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  1. they went so far, wondering if they could, not thinking if they should
  2. uh, not sure if its a bug or just an e18 change, but we cant fish in absols small puddle/lake/waterfall anymore
  3. ayt fellas, now both of these mons have their respective magmarizer and eletri-whatever we use link stone:
  4. small graphic thing in west gearen the usual wall walking yknow
  5. Pokemon Rejuvenation Version 10: Last updated 10:47 am EST (4/9/18) being updated yesterday means that the patch is included, dont know about the pbs tho (you dont need pbs to play the game dont worry)
  6. WLL, or Where love lies, is a side game that talk about the story of certain characters before the events of rejuvenation. Its recommended to be played after finishing v10, so you dont get any future spoilers and to understand the story more.
  7. ayt so ..right after battling keta (first fight), this specific spot is impassabe ..the kecleon merchant stops getting the option to trade after the ditto event, even got the ditto later on and hes still like this ..after mosely breaks us free from goldenwoods jail, continuing though this area makes the exclamation bubble sound (like when a trainer sees you to battle). ..small graphical thing in narcy's house ..when ren raises the gate infront of goldenwood, if you were one standing one step up (from what is shown in the picture) ren will be talking and standing on the tree, doesnt lag or make an error tho EDIT: also this, shiny mega banette OP ..while looking at the team, yknow how all pokemon are moving? well female meowstic doesnt move, like if its fainted
  8. this isnt a bug, ana appears outside of the same hospital after defeating v10s flying gym
  9. ..ayt so, route 2. near the aipom tree there are 4 headbuttable trees, which 3 of them do that graphic change when selected the only one that doesnt is the one at the top left ..on top of having to recharge when no shadow mons are in the party, the purifier doesnt seem to detect shadow meowth in the party (tried on another shadow mon too in different party places) ..the healing machine in the rift forest (joltik) is yellow, but heals only once.(is deactivated like the red one) ..and uh, no narcissa/drifblim there (remade a new playthrough where she reappeared). tried during the night etc but still no one, even before/after the melia thing.
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