. Finally we have the 5th badge. See yall next time.
  7. Chapter 6: Empty Victories I head over to the railnet to figure out what happened to the crew. They all got kidnapped except for Cain, who destroyed the railnet, so I will need strength to get past this obstacle. Victoria says that the strength badge can be obtained in Apophyl Beach, where the 5th gym leader Kiki is. Too bad I cant cross the poison lake to get there. In the mean time, I get some new members to the team. Cofigrigas (King Tut) and Duskull (Skullex). I decide to breed toxic spikes on to Cofagrigas and immediately put him on the main team. I meet Amaria (the water gym leader), who says I can take her boat if I help her defeat Team Meteor at the factory. We charge in and start kicking butt. Turns out a pulse muk has been intentionally poisoning the water. Time to take on ZEL and Pulse Muk. The team bodies ZEL pretty easily. The pulse Muk cant touch Wonderbread, so I take the easy win. Amaria gives us the boat, so I head over to Appophyll Beach. I meet Kiki and Victoria there. In order to face Kiki, I must pass a test by defeating Cal atop Pyrous Mountain. Before I head over there, I catch a brand new member Sandyghast. This guy is another tank I can add to the rotation. Then I head on over to Pyrous Mountain to show Cal who the future champion of Reborn is. The plan here is to set up toxic spikes to give all the Hex users a boost. Then to sweep with a boosting Dead Zeplin (Drifblim). Holy crap, it works far better than expected. Dead Zeplin is a total monster. Time to head back down to the beach to face Kiki. Kiki falls very ill. Victoria wants to face me before Kiki, so its battle time again. Victoria gets countered by ghost types. (well she is a fighting type trainer). The Torrecat gives me some problems, but Alphonz takes care of him with some Dynamic Punch action. All right. time for the main event. Time to get the 5th badge. Heres the team going in featuring the new recruits: Heres the battle: I try sweeping with Meditate on Owlit. But Hitmonlee outspeeds and puts an end to that. Back to my cheap strats. Set up toxic spikes and sweep with Dead Zeplin. This strat is getting surprisingly effective. Good win, but Kiki falls ill before she can give me the badge... not again... Tune in next time, to see if I can get some dam badges. Peoples lives are at stake here.
  8. " I broke my back... my back is broken... spinal" - Mike Tyson Maxwell (2019)
  9. Chapter 5: Shadee Affairs After defeating Shelly, she asks me to inform Ame about finding a replacement gym leader for Corey RIP. But on my way there, I have to commit some gang related violence, since I am from the wrong side of town. I head over to take on Team Magma leader who is tough as nails. Holy, took me a bunch of resets to win this one. Every member of his team pretty much counters my team. I pull some underhanded tactics via destiny bond and trick-or-treat to pull through with the win. I evolve Pumpkaboo into gourgeist. This looks like hes going to be a super tank. Back down at the Opal Ward, I let Ame know about the Corey incident. Turns out the replacement leader is in the Wasteland. Only way to get more information on that is to give Fern another ass whoopin. Here we go: Fern is no problem for me at this point. He goes down pretty easy. Turns out Cain has the keys to the wasteland and hes out in the Beryl Cemetery. I head into Beryl Cave with the new HM rock smash to collect a new member for the team. Everyone say hello to Golett (nickname Alphonz). This thing looks like a beast. Now time to face Cain in order to receive the Wasteland key to get a new Badge. Cain gets hard countered by me. He doens't pose much of a threat. By the way, Bloody Mary continues to be an absolute monster just massacring everyone in my path. Heather (Coreys Daughter) comes out of nowhere and starts a chain reaction of nonsense. She ends up getting captured by the orphanage and its up to me Cain, Shelly to rescue her. In the orphanage, I meet some important characters: Noel, Anna, Charlotte. We all defeat the Orphanage creeps and make it out of there with Heather. However, Doctor Connal (the Orphange owner) alerts authorities, and now we are on the run. (Man, I made way to many crimes happen). Anyways, long story short, we end up at the gate in the underground railnet to escape the city. however the only way to activate it, is to take on the 4th Gym Leader, Shade, who also runs the energy plant. Time to face the Ghost Gym Leader Shade. Who is the true Ghost Master? Heres the team that is facing Shade, btw, Bloody Mary and Anabelle evolved, so the team is prety swole: Anabelle is equipped with Metronome, so she does massive damage with Shadow sneak in the terrain. Pretty much she sweeps the team except for Mimikyu. Mimikyu is a hassle to beat, as it outspeeds my entire team, but he finally goes down (wish I had Gengar). But I get the victory and the new badge. however, it is bitter sweet as Team Meteor teams up with Dr. Connal to capture my whole gang. Tune in next time to find out what happens next.
  10. I already bread the Cofagrigus with Trubbush to get Toxic spikes on it. It gives a huge boost to the multiple mons that use hex.
  11. I got a phantump from mystery egg, although I really wanted gastly. Was not lucky enough to get the Gastly. Since I already got a ghost type, I didnt want to trade one in. Keep the run as authentic as possible. I get some other mons to fill in the Gengar role. Just curious though, what Gengar set would you have recommended?
  12. Chapter 4: Gangs & Ghosts After Corey business is dealt with, I finally pick up member #6 at the Beryl Cemetery Pumpkaboo (nickname Jacko). I heard this is a pretty strong tank in the game and am glad to pick it up. I head down to the Jasper Police Department and am gifted a growlithe. I complete the mystery egg event and somehow get super lucky and get a phantump. AWWWW YEEAaa. Too bad I already have 2 Ghost/Grass types already. So I put phantump in the box. I might use him later. Heres Jacko: On my way down to Lapis Ward to find out what all the commotion is about. Turns out, someone blew up the Grand Stairway (Team Meteor no doubt). I here about some gang activity in Lapis Ward and decide to check it out. I join Team Aqua and we end up defeating Team Magma and stealing some pokemon from Ms Crudbury. Whole lot of gang shit going on here. The fight was too easy and not interesting enough to upload. Anyways, back to the story. I find Victoria and Shelly (gym 3 Leader) in front of the Lapis Gym. Some wierd ghost gym leader takes Coreys body which seems to have crashed into the Lapis gym... I team up with Victoria to check out the Team Meteor activity in the grand stairway. We find a huge underground Sanctuary, dug up by Team Meteor. Victoria immediately gets herself captured. I rescue her by beating down a couple Team Meteor Punks, and meet the Team Meteor boss Solaris. Turns out Arceus is hidden just behind these doors, too bad no one has the 4 keys required. Back to the gym, its time to get our 3rd badge. First, Victoria challenges me again. Alright heres the video of the battle: Can't say that it she poses any difficultyDead Zeplin charges up special attack on Pancham, then proceeds to sweep her whole team including Torrecat Dead Zeplin turning out to be the premiere setup sweeper on this team. Wow. Did not expect that. Btw, Owlit evolves into the final evolution. I have no Idea what this thing is called. Ok , now here is the team that I go in with to face Shelly: And here is the battle: The whole idea here is to beat anorith, yanmega and Illumise before bringing in Wonderbread with wondergaurd. The rest of her team cant touch him. Lead off with Dead Zeplin and Wonderbread, so that Yanmega comes in. Dead Zeplin massacres the 3 culprits (Anorith, Yanmega and Illumise). And I cruise to victory. Man Dead Zeplin is a beast, always getting boosts with charge beam. Thank you Julia Short episode today guys, Ill try uploading another one this week. Please send some nickname suggestions for any upcoming ghost types. Im currently at Serra.
  13. Alrite perfect. Next episode coming out this weekend. Time to start running through some gyms.
  14. Oh dam, you get to name the next pokemon. Currently looking for spiritomb and alolan marowak
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