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  1. Even if some grunts or higher ranked members of Team Meteor abide by strict rules, some of them remain filthy and vile in their attitude. At first, I was tempted to send my vote to Fern, and it was tight between him and Sirius. He may be a jerk with everyone he meets, Fern didn't kill anyone in cold blood. We already all know who Fern is, most of the players shares a common hatred against him. And honestly, I think he's pretty good in his role which mainly consist of triggering us and pushing us to our limits through multiple forms of taunt. But Sirius has nothing to do with that, he's more of a rogue character than anything else. Plus, he seems to enjoy inflicting pain, which is a thing I can't stand for in any way. We should not forget that he's already been involved in several major cases of assassination, including one that led to the loss of his left eye. That being said I hope we'll have a second opportunity to fight against him. I bet we'll have a double battle against him and Dr. Sigmund somewhere in Labradorra City shortly before to shut down the PULSE mons in the final episode.
  2. Nice update! I finished to read it entirely, and I have to say that it's pretty reassuring to know that Taka finally proved his redemption to Ame. I wonder what his role will be in Devon Corp if he ever accompanies Matthew with the rest of the squad. Regardless of how the story will unfold, I'm glad to know you managed to keep this run up in spite of the other projects you already undertook so far! Kudos, your work deserves more consideration
  3. That is undoubtedly the only correct way to shoot wildlife ❤️ 🦊




    1. xSilas


      This goes into the collection of photos called "people taking pictures of people taking picture"

    2. Q-Jei


      Best mise en abyme ever, indeed 😉

  4. so I herd u hate Sirius? 😉


    1. Evi Crystal

      Evi Crystal

      What a greeaat Reborn meme😂👌

    2. Q-Jei


      I know, this came to my mind in a period when I was surrounded by people who claimed that Pokemon games were made for casual gamers, fangames included. If only they could have known how wrong they were.


      PS: I also was tempted to make something similar about One Piece with a summoning of Akainu, but I was too lazy for it.

  5. Hello everyone! 🙂 I have a little something for you! You know Flannery, you've heard of One-Punch Man. But have you already heard of...



    ...One-Punch Flan? :3

    Our dear redhead will come into action like never before in the next episode of TTOAF! Stay tuned for more information 😉


    PS: One character of the story will suffer a very unpleasant experience in episode 18! Don't miss the fiery sparks 🔥

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Q-Jei


      You'll see 😄

    3. SilverAngelus



      She one shots Fern? 👊


    4. Q-Jei



      In all cases, this episode will give you some punch 😉


  6. Blue: 19 Silver: 30 Brendan: 25 May: 38 Wally: 0 Hugh: 17 Serena: 46 Shauna: 20 Gladion: 21 Rest in peace, Wally!
  7. Blue: 19 Silver: 30 Brendan: 25 May: 37 Wally: 6 Hugh: 17 Serena: 44 Shauna: 20 Gladion: 21
  8. Addictive. PS: Lower the speed at 0.65% for a more intense experience!
  9. One of the best videos I've been able to find on the Internet to end this year!

    Happy New Year 2020 everyone ❤️🦊🔥❄️✨🙂

    1. SilverAngelus


      Happy New Year 2020~ 🦊

    2. Q-Jei


      Thank you, Silver! I wish you the best in your future endeavours 😄

    3. SilverAngelus


      And I you~

  10. Blue: 19 Silver: 30 Brendan: 25 May: 36 Wally: 6 Hugh: 19 Serena: 44 Shauna: 20 Gladion: 21
  11. Blue: 21 Silver: 30 Brendan: 25 May: 35 Wally: 12 Hugh: 19 Serena: 41 Shauna: 20 Gladion: 21
  12. Sirius wins the competition hands down to me! Seriously, this guy burned up the manor of the Beleose family, killed Corey’s wife, and incinerated Eclipse’s soul with no remorse. Plus, his behaviour toward Solaris in the Reshiram Route doesn’t help either. To me, he’s way more detestable than Lin whom he seems to be afraid of (And this to my greatest delight, of course!).
  13. Merry Christmas Angelkitsune! 🙂🎄 🎅

    I hope you're doing fine these days!

    1. Angelkitsune


      OMG Q-Jei sorry for not replying Merry Christmas to you too!!! honestly this month I am very busy with work oops forgot to tell you that I have found a part time job.  I need to work from 10am to 7pm and then recently I need to do overtime as I is getting closer to new year so now I also need to work from 10pm to 4am...........so yeah I'm very busy gomenasai . crap why am I rambling so sorry!!!

    2. Q-Jei


      Oh damn! I hope you're not too exhausted by your job! If so, you should try to ask if you can't take some time off. I know shift works involving nights can lead some people to sleep loss and it's not easy to assume such a rhythm of life if you're not used to it. Regardless of that, I hope you're okay and enjoy what you're doing anyway.


      Out of curiosity, what does your job consist of? 👀 (We can still continue this conversation in private if you want to!)

    3. Angelkitsune


      thanks for worrying Q-Jei 🙂 I'm currently working to help making props to decorate shopping malls for the upcoming Chinese New Year. and unfortunately because the deadline is getting near we are not allowed to have day offs until this project is over. And the whole thing is done by students ranging from 16 to 20 so we are very inexperienced hence why we took so long to complete this thing. One of the reasons why we need to stay up late is because we need to hang up giant calendars from the ceiling and doing it in the morning where there are  hundereds of people watching is not a good idea, and don't worry I actually enjoy my job so I'm not complaining.......much. But hey at least my boss let us sleep in fancy hotels for making us stay up until 4am 😛 

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