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  1. So I tried to change the mood to Sad or Frosty nothing changes. I tried to leave the building 20 times in a row ... nothing changes. The door to Amber is already open and the Hype is still maxed out. Im playin on Intense difficulty
  2. I dont believe that ... I have been reset-mining for hrs and hrs, got every item u can get at least 10 times ... have never seen an Ice stone. Apreciate your help
  3. is the one u get after beating the Kimono Grills still the only obtainable? I rly want to evolve my Vulpix
  4. Imo the best thing about Insane difficulty is figuring out how to beat certain characters on your own. But I feel u, its no walk in the park sometimes
  5. I just got Magma Drift and made my way to Valor Mountain. Have a Pkm that knows Rock Smash but I cannot do anything in there. I checked every single tile and clicked literally everything twice. Im stuck and need help/advice. Thank u in advance :3 Game_2.rxdata I know that I have to interact with the big stone pillars, Ive done this before in V10, but this time I cant do anything. EDIT: Problem solved. I had to go visit Amber's home in order to progress the story.
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