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  1. Well, I think I’ve been a bit too hasty in my judgements yesterday. This afternoon, I remembered that I hated public transports with a burning passion. You have no idea! It’s already a hardship to be sitting next to talkative people who say things you’ve nothing to care about, but children are the worst, especially when they scream, sing or speak loudly. May God have mercy of my tortured ears and sanity 🙏

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    2. Q-Jei


      I feel you! This plus the noise in my workplace have motivated me to buy noise-cancelling headphones last year. This can be really useful in train or when I’m on spot in University. Sadly, the bus remains the number one in term of nerves grating public transport, mainly because you feel way more surrounded there than in a train 😕

    3. Angelkitsune


      TFW you have to take public transport everyday becuz you dont have driving license Honestly I'm kinda fine with public transport,both bus and train. The people in the bus doesn't talk loudly and sometimes you can get some interesting info from eavesdropping in someone else's conversation I said sometimes... and if you can't stand it you can always listen to some music,that's why i always carry around my headphones everywhere. The only problem I have is that the bus comes at random time,the longest I have to wait is 2 hours until the correct bus come.I have to admit that it sometimes ticks me off becuz it took so long to reach my destination but considering how traffic is commonly busy in my area I can't complain.


      But if public transport isn't your cup of tea I suggest you should get a driver license or carpooling with your friend

    4. Q-Jei


      The thing is, I already have my driving license. But I can’t afford to purchase a car. Also, where I live, there’s no friend of mine who can pick me up. So in the end, I don’t really have a choice 😞

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