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  1. What's up people, I'm back from my Busy Zone with another theory and this it is based Spacea and Tiempa also Crescent. Spacea and Tiempa along with Crescent first made their appearance when saving Melia from Team Xen executive Zetta after that incident they gave MC, Melia and Aelita Time splicer necklace (Correct me if I'm wrong). However, Spacea order a Heracross to take back the necklace from Aelita. They must have known about Cella breaking the truth to Aelita would cause her become a Dimension Rift due to Garufan Magic while being comatose in an underground grotto maybe they wanted to this to happen who knows there intention behind all this is unknown. what I found is very interesting is that they said " We do what Her Majesty tells us to do." I think their agents or moderators Her Majesty who's that? I do not know it might Arceus or Crescent some unknown person we haven't seen yet in game. I strongly think there might a confrontation with them later on in the game revealing their true intentions. Next up is Crescent Crescent is like an observer of MC and Melia. In her mansion she has paintings of the other Main Characters also she's been observing Ren and the others involved in the prophecy. I think in the previous version she spoke to Nancy about something well she knew that Nancy wasn't human " She wasn't supposed to feel emotion." Also MC meets her in an unknown realm while facing Fate's Passage she gave MC another chance to avoid Fate also her true intentions behind it all are shrouded in mystery. So what do you guys think about this? Any more ideas based on them. Please don't hesitate to share your opinions in comments section. That it for now this is Hibiki Aozora -Over and Out!
  2. until

    Thanks for participating.
  3. So there's going new side quest based on that ?
  4. until

    Fairy is super effective against Dragon Psychic is super effective against poison. Water doesn't do well against poison.
  5. until

    One more round . Dragon and poison
  6. until

    Ground and Grass!
  7. until

    Dark is super effective against ghost. Bug doesn't do well against bug. Your turn . Time for round 2.
  8. until

    Xurai! Ready to throw down? Ghost and Fighting
  9. Calling all members of the Rejuvenation Squad! the じゃん拳ぽん - battle revolution which starts at 2:40 PM. Add yourself to the list if you want to join.

  10. That looks incredible! Nice art work keep it up.
  11. I can sense her bloodlust and desire to destroy. It terrifying
  12. I guess Team Xen, Bladestar. Angie, Vitus are planning something big
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