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  1. Cain and the orphanage were easy. I have a video for Cain that I'll link that shows why singles is so strong for this team, but the real point of the post is to say this: Shade is whooping my ass as bad as Shelly was, and I have Blissey this time around. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VGy96Lw0lf-bWmboD-Ujml5WGOotPNIT
  2. Oh. You'd think I would have known that, considering I built the E18 Pokemon Locations Spreadsheet. Thanks for the info.
  3. I can't reach the Underground Railnet yet. That's post Shade since we have to open the door where the kids get kidnapped, no? Good point about missing. I'm not sure why I was under the impression that missing does not cost PP.
  4. Welp. Once I get Eviolite and breed another Chansey, she's going to be the hardest to hit tank. The biggest problem with that set up, actually, is Chansey/Blissey is at a real risk of being PP Stalled out depending on the Pokemon. Once I get Seismic Toss, it's not as much of an issue, but I can't PP Stall the opponent because they just miss every time and never use PP. In some fights, like Noel's Clefable, it becomes an actual problem to watch out for.
  5. I'm actually not sure when you get the TM for Psych Up. In past runs with similar teams, I never ended up using Psych Up but it would be absolutely perfect to use on Shuckle, so I'll use it once I get the TM, for sure.
  6. Holy shit Shelly was tough. Shuckle again coming in clutch. After action results: I needed to bring everyone to the Rare Candy hard limit for levels this time around, because Shelly just packs way too strong of a punch. I also bit the bullet and EV-trained the team. I spent a lot of early planning trying to weaken her Victreebell and Vivillion so I could set up against them, but it turned out the best strategy was to go offense before defense. The first half of the battle was planned. The moment after Wobuffet (I just swapped the icons. I like the way Wynaut looks. It's still Wobuffet) hit Mirror Coat, all bets were off. Everything after that was improvised, and I got super lucky with Destiny Bond taking out Scizor. This time, I have a video! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ytzSll1ZoHD9h6fzenjK00bg6PzcOY95 Enjoy! I can now finally get a Blissey.
  7. Team for Shelly. For the record, she's kicking my ass with just her first two mons. This is going to be rough.
  8. Not specifically. I think only the Whismur line is not possible to get if you miss the Whismur and the Loudred. However, any Pokemon you do want has all of its secondary locations available which would include post-neoreborn.
  9. Going to replace Smeargle with Carbink. Let's go.
  10. I haven't picked this up in about week because I kinda hate Smeargle and planning for him means I either become super OP or he stays useless. Similarly, Aegislash (Shield Forme), while cool in theory, really isn't great. I'm thinking of replacing one or both of them with Carbink and/or Bastiodon. Decisions, decisions.
  11. So I didn't take screenshots of either Tangrowth battle since they were both very easy, and Shuckle / Pyuku alone really carried them. Soak + Toxic is such a great combination. I did lose once with Zel + Taka by PP stalling myself out, but most of that came from parahax and confusion bad luck. I did learn that Redux has an insanity mode, so I turned that on. Insanity increases the level of all enemy Pokemon by 10% +1, so that'll be good. Corey was well-designed, but I ended up turning his advantage against him because of this little fucker and the highlighted move. Changing Corey's Pokemon to Water type causes the poison mist field to poision all of his Pokemon, and many take extra damage due to one reason or another. I essentially put Pyuku in the field, Soak'd them, Recovered, and swapped in another mon to stall the time. Pyuku's recover couldn't last forever, and Zangoose ended up knocking him out. Shuckle carried at the end, though. Singles format just does a lot for this type of stall team. Note: I did use Rare Candies on Honedge to get him to Level 35 to evolve him, but it didn't really change anything. And with Corey down, I now have 2 badges and 3 medals!
  12. Oh, I realize I haven't shown these were masters fights. Tada!
  13. Let's fucking go! Florinia has historically always been the most difficult gym leader for me. She consistently fucks me up in challenge runs, and this masters fight was no exception. Shuckle, again, clutches it out and outstalled Commander's well-designed stall team. Here's the well-thought-out and trial and errored early game plan: Start Happiny and Smeargle She starts Gogoat and Smearlge Happiny uses Sweet Kiss on Cradily Smeargle uses Minimize Gogoat uses Grassy Terrain Cradily uses Rock Slide. Misses Smeargle. Happiny uses anything. Smeargle uses Minimize. Gogoat uses Energy Ball to KO Happiny Cradily uses Rock Slide and misses Smeargle Send out Wobbuffet Smeargle uses final Minimize Wobbuffet uses Mirror Coat Gogoat uses Energy Ball on Wobbuffet Cradily uses Rock Slide and either hits itself in its confusion or misses Wobbuffet Gogoat is KO'd by Mirror Coat Florinia sends out Cherrim Cherrim uses Sunny Day Cradily uses Rock Slide Wobbuffet uses Destiny Bond Smeargle uses Toxic on Cradily Wobbuffet uses any move Smeargle uses any move Cradily uses Rock Slide and hits / doesn't hit / hits itself. Cherrim uses Solar Beam and KO's Wobbuffet, taking itself out in the process Send out Shuckle Florinia sends out Roserade (It gets tricky here, and idk how consistent the AI is) Shuckle uses Power Split on Roserade Smeargle uses Night Shade on Roserade Roserade uses Magical Leaf on Smeargle and KO's him Cradily uses Rock Slide, probably hits Send out Honedge Shuckle uses Shell Smash Honedge uses Aerial Ace on Roserade Roserade uses Magical Leaf on Honedge Cradily uses Giga Drain on Honedge Honedge barely survives bceause of the Power Split Honedge uses Shadow Sneak on Roserade Shuckle uses Shell Smash Roserade uses Magical Leaf and KO's Honedge Cradily uses Rock Slide, hitting likely Send out Pyukumuku Cry because this looks like another failed attempt Use Soak on Cradily because its ability means you can't Soak Roserade Shuckle uses Shell Smash in a greed play. Rest if not greedy. I think used Rest in my final attempt. Roserade uses Magical Leaf on Pyuku Cradily uses Giga Drain on Pyuku Realize you wasted a turn with Pyuku Shuckle uses Rest (or sleeps) Pyuku uses Recover, knowing its over Roserade uses Magical Leaf on Pyuku Cradily uses Giga Drain Pyuku survives with 1 HP! Oran berry activates and he recovers 50% HP. Shuckle sleeps Pyuku attempts Recover again Roserade crits Magical Leaf. Crying ensues. Cradily rock slides and faints from poison Florinia sends out Abomasnow Shuckle wakes and uses Wrap on Abomasnow Roserade uses Magical Leaf Aboma uses Blizzard Play by play gets boring here. I use Power Split on Abomasnow just in case since it was mostly physically attacking and the earlier Power Split only boosted its special attack. From that point on, it's just "Use Wrap whenever its effect runs out and use Rest when the next set of attacks would drop you below 25% health. Pray you don't get crit at the worst time." Noteable, though, is that Hippodown is a clearly inferior stall here. It uses Smack Down on Shuckle and does no damage at all, and Sand Tomb does more damage to it than Wrap ever could. Roserade uses Synthesis often during this part of the stall, but runs out of PP for it and eventually stalls itself out.
  14. Oh, yeah. So I suppose the Torterra-solo stopped at Kiki, thinking about it, since Turtonator was available. The run ended up being fairly easy after getting all six mons and I stopped after Radomus. Turtle team is: Turtwig Squirtle Shuckle Turtonator Tirtouga Lapras Torkoal Also, if you don't want to grind Charmeleon that whole way, you can use the daycare. It doesn't take very long nor much mental focus to run up and down in Peridot ward's train tracks and you can get it to that level fairly quickly that way to learn Flamethrower.
  15. So, I didn't need to hack in an Oval Stone. Turns out you can bypass the level limit through the daycare which is within my current rules. I did so to get Shuckle and Pyukumuku to levels where I can get their final movesets. I initially then battled Florinia with a lvl 45 Pyuku and a lvl 44 Shuckle and won, but that seems cheap as hell so reset and common candied them back down to lvl 25 to keep the challenge. We'll see where this takes me: Trying my hand at Florinia with this team now, since Pyuku and Shuckle are no longer gutted by a lack of moveset. We'll see how it goes.
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