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  1. That makes sense. I saw a couple comments say that the enigmatic key is used for other doers so that wss my initial thought, but there was no reaction.
  2. I feel like I might be wasting my time with this, as its probly something unavailable as of now, but I figured I'd ask just in case. Didnt see anything about it anywhere either. When u dive under the spot kyogre was, u find one of those Arceus doors to the left, that won't open. And to the right it has the last switch from the aquamarine under water spots. Followed by another door that wont open after u beat the temple kingra. Just wanted to be sure I wasnt missing something.
  3. So i gave up on the quest last patch because i couldnt progress, and after a good while of searching again I still couldn't find anything helpful. Older Narcissa doesn't show up at the time stone for some reason. I know it was a bug at some point but I also know some people could complete it. If anyone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated.
  4. So I've been playin through the game again n was wonderin whether or not there was any workin code to manufacture one cuz none seem to work. Was also wonderin where the others were and what they were used for in Rejuvenation.
  5. Ah, I thought might have been the case but was hoping against it, thanks for the clarification!
  6. So I just beat Erik, and I swear he said I can use strength now so I bought the golden gauntlet so I can back track now n not worry about it later, but I can’t use it. It doesn’t activate
  7. For some reason I dont get the auto hook, I still have to do it manually Actually I dont think any of them are active for some reason
  8. Just ouuta curiosity i don't see the "NoTMXNeeded" code in the folder, was really hoping to not have to teach dive just to battler amaria, idk if I'm missin somethin here , plz help!
  9. Not sure if this was reported yet, but I was doing the 8 man gauntlet at the end (trying no to spoil) I lost to the 2nd to last, it brought me to the Pokemon center in central square building but it started battling the last person which I beat cuz my team was healed, and I got the gift Pokemon and item, and when I go back it registers me winning and they say come back for more later
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