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  1. Zero1Six

    LF Exp. Share

    @Koz It's no problem at all. I'm just getting online now, so if you're available, let me know
  2. I can trade you one in just a minute. What's your username? @Drekrim
  3. No problem at all. Enjoy
  4. Great! What's your username, I'll send the trade request @Natsukashii
  5. Zero1Six

    LF Exp. Share

    No worries, I'll try using Koz, and we'll go from there. Are you able to make it to the waiting screen?
  6. Can do @Natsukashii let me know when you're available to trade
  7. Zero1Six

    LF Exp. Share

    @Koz no need to send anything special, anything is fine what is your username so I can send the trade request when you're ready?
  8. Zero1Six

    LF Exp. Share

    I can trade you a mon with an exp. share. To do the trade, go to your Pokégear and log in to the online play with your username/password that you use for the Reborn site @Koz
  9. Just when they least expect it, Zero the random eel pops in and summons Yahen.
  10. No problem, enjoy and thanks for the Mareanie
  11. Sorry my game crashed. I'll jump back on
  12. Zero1Six

    LF Starly

    No problem at all enjoy
  13. Zero1Six

    LF Starly

    I'm available to trade now if you are let me know when you are online @Umang
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