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  1. Feel free to PM me when you want me to upload a new version or in case you have any questions. I usually check the forums three times a day.
  2. @LEVELELEVEN If you want to, you can use my existing translation and keep working on it. I could also upload it on this thread to prevent having two seperate translations of the same language since I'm planning to eventually return. But really only if you want to.
  3. So, I'll make it quick. The German translation is temporarily cancelled. The reason to that is that I've been accepted as a voluntary translator on a game. Hope you understand.
  4. Well, the game is balanced around restricting access to powerful Pokémon, so having megas be available at an earlier point could make the game too easy. pix~ pix~ But regardless of that, if a new game+ were to be added, earlier megas wouldn't be part of what I expect it to offer. pix~ pix~
  5. So, instead of editing the topic, I'll post this here, because I don't want to deal with the pix mess. I've updated the translation. However, I did not make that much progress because I was and still am rather busy. The game is now translated up to the point where you leave the grand hall. Some of the grand hall npcs might have untranslated dialogue though. I'll also use this as an opportunity to announce that thanks to an update in the translation manager a few days ago, working on the translation in a team is now way easier than it used to be. So, if anyone is interested in helping me out, feel free to check Section V of the original post.
  6. This might be the invasion of the Vulpix. pix~ Like what did people think when they set the Alolan-Vulpix free? pixpix? That they'd just leave peacefully? pixpix? No, now they're out for blood. pix~ Anyways, regarding the topic~ pixpixpix~ This is a minor spoiler, so I'll be putting it in spoilers just in case~ pixpixpix~
  7. They do, I might've misunderstood what you were going for.
  8. For me, it will just hide everything that no longer fits into the window, so resizing is basically useless. I don't know how it works for you though.
  9. That's awesome! Well... If it wasn't for the fact that it only resizes the grids for me... And something minor: If you cancel merging a translation at the point where you select a file, the program will tell you that the "task failed succesfully", which is kinda contradictory. But that's really minor. There's probably something else I wanted to say that I've forgotten about...
  10. So, since I'm working on a German translation, I guess I'll also say something on that topic. I personally don't think names and places should be "translated". I see one major problem when it comes to translating Reborn in a team: How? The vast majority of translating is editing a single .txt file. The only way I can see that being possible in a team is by using something like Word Online. Though that would mean play-testing can't be done quite as often. Anyways, there's also the .png files that contain text, which would require someone who can work with spriting programs (which wouldn't require knowledge of the language, since someone could just tell that person what the translation should be) and there are some issues with the way essentials' translation feature works or... Well, doesn't. There are some lines which in order to be translated properly, would require changing the script. But changing the script comes with a lot of problems, so the better approach would be making a mod. That would require somebody with knowledge about the ruby programming language and the game's code. Though that person also wouldn't need to speak the language it would be translated into. And then there's what I call "Pokémon Termonology"... This contains everything with a canon translation like Pokédex entries, menu lines, Items, Item descriptions, Pokémon names and much more. Translating that manually would require someone to look everything up, which would require unrealistic amounts of time. Another solution would be writing a program to do the work, which would require... Well, I'm not doing that a 3rd time. So, now I wrote way more than I originally planned to...
  11. I kinda forgot to answer this, so here I am now. 1. It won't import lines that have been changed, so in theory I'll only need to translate the new and changed lines. 2. Since the translation process is mostly editing a .txt file (albeit with the help of a program), it might be difficult for two people to work on the translation. I am however willing to try finding a way to do it. Just PM me when the time has come.
  12. Wait, you need to answer all questions? I'll add the option.
  13. Well, the translation manager luckily allows me to import an older translation into the new episode. Without it, I wouldn't have started translating.
  14. Pokémon Reborn: German Translation I. General: Before I begin: The reason why this post does not have a German translation is because it would violate the 2nd forum guideline. I might attach a German translation to the download at some later point. I'm working on a German translation of the game made with the help of the Translation Manager that @Waynolt created. My goal is to make this great fan-game accesible to more people by offering it in their native language. Please be aware that this is a very, very early version of the translation and apart from maybe a very few random lines, the translated part ends where you leave the starter room. (For more information see II.) If you find anything (even if it's just something minor) that's not correctly translated, doesn't sound good or has a typo/ grammar error, then please PM me and I'll fix it as soon as possible. Any feedback is highly appreciated. However, you should be aware that translating all of Pokémon Reborn will take a very long time, especially the non-dialogue lines because I'll have to look their oficial translation up, so don't expect this to be finished this or maybe next year. You should also be aware that there are some lines that can't be translated without changing something in the scripts file or making an extra mod. Unless someone wants to help me on these, they will remain untranslated. To give you a better insight on my progress, I'll be publishing my progress in a way that should be familiar to forum users. I won't change the names of places and characters. II. Progress: E1 dialogue: #################### | 022% All dialogue: #################### | 001% Battles: #################### | 001% Items: #################### | 001% PNG-files: #################### | 000% Misc.: #################### | 010% Total: #################### | 003% Temporarily cancelled (04/26/2019) III. How to use A german installation guide is in the .zip file. 1. Move the german.zip file to your "Pokemon Reborn" folder 2. Extract it there 3. Start the game 4. Select "Languages" from the main menu 5. Select "Deutsch (German)" 6. Done! IV. Download: Click me V. Helping out If you want to help me out, don't be shy; just PM me! Notably, I need someone who can use spriting programs to translate text on .png files. (This doesn't require you to speak German!) You can of course also help at the general translation process. VI. Special Thanks First off, I want to thank @Waynolt for making the Translation Manager, thus making it way easier to translate the game, as well as for helping me out with problems that occured while and after translating. Secondly, I want to mention that when I was unsure about a translation (especially when slang was used in the game), I used DeepL to check it. It's a great online translator. And, last but not least I want to thank Ame and the whole Reborn staff for making this awesome fangame.
  15. And for that reason I really doubt Arceus' base speed will be increased. 120 is already really fast, especially since we can't use a choice scarf yet and don't have access to legendaries besides Naganadel and Phione. (The latter of which wouldn't outspeed it) You can bet that it'll have 252 Speed EVs and 31 Speed IVs, possibly a +speed nature. I'd say that most players won't have anything on their team that can outspeed even base Arceus. If pulse Arceus were to gain just 10 base speed then there'd only be 6 megas and 3 normal Pokémon left that could outspeed it. (Not counting legendaries, Ash-Greninja and speed-ties) So, to put it simply: Unless Arceus doesn't get an offensive boost, I highly doubt it'll not have its base speed lowered.
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