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  1. Man, what's this? The whole point of Reborn is to gbring a deep and well-elaborated story plus challenges throughout the gameplay. Gamefreak/Nintendo produces easy pokemon games since ever. They are nice to play and all, but you can easily just beat everything using only your starter. Reborn demands you to think your team and movesets, even if you are not 'doing perfect met play'. Reborn gives so many options to build your team, that I didn't mind farming pokemon up. Also we have online play and a lot of players willing to trade well trained mons, just ask :P. I've beaten reborn (so far) with two well trained teams of 6 mons, didn't need to use anything else. I did put a lot of effort to get them, yes, but it was worth for me. I hope you enjoy Reborn more ^^ @MuchoG I favor more tend to favor more fast mons so I would advise you to take out Walrein and Ampharos. They don't fit my play style, that's all. Aggron would stay if you want some tank/setter with Stealth Rock, I'd take him out too. Alakazam is hard to use in Reborn so far becaus we don't have access to its best moves yet (Shadow Ball and Energy Ball) so you would end up having only Psychic moves, and in a long fight like that, variety is a need. I'd give movesets for every one but damn I'm lazy today. So I'll just tell the team I'd use based on your mons: Blaziken, Lycanroc, Galvantula, Sharpedo, Roserade, Jynx. This team doesn't repeat types so you'll have 12 STAB options. The problem is: to have the variety I said, you'd need to have them bred to have all the good moves. Other good options would be: Skuntank, Misdreavus, Honchkrow, Croagunk and Houndour. If you want, I have all of them well-bred and ready to trade. See ya~
  2. Weavile came like a glove on my team. I needed something against Dragon and Flying, since Greninja can't learn Ice Beam so far and I don't like electric mons too much. Weavile has high Speed and Attack Stats (which are mandatory for me) and medium defenses. The problem is that both it's abilities, Pressure and PickPocket, are not really useful, maybe the latter for some battles but that's all. Overall it's a good offensive mon. Mine is Jolly, EVs in Attack and Speed and runs with: Hone Claws (level up), Ice Punch (Breed/Tutoring), Throat Chop (Breed/Tutoring). The last one is open for Toxic (I only won against Ditto-Arceus because of it), Brick Break, Poison Jab, X-Scissor and Fake Out, all depending on the situation. Hope it helps. See ya~
  3. Trufa

    LF: Some mons

    Many thanks! A good day/night to you too
  4. Trufa

    LF: Some mons

    Thank you, but sorry, you forget Minior
  5. Trufa

    LF: Some mons

    The game froze. Waiting again
  6. Trufa

    LF: Some mons

    oh sorry! sure ^^
  7. Trufa

    LF: Some mons

    haha, don't worry. I didn't know. All right, I'm going online, will wait for you
  8. Trufa

    LF: Some mons

    I'm doing all quests on a new save file, if there's a problem trading it, it's ok. No, I don't have, sorry
  9. Trufa

    LF: Some mons

    Now I'm looking for Type:Null, Minior, Bruxish and Dhelmise. @Starry Knight if you can help me, I promise it's the last time
  10. Vendor Name : @HUEnd Requested Pokemon : Sylveon (can be Eevee too) Gender : Any Form : None Ability : Pixilate Nature : Modest IV Spread : Regular Hidden Power Fire. EV Spread : No Pokerus : No Shininess (Normal or Shiny) : Normal (Shiny would be awesome, but not needed) Egg Moves : None Other Moves (Tutor moves ect) : Psychic (if possible) Item : Leftovers Offered Pokemon : Togepi Gender : Male Ability : Super Luck Nature : Timid IV Spread : All 31 EV Spread : All 0 Pokerus : No Shininess : No Egg Moves : Extrasensory and Nasty Plot Item : Heart Scale Online ID & Time with timezone : Trufa . Almost all day
  11. Trufa

    LF: Some mons

    wow, 6IV shiny haha. thanks!
  12. Trufa

    LF: Some mons

    alright, I'm waiting
  13. Trufa

    LF: Some mons

    Yes, I didn't find it, also, if you have a karrablast/escavalier, I can't find one to catch
  14. Trufa

    LF: Some mons

    @Starry Knight Today's first need is Sigilyph, can you help me? ^^
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