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  1. If I remember well, this is actually how one member of the Penta-OP defeated Terra in a 6-0 battle. This strategy could make Pokemon like Sigilyph extremely fun to use in single fights, and even more in Reborn since various stats can be automatically boosted by seeds if held in some specific Field Effects
  2. Well, I think I’ve been a bit too hasty in my judgements yesterday. This afternoon, I remembered that I hated public transports with a burning passion. You have no idea! It’s already a hardship to be sitting next to talkative people who say things you’ve nothing to care about, but children are the worst, especially when they scream, sing or speak loudly. May God have mercy of my tortured ears and sanity 🙏

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    2. Q-Jei


      I feel you! This plus the noise in my workplace have motivated me to buy noise-cancelling headphones last year. This can be really useful in train or when I’m on spot in University. Sadly, the bus remains the number one in term of nerves grating public transport, mainly because you feel way more surrounded there than in a train 😕

    3. Angelkitsune


      TFW you have to take public transport everyday becuz you dont have driving license Honestly I'm kinda fine with public transport,both bus and train. The people in the bus doesn't talk loudly and sometimes you can get some interesting info from eavesdropping in someone else's conversation I said sometimes... and if you can't stand it you can always listen to some music,that's why i always carry around my headphones everywhere. The only problem I have is that the bus comes at random time,the longest I have to wait is 2 hours until the correct bus come.I have to admit that it sometimes ticks me off becuz it took so long to reach my destination but considering how traffic is commonly busy in my area I can't complain.


      But if public transport isn't your cup of tea I suggest you should get a driver license or carpooling with your friend

    4. Q-Jei


      The thing is, I already have my driving license. But I can’t afford to purchase a car. Also, where I live, there’s no friend of mine who can pick me up. So in the end, I don’t really have a choice 😞

  3. Today was the day of a new beginning! Honestly, that was pretty satisfying. I’m glad to keep enjoying my stay in university after such a long break 😄

  4. Q-Jei

    Happy Birthday Jan! Have a nice day with people who love you 🙂 🎂 🎉

  5. No worries. Anyway, with the new school year approaching, I'll be rarely available for sprites and commissions (Sadly ) Also, for further requests, please contact me via PM in the future.
  6. The sun is shining, Vulpix is smiling, and everything will be okay 🙂


    1. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      🔥 🦊 do a happ monch~ 🍘

  7. This is a pretty nice setup, but it can be improved in my opinion. - Naganadel: There's nothing to say about Naganadel, I honestly think I would have gave it the same moveset actually. - Aegislash: As a beasty physical attacker, Iron Head can be teached over Flash Cannon since it can potentially benefit from the Swords Dance boost. - Gyarados: This is a decent moveset, even if we can do much better by teaching Bounce. This way, Gyarados will benefit from STAB. - Excadrill: Nothing really useful to add, except maybe one thing: using him as your first mon in battles and replacing Rock Tomb by Stealth Rock, so you can dismantle any potential Focus Sash user. The rest will depend on your preferences. - Volcarona: Here comes the most useful advices I can give: Fiery Dance over Heat Wave & Giga Drain over Morning Sun. Morning Sun is a good move, but it will prevent you from dealing damage to your opponents, whereas Giga Drain has more PP and even gives you the possibility to counter Water Type Pokemon as you sustain in battles, which isn't something to neglect. As for Fiery Dance, you have a chance to increase your Spa. Atk while dealing damage to the target. The only advantage of Heat Wave as opposed to Fiery Dance is the possibility to hit both targets in double battles, but that's about it. Additionally, holding Life Orb as you use Giga Drain could be a very good strategy to meditate on. - Lopunny: This is a good Lopunny you have. If you want to make things more secure, you can opt for Fake Out/Quick Attack instead of Fire Punch, Volcarona being the main fire attacker already. Plus, having a priority move on hand is always good to pick off and outspeed faster targets while benefiting from STAB (Even if there's not a bunch of non-boosted Pokemon faster than Mega Lopunny, but still, caution is advised in Reborn ^^) I hope this helped
  8. Hello everyone! How are you all doing?


    I hope you had great vacation these months! With the new school year coming, I'm about to start a second year in computer science. Of course, I'm still working on my written run as well, and I would like to apologize if it takes long for new episodes to come these months. Sometimes, I even fear that people find it boring because of the upload timing, the current pace for the each new episode being two months long actually. I wanted to reassure those who follow this project from the beginning, I haven't planned for the sake of even one single second to put it aside. Even if I like my studies and my other hobbies, writing is a sort of oxygen to me, and when I do things, I like to do it in a hardworking way. Plus, I would feel really sad to declare the end of something I've worked for all this time. This even bacame my worst nightmare these days. I wanted to confess about it, because I kept it for myself for too long, and I'm not that talkative on the forum, so nobody could imagine what I feel, and I needed to disclose my state of mind to feel better. But hey, I'm not here just to cry about my own feelings, right? Since I keep working on this written playthough, I wanted to keep you aware about the most probable date of the next upload. This risks to happen in early or mid October for two reasons: first because of studies, and then, because the content of the next episode is something really really really HUGE! I even think it's by far the most filled and polished episode I've been working on for a long time now, and I'm not even talking about the exclusive content that will show up in it. Also, my apologies. I remember having promised to create and show you a fresh new character for my spriting collection, but I didn't know how to spare time for it. I'm already working on a voracious episode for Flannery's adventures, so don't expect anything to be done about sprites for a while. This is always dishonoring to me and I would love to split in half for doing more than I already can, but sadly, reality always brings me to remember how limited I am 😞 Anyway, I'm still alive, and I wanted to let you know. I hope you'll be all around to see these new writings about Flannery's adventures when it will be ready for upload.


    See ya soon, and stay tuned 🙂

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    2. Majin J-Awesome_One

      Majin J-Awesome_One

      Hey. I don't mind the wait. I love seeing when you put out a new episode. I'm always so interested in how much you're gonna put in and how much you're gonna change the story. Hell. When you finally started the Reborn arc of your story, it felt like an ENTIRELY different story from the original. Like an alternate timeline. It's awesome! Take your time man. You got this. At least you're not doing 4 separate story runs because their some of your favorite people unlike like someone. (Me. I'm talking about me.)

    3. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      There aren't exactly a whole lot of other people with copious amounts of text-based adventure logs, J... 😅


      But yeah, don't worry about it to much, Q-Jei. We all have times when Real Lifetm drags away from this virtual realm, and anyone who faults others whenever it happens is merely fooling themselves. It's especially true when post-secondary education gets involved, what with weird class hours and homework assignments and all. Just keep on goin' at your own pace~

    4. Q-Jei


      Thank you all for your support, this is really comforting! 🙂

      And yeah, I tend to worry for nothing sometimes. At least, I feel like I'm not the only one who felt this way. I'll take my time and live my life without thinking too much about future. If things must be done, it will be done naturally, and I'll try to not oppose against it (Or at least, opposing less ^^) You'll see, the work quality will be even better after that 🙂

  9. Hello peeps! How about a little anecdote? 

    For those who remember the female OC I've created some months ago (Dounia Pastor), I just realized that I've unconsciously made an anagram with her first name. If you rearrange some letters, you can get the Pokemon name "Audino", which is kind of ironic when I know which role this character is supposed to play in the story 😉

  10. Online dating foreshadowed 30 years in advance in one single track.
  11. Welcome Lorane! I hope you’ll enjoy the Reborn community at least as much as the game itself! Also, may you sow uproar and disorder just like you did so perfectly in your previous life too
  12. Lots of people fear for Scorbunny to be another member of the Fire/Fighting squad. In my opinion, it’s propably the one which has the closest chance to be the next Fairy Type starter as opposed to Sobble and Grookey. Let’s pry for this to happen
  13. How Spyro and Latias met each other for the first time...






    1. seki108


      I could hear this just from seeing the first image.  Great work!



    2. Q-Jei


      Thank you! Btw, this laugh brings back so much memories 🙂

  14. Holy woooow!! This is very beautiful! All the characters you've drawn are very well done, your art style gives them more depth. I'm up for seeing Tania & Amy too by the way ^^ Keep up the good work, you're really talented
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