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  1. kitsune641

    Pokemon Present (5 Case Demo)

    I put it in the pbs folder ans nothing changed
  2. kitsune641

    Pokemon Present (5 Case Demo)

    How can I beat the hotel manager when his pokemons lvl 10+ above mine
  3. kitsune641

    Looking for

    Thanks now I just need to find Sandy
  4. kitsune641

    Looking for

    Anyone know where the water treatment center is
  5. kitsune641

    Side quest

    Thx for the info and I found what I was suppose to hunt down
  6. kitsune641

    Side quest

    I accepted a quest from the help center and don't remember which one
  7. kitsune641

    Side quest

    Anyone have the side quest for version 2
  8. kitsune641

    Old versions

    Where's the side quest for Victini
  9. Is Tm Scald available
  10. Is the vileplume in the safari area suppose to stay
  11. Is there somewhere I can buy sweet hearts
  12. Is there a place I can revive fossils
  13. Where is the dark pulse tm
  14. kitsune641

    Pokemon Full Moon

    Need help with the picture in the test house
  15. Anyone know what the password is in carotid mountain is