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  1. JamesCutter91

    How do I get Marowak Alola?

    Thank u
  2. JamesCutter91

    How do I get Marowak Alola?

    I just caught a Cubone.
  3. JamesCutter91

    Kecleon Sidequest is BS

    I have never played PMD but it should be a fair minigame imo. They move so fast and so randomly that its almost impossible to reach the ladder doing it the normal way. Idk how its supposed to be done in PMD, but here u can just reset and pray for good RNG.
  4. JamesCutter91

    Kecleon Sidequest is BS

    been resetting for like 40mins hoping to spawn near the ladder. I want to complete the sidequest but its not doable the normal way so I have to reset ... its super annoying ... edit: after 45min of tryharding I spawned right next to the leader with no Kecleons around. This Quest is next level frustration.
  5. JamesCutter91

    Stuck after using Teleport with Natu

    using again put me in the same spot. I loaded my old save file and switched pkm center and used teleport from a diffrent Natu and it put me in the exact same spot again. Not using Teleport anymore lol
  6. https://gyazo.com/af091a556bdd8f063aa11527b36a7916
  7. I chose the Dusk (Orange) form because of the tough Claws ability, but Idk whats best.
  8. https://gyazo.com/2fa1a39762c4e4cf93172a581a38a52f This Girl says shes at Oceana Pier. I checked everything twice and talked to every Npc... I cannot find her. Help Game_2.rxdata edit: Problem Solved. Had to return to her daughter Sasha ...
  9. JamesCutter91

    Is Shiny Treecko in the game?

  10. JamesCutter91

    Is Shiny Treecko in the game?

    Been resetting hardcore 6x /min for nearly 1h 30min now and didnt get a single shiny. What is the rate ? isnt it supposed to be 200:1 ? edit: Just got a shiny after ~ 540+ resets
  11. JamesCutter91

    Title Sceen still shows Patch#2 Help

    thank you for the clarification
  12. so Ive downloaded the new v.11.3 file + the seperate patch3. I extracted the patch3 contents and copied the Data and Graphic folder into the v.11.3 folder and replaced the contents. But when I start the game Title screen still shows me Patch#2. Need help edit: Do I even need patch 3 or is it optional?
  13. am I blind or is there only 1 "one time use" heal right at the start ... because u have to fight alot of trainers in this route and Nim at the end. Do I have to run all the way back to Goldenleaf town now just to switch my team/heal my pokemon? this would be super annoying tbh.
  14. JamesCutter91

    Shiny Rate ?

    After 2 hours of fast paced resetting I finally got a Piplup but it had supeer bad IVs/nature so I decided to continue resetting. After that it only took me about 10mins to get the next one which also had super bad IVs so I continued. 2 resets later I got my 3rd shiny which was acceptable. Im happy and I can finally begin my 2nd Intense playthrough. Oh right and I got shiny Fletchling after 8 resets aswell lol.