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  1. they went so far, wondering if they could, not thinking if they should
  2. uh, not sure if its a bug or just an e18 change, but we cant fish in absols small puddle/lake/waterfall anymore
  3. ayt fellas, now both of these mons have their respective magmarizer and eletri-whatever we use link stone:
  4. in the game, you go in pokegear, online play. make an account and then log in. go to trade, then wonder trade. give a mon and get one back
  5. just throwing this here speaking of the lucario/tesla and the "my i can guarantee" "you safety" thing also @Pozyher sorry for the tag but how did you find out how to get the item?
  6. Hey guys (new here, nice to meet ya), sorry for any annoyance but does anyone know hot to fix the 23/22 bug on azurine island? heres my save file if needed: Game.rxdata
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