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  1. Wohow! So many warmly comments! Thank you all for the feedbacks I would be glad to exchange more about the main points of this chapter with you. Thank you Candysama Yeah, I wanted to add more depth to the Gym Leaders before Flannery meet them and gave her a foretaste of what's awaiting her. To be honest, Julia's picture is the one I'm the most proud of. As for maboi Jacques, we know him better as well. But his fate is kind of darkened now. I like to compare his situation to Aladdin's current status. We have no proof he's alive, but we have no proof he's dead either. Everything will be clearer once the next episode will arrive. It's probably too soon to talk about what's left of him for the moment, so you're right! But still, I feel bad for him. His life was about to get better until the accident happened Glad you enjoyed it. As Jacques said, Flannery's Pokemon have ended up proving their loyality toward their mistress more than they ever did. And I kinda understand your point of view about the final picture. Sometimes, I wonder if I didn't go too far with gruesomeness with this one. But I don't know why... I regret nothing ^~^ Btw, Vero never looked that hotter. Looks like I achieved my goal And it's not over yet! Indeed, Jacques had feelings for Flannery, and she also kinda appreciated his company. Sharing their own stories, fears, expectations and supporting each other was a way to kill some time during the train ride (And I'm not talking about sleeping!) I also wished to focus on their states of mind by making it visible enough on the pictures. I thought playing with characters psychology was a way to keep them attractive, and make the reader more attached to them. And I share your sorrow about Alice and the others. Jacques premonition came true in the end
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    Welcome from the West, @GankaNiishaaan! It’s always a pleasure to see beginners joining the community. May your stay be good
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    Missed! Corso, I choose you!
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    James Is Blasting Off To Reborn!

    That's good news! I would gladly know what happened to James and Julia in the next episode Actually , it seems like it takes six months of inactivity for a topic before to get shut down in Team Showcase. By the way, I wonder if there's not a way to extend or ignore this deadline. Since that was the case for @Trevore's story, I'm sure there should be a way to do that.
  9. Just finished to install The Elder Scrolls Online last night and really enjoyed the game for now. Summerset has such a lovely ambiance, it makes me love high elves even more than before! ❤️

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      I’m actually in Summerset, somewhere in Alinor. I planned to visit Skyrim, but my character being a member of the Aldmeri Dominion, I doubt I’ll be welcomed well if I ever try to navigate to Windhelm.

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      i more meant na or eu or w/e 

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      Oh, this! Yeah, I live in France, I'm on the European server.

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    [Art: Sprites] Akko from LWA

    This is so well-made and beautiful to see! Anyway, this reproduction is very faithful to the base character image. She looks like she has something in mind (Maybe putting a spell on her adversary after she wins ^^) Don't stop surprising us, your work is great!
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    No worries Starry, I'm here again! Candy, please hear my call! EDIT: Damn, I'm too slow.
  12. Yeah! That was a nice episode So, Vanilla VS Aladdin AND Shelly VS Blake confirmed! I like how badass and independent Shelly becomes through your writings. That might be quite promising, especially if she manages to beat Blake. Who knows? Maybe she won't, and Vanilla will arrive right on time to rescue her. But still, Aladdin risks to be a dangerous opponent for Vanilla, both physically and psychologically speaking. At least, we all know he has a Blaziken now. I look forward to seeing how important the role of Cal might be in the next episode
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    Greetings everyone! Starry Knight?
  14. Well. Hope you all had a good Valentine's day! ❤️❤️❤️





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