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  1. I would be willing to be your sparring partner, if you'd like
  2. It will be fire, trust me
  3. I personally always use Sludge Bomb, Giga Drain, Hidden Power Fire and Extrasensory
  4. No Problem, have a lot of fun with little Ivy
  5. The same name I have here, Hyena2305
  6. So, Gabe4528, I would be ready
  7. I could if you're okay with it, just have to breed one, give me a bit
  8. I'm sorry, but Budew is only available till you've entered Agate City
  9. This will be only possible Post-Renovation, after you won your 13th Badge: You have to talk to an Scientist ( I believe) in the Grand Hall, which you can meet in the Basement after you're allowed to go behind the reception, after you funded one restauration project, that is.
  10. A man with spiked bracelets is DJ Arclight Another azure hair could be either Cal or Amaria since she said "another azure hair" which implies that there might be more with that hair color involved The Taciturn woman in a black and red suit is someone we haven't met, who fits that description, yet I hope I could help at least a bit
  11. Hyena2305

    LF Sableye

    If you're looking for one in Reborn, you can find them in Iolia Valley across the river there's a cave pretty far north. Where you find the Field-Effect Readout for Dark Crystal Cavern (I presume) there you just have to trigger a battle and use Dark Pulse to darken the Crystal Cavern. If you don't have those option's I'll be willing to give you a Sableye
  12. Hyena2305


    You can, if I'm not completely mistaken, find Druddigon in the Area where you travel with Aya for a bit, but you need to beat Amaria since the Torrent Badge enables the use of Rock Climb on the overworld. If you wanna go there with Rage Powder, take the way northmost entrance to Ametrine Mountain and surf all the way down till you reach the exit near Villa Fiore, from there you'll be able to reach the desired cave without passing unstable rocks to spill all the powder you collected. I hope I could help
  13. Cain sexual orientation identifies as Pansexual due to him hitting on all PC Gender Choices. This is what let to his abandonment of his family and Gym Leader duties, since Lana LaRue still lives in the past
  14. If you truly want a special attacking monster, I would go for Modest, since it already has a good physical base attack stat from it's time as Deino and Zweilous, special attack outshines Attack stat-wise in about 10 levels (I think). Should you consider to run it mixed I always prefer timid natures, since then, if I recall correctly, physical and special attack are more balanced with Speed as the most supported stat. I hope I was able to help
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