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  1. I just annihilated Charlotte with only two pkmn defeated
  2. No, i don't need It, keep It!
  3. Are you there? I wait for the request.
  4. I go to the centre, 1 minute.
  5. JackAtlas. Strange, i am sending a request... I retry.
  6. Ok, just quote me when you're ready.
  7. Sorry, i'm having lunch, Is It okay in 5 minutes?
  8. Wow I'll be online around 8-8.30 AM (in Italy now it's 7.37 AM, i don't know where are you from) until about midday I think. Is It ok?
  9. How much time will It take? Because if it's a long time i can level them.
  10. If they were around 55-60 It would be perfect, but if It isn't possible no problem.
  11. I'd need the six pkmn I said, it's already enough with the right natures, thanks ^^
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