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  1. Am I just the only person who doesn't know how to properly handle Blaziken? Because mine never stood a chance against her. And people seem to have success with it I don't. Then again I am no good at proper competitive play... so I guess I lack set up support? But really, I fail to see how poor Tiki can overcome Shelly. Even without Rain, she has Masqurain, which Intimidates and Bubblebeams you, Araquanid that can do goodness knows what, and then the Anorith. Though oddly I used to have more trouble with her Heather. Heather after speed boosting is no joke. It does no ancient power, no? Seems like it does. But that might just be Redux. Redux... ouch. No, no thinking on that. Trauma. TTar is really lucky though, and if he keeps Kiki alive and then maybe adds Ampharos or something like Luxray, I could see him doing it pretty easily. He got past Corey easily enough. Mayhaps we shall be pleasantly surprised. But if he don't get some good Special mons, he gonna be on his knees before the Queen. The Queen is the one thing worse than Shelly. If he doesn't have Earthquake to take out them mirrors... But we'll see. We will see. How he survives will impress me. Also, I love how he's milking his pronunciation of Aaahm for all it's worth. It gets funnier for me every time, I don't know why, really.
  2. He's got the luck of the devil. When I played, crits were everywhere and rain was omnipresent. But that was E16 and Kyogre was in Reborn on vacation in E16. So rain was ever-present. My poor Combusken. It NEVER had a chance to shine until after rain wasn't an issue. That doesn't account for this guy's great luck. My pokemon always knock themselves out with confusion. Now let's see how he deals with Corey. . .
  3. Funny, ShogokiX. I was just at the beach and got stung a lot by broken off pieces of jellyfish. And saw a cool little purple one shooting off near me like a comet. Was really cool, honestly. But kinda scary. Those things hurt. Though I argue not as bad as bee stings, so long as they're not live. The live stings are excruciating from what I've seen and heard. Had a friend at the same beach who was stung. So yeah. I guess honestly there wouldn't be swimmers in that lake. But Azurine is in Pokemon and that means swimmers have pokemon to help them. So it would make sense that they'd just consider it no different than encountering a wild mon. I mean let's face it, you go out into the grass in just about any region and there's violent animals ready to maul you. Even the caterpillars are dangerous enough to try and string you up and possibly leave you for the local rodent/dog to nibble, assuming their adult forms don't want you. Beautifly suck blood right? And Beedrils ooze peril. But it's really great the devs thought of this. I wondered why there weren't at least a few swimmers out there at at least some point. Maybe they could be in the diving zones. Would make sense. Man, I wish there were more watery diving spots. First game was Sapphire. How I LOVED the ocean. It was awesome and I still consider Hoenn the best region design-wise, for the aspects of water exploration alone. So thanks to them for finally adding swimmers! More exp from battling I guess. Though as a rock trainer, I guess I'm digging my own grave. Oh wait, would that be diving? Or adding weight to my millstone? Is this even a pun anymore?!?
  4. Great, thanks Siragon! Just finished the episode. Ah, that ending... it almost feels like maybe Caz had intended for Ep5 to have some interesting mechanics and just stalled on the overwhelming workload that would entail. . . I guess I'm happy with Desolation as it is. It's long and difficult enough and more than worth it. Heck, it's probably long as half or 3/4 most standard pokemon games. It would be nice to try the high-rollers. I'll work on it. Maybe before or after I once again try the ceremonial picture quest. That one never seemed to work for me. Where is the first spot I go to for a photograph?
  5. I... do not do well with sidequests, so I can't help with the emerald, apologies. I would love to know how. Probably would help if I deciphered the braille texts and stuff. And I has my own question: how do I enter into High Roller fights in the fight club? Or is that even possible? I have as yet not gotten much cred but rumors about me. What do I do? How long must I fight these same trainers over and over?
  6. Arceus would never be that incompetent or cruel.
  7. Yeah, I should clarify that I don't want Ttar to fail for the sake of failing, I just want him to do a basic run of Reborn. But if he really truly has more fun playing nuzelocke... though honestly I don't really see how he could on the first playthrough. It creates too much stress. But I guess he does get the adrenaline rush of pressing that Tiki button. Yeah, I always miss the field effect guides too. I still have never found the circus guide. Though I do recall in my first playthrough I did in fact collect most of them somehow.
  8. I'm trying to remember. What did she have before Araquanid? Was it the steel Warmadam. I still recall having some awful times anyway before finally getting that Illumise down. (Although I seem to recall her returning it in several of my earlier attempts. Somehow AIs always work better when they know they face me. )
  9. Though really, regardless of what is relied on, Shelly still is a nightmare. And I wouldn't have it any other way, honestly.
  10. Shelly is the surprise nightmare for sure. She hit me and my idiot belief Blaziken would carry the day like a ton of brick, and that was when she was weaker. Now with Araquanid, yeah, she'll fix him.
  11. That fanart almost feels like the poor Tangrowth is asking for help... because the Pulse does drain the life away... And yep, Gulpin is the only reason I survived that first Tangrowth battle. Never even knew what EVs were hardly until Reborn and had rusted battling skills to carry me. Had I not played Black Version sometime earlier and been introduced to Acid Spray, I would have been doomed. . . And TTar is much more enjoyable than the Pentaop. It is really, really nice when there's only 1 screen. His picture of Saruman's meme was funny and so true! A friend of mine who still hasn't played Reborn kept insisting that she wants to nuzelock it and I was like "No! Stop! Don't!". But to be honest Reborn is much easier than E16, at least I feel that way about it now. And TTar is being smart so far. He may just go through most of the gym leaders unscathed. The biggest question will be if his Blaziken faints at or before a certain Queen of Hax. And if not her, then of course the Foire Mansion may be the moment that all Nuzelock's die. Or do they all die there? Surely there's some who've actually beaten all four trainers at once.
  12. I think it's been pretty obvious since E16 and the Devon Corp incident that Lin has been plotting our moves and at least since Taka watching over us... so chances are she was monitoring the entire Glass Factory incident the whole while and immediately chose to capitalize on such a useful ability as controlling the abyss.
  13. And a password "Hardcore" or "Redux". Commander doesn't like bragging but Redux deserves to part of the official package. Oh, and maybe, just maybe, perhaps from a really awesomely torturous sidequest, you could have one that says, "It's a Secret to Everyone" or perhaps "Sandy" to activate the Sandbox. Or maybe one that lets you join or don a Team Rocket costume... and receive "benefits" for doing nefarious deeds, like passing gold nuggets out to kids on one of the bridges. Or other stuff. As an aside, the more I think about it, the disturbingly attracted I am to Gigantimaxing. I despise the concept, but since my nephew will be going insane over gigantifying pokemon, and my role-play with him has already featured giant body-slam/countering Wobuffets, and Reborn featured Gigantification first (Steelix).... I wouldn't mind it. Just use the existing giant Steelix sprite and give it some buffed stats a la Pulse and you're done? (My experience in coding is in the negative numbers. The more I learn, the worse I get at it). Oh, and I am one of those people who was making region varient pokemon before I even knew what pokemon really was (was one of the 90s kids who did it from the start, just about). Considering how awesome were the Pulse mons, I would absolutely freaking FREAK over some regional variants. Think of it. Tourmaline Arbok. Appphyl Aegislash. Ametrine Arcanine. Reborn Eevee. 7th Rattata. The naming schemes are incredible. Could even make that a password. (Aloha, Alola), or something. So people could choose to have them in-game or not. Or you know... ooh. U ThInK A sSsSsSeCrEt iS mAyBe PuLsE??
  14. I would love it if one password happened to be "Redux".
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