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  1. I just updated the game with the v11 patch v3, but in the main menu it displays "patch #2 installed." Did I do something wrong? The reason is that this patch can fix the egg bug, but I can't pick up the seviper egg in Venam's Graveyard.
  2. Oh I see, then I'm gonna finish the main story then.
  3. Hello guys, I was playing the Missing Children quest and after I spoke to Officer Jenny in the Hospital of Hope, I can't find Ana anywhere. My question is, is it a bug? If it is, can someone fix it? Game.rxdata
  4. Hey guys, I was playing the game but there is a problem. I bought the Golden Claws and I got the 7th badge so I can use Rock Climb, however, when I try to use it on a wall of rocks it does not work. Is it possible to fix this? Game.rxdata
  5. Oh Ok, i will try and see what i can find. Thank you.
  6. Hello guys, is there any way to get magikarp? Because i checked the pokedex and it shows that magikarp can be found in celeste city.
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