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  1. if it's not too much to ask for, may i trade for the perfect ivs ditto too? 

    i can offer a shiny beldum that i randomly hatched... the ivs are quite random tho 

    i'll be ready whenever you are, so please take your time 🙂 

    1. Vanitas


      yeah sure. but you can keep your beldum

      ill just wait for your request.

      id: Vanitas

    2. RandomGuy1


      it's alright! i can offer a shiny beldum because i got one in a trade, so it's basically not that important! it's just a token of gratitude 🙂 i'll be online shortly after

    3. RandomGuy1


      thanks! you're a real lifesaver! 🙂 i was trying to make a all shiny monotype team but the ivs were not that optimal...