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  1. If the battles are slow you can try to turn off battle animations, I've heard that makes it run a little smoother
  2. once you have filled up the pokedex, besides legendaries, you go to Agate City and talked to a person in one of the houses (forgot which one, so just talk to everyone inside houses). Once you find the person show her you Pokedex, and for every 100 Pokemon registered you get a cool reward, with the final one being a super powerful Pokemon!
  3. Hey! So I've been trying to get the Zygarde 10%, and from what I've seen on the item guide there are 102 cells in the game as of now. I have 99 cells. Now, I'm pretty sure that I've missed 3 cells, two from Gearen City, and one from the Pyramid (the item guide says "dry desert", so I'm assuming it means prior to activating the spring). Is there any way to get the cells I've missed in game or with a mod, or do I have to sit patiently and prey that there will be more cells in the next update?
  4. cant teach pokemon liquidation from goomy kingdom, when i choose liquidation the goomy just stops talking to me
  5. This explains it! I had to change the clock to daytime, and now the lady is there! Thank you so much!
  6. Hello! I just finished the true ending of Where Love Lies, and a message pops up saying I can get a free gift if I enter a code at the GDC Central Building. However, from what I find there is nowhere to input a code. Where do I input the code?
  7. Nevermind, I just got it! Sorry for doubting! The mod, especially the weather changer, is awesome!
  8. This might sound weird, but does this mod mess with the shiny ratio of Pokemon? I downloaded this mod to get the eevee and tried to SR to get it shiny. It has been over 70 minutes of SRing, and no shiny. Is that normal in Reborn, cuz I've gotten my other shinies fairly quickly.
  9. My Decidueye learned Steam Eruption when evolving instead of Spirit Shackle...
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