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  1. Trufa

    LF: Some mons

    Many thanks! A good day/night to you too
  2. Trufa

    LF: Some mons

    Thank you, but sorry, you forget Minior
  3. Trufa

    LF: Some mons

    The game froze. Waiting again
  4. Trufa

    LF: Some mons

    oh sorry! sure ^^
  5. Trufa

    LF: Some mons

    haha, don't worry. I didn't know. All right, I'm going online, will wait for you
  6. Trufa

    LF: Some mons

    I'm doing all quests on a new save file, if there's a problem trading it, it's ok. No, I don't have, sorry
  7. Trufa

    LF: Some mons

    Now I'm looking for Type:Null, Minior, Bruxish and Dhelmise. @Starry Knight if you can help me, I promise it's the last time
  8. Vendor Name : @HUEnd Requested Pokemon : Sylveon (can be Eevee too) Gender : Any Form : None Ability : Pixilate Nature : Modest IV Spread : Regular Hidden Power Fire. EV Spread : No Pokerus : No Shininess (Normal or Shiny) : Normal (Shiny would be awesome, but not needed) Egg Moves : None Other Moves (Tutor moves ect) : Psychic (if possible) Item : Leftovers Offered Pokemon : Togepi Gender : Male Ability : Super Luck Nature : Timid IV Spread : All 31 EV Spread : All 0 Pokerus : No Shininess : No Egg Moves : Extrasensory and Nasty Plot Item : Heart Scale Online ID & Time with timezone : Trufa . Almost all day
  9. Trufa

    LF: Some mons

    wow, 6IV shiny haha. thanks!
  10. Trufa

    LF: Some mons

    alright, I'm waiting
  11. Trufa

    LF: Some mons

    Yes, I didn't find it, also, if you have a karrablast/escavalier, I can't find one to catch
  12. Trufa

    LF: Some mons

    @Starry Knight Today's first need is Sigilyph, can you help me? ^^
  13. Trufa

    LF: Some mons

    you're more than welcome, I'll probably need more trades later, I'll tag you directly, is that a problem? seems you have everything there
  14. Trufa

    LF: Some mons

    sure, no problem
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