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  1. I'm having trouble finding when suspicion first fell on DigitalAmber. What was the initial reason everyone started voting for them?
  2. Haven't heard an reason to note vote for him. I'll change my vote if someone makes a good argument otherwise. Eliminate Castiel
  3. Hmmm. In that case, what's more important: Removing Cal so town is a unified front and get rid of potential mafia or keeping him out of fear he actually is a third party?
  4. Is Cal a new player? If he is, his behavior can easily be explained as just inexperience, no?
  5. He's not talking about the gauntlet.
  6. I'm in! Ralph Fernandez would be my name.
  7. Aegisth

    Where can I get a Metal Coat?

    Wild Magnemite's have a chance of holding them too, I believe.
  8. Aegisth

    Reborn Challenge Runs Spreadsheet

    The linked Google Sheet lists a few challenge runs I've done and ones others in the Discord have suggested. It also links to my E18 pokemon location spreadsheet. For all mono runs, the E18 pokemon location sheet that is linked has Filter Views for each monotype run. It will list the available Pokemon in the order you can first obtain them. Here is the spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1n-iHCVl8YIg9BWSM6cCm9NDE57LGLXvGdp4SkluLGzY/edit?usp=sharing
  9. Every Pokemon is now accounted for, even if the Pokemon cannot be obtained or can only be obtained through breeding or evolution. If you see any inaccurate information, please let me know. Also check out the Filter Views. I have quite a few that are useful for Challenge runs.
  10. Aegisth

    Pokemon Memeborn: Public Version

    I've checked everywhere in Peridot Ward and can't find Swablu. Am I missing something? Is there a weather event or a story event you need to hit before it appears?
  11. Aegisth

    Help me decide how to play my next reborn run!!

    Memborn is apparently incredibly difficult.
  12. Aegisth

    Which Alolan Vulpix should I use?

    Unfortunate that your Sp. Def is bad all the way through. I'd suggest Snowbell, though. You can always change the nature later at 7th St.
  13. Ha! Beat Solari's Garchomp. Quick Claw on Ditto means that I can usually survive an Earthquake and so long as one of my turns goes before Solaris, I 2HKO his Garchomp. Take that, chump.
  14. Thanks man, yeah, it's been fun so far. Do you have any suggestions on Smeargle movesets?
  15. General thoughts so far: EV training is not bad at all once you get the Power Items. Delibird is really amazing, actually. Hustle and Drill Peck can do so much damage it's unreal. It carried me through the beginning of the game. Nincada holds up fairly well for a while, compared to Shedinja. My current Shedinja and Nincada are both evenly EV trained (252 Attack, 252 Speed) but they shared the same speed and Shedinja has only ~20 more speed. Bug Bite is fucking strong. So worth it to breed. The chain breeding took a fair amount of time. Catching Unowns for specific HPs takes a long time and a lot of money. I've released 3 boxes worth of Unowns and still don't have what I want. Julia wasn't but was a little luck reliant. It's necessary to overlevel Delibird to Lvl 25 and then Common Candy back down Delibird destroys all of the bosses between Julia and Florinia. Hustle FTW. Fern is laughable with Delibird early game. Florinia was a fun fight. Only having two Pokemon made it a bit RNG but not by much. Endure on Shedinja is super useful in Double Battles, actually. Corey wasn't too bad either. Fake Out strats are useful from Delibird. Metronome is definitely worth it. It got me through Cal. I was super worried about Cal since most of the team is weak to fire, but he actually wasn't that bad. I used HP Psychic Unown for most of it, actually. Metronome essentially worked like a Special Attack Moxie since each repeated use made it stronger. Currently stuck on Taka on Azurine Island. We'll see how it goes. I'll have to get through Aya before I can consider getting Luvidsc and Smeargle. Still have no idea what moves I want Smeargle, either. I'd be open to suggestions.