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  1. I'm having trouble with Corin-Rouge sidequest, he stole the Magikarp in 7th Street and he doesn't appear anywhere after that. The police chief in Jasper talks to me as if everything's alright but he's supposed to say to find him in Malchous Forest. I have beaten every gym leader as of Episode 18, and I don't know if this sidequest has to be done before beating a specific gym. Is there any way anyone can trigger the next step? I have played Reborn from scratch lots of times but this is the first time this happens. Here's the save file attached. Game.rxdata
  2. Cagnucki

    Can't continue Corin-Rouge sidequest

    Hello everyone. I've played Reborn from the beginning lots of times and this is the first that I can't continue this sidequest. I have bought every pokemon from 7th Street and Corin appeared to steal the Magikarp as it should, but when I talk to the Police Chief in Jasper with the city restored it doesn't trigger the next step, which is to find him in Malchous Forest. Am I forgetting something here? Also, I've finished the main storyline from Episode 18 and I don't know if this has to be done before X gym. I'm thinking about posting in troubleshooting my save file so that someone could help by editing it if I can't find the answer here. Thanks for reading, cheers.
  3. Please, someone tell us where the third shard is. I'm dying to know, can't find it in there.