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  1. owo *nuzzles back* uwu Fun Fact: I have not entered a single action this entire game. And thus I die as I lived. Doing nothing. I blame Kiet.
  2. Oh yeah this is still going on. Why are you nerds voting me smh.
  3. Viva la revolution! [Eliminate] Newt Nah let's do one better. No one votes anyone else. He can't modkill us all!!!! until he does and no one wins, how it should be
  4. I can't say I have a great read on anyone here.... What sticks out the most to me is Amine's and Sophie's behavior. Amine mostly for the early vote for no reason, and Sophie for jumping onto Kiet's vote as day phase is ending. For now I'll put my vote on Sophie. [Eliminate] Sophie Votes: 3 Lykos (Kiet, Sophie) 2 Bok (Lia, Amine) 2 Sophie (Mimi, Drago) 1 Nicki (Nicki) 1 Candy (Lykos) 1 Amber (Amber) 1 Amine (Bok)
  5. jesus finally some good news @Newt Lying really suits you well. Now riddle me this. Why didn't I even consider Astra to be a common infected? I found him N2. I literally just went down the list lol. First Bok N0, then Aldo N1, and then Astra (whom I repeatedly visited thereafter). But thanks for letting everyone know you're the last mafia. Tbh I'm actually quite surprised I guessed correctly. sure af saves me the anxiety
  6. Yeah, so going over everything, the main thing I see would be Amber's claim of being wounded. I don't see much reason to suspect it as is, all it would mean is that Nick had targeted him. Meaning that if one is mafia, then the other is town. Otherwise, unless he windus up being a mafia aligned granny, I don't really see how it show his alignment either way. I guess a claim would be nice. As stated, I would assume the vigi would have gone after Nano. That would leave Nick up for the mafia kill, or possibly the granny played a role and one of the kills failed. Based on the votes, I would bet that if Nano was mafia, both Kiet and Baz aren't. I don't really have anything on the other dead roles, but I would be willing to bet the mafia kills were Ali and Nick. Simply based off of mafia killing the most influential players first. And that's about all I have now I guess.
  7. Apologies. I needed a moment to rethink everything. Rushing will get us nowhere. I just want to finish this game with what little sanity I have left As for Newt and Seal.... I have to admit, I have nothing either way. There's 4 town in 5 town roles. Charger, tank, witch, and 2 common infected. There's only one thing I can think of to come to the bottom of all this. We have Amine today. We would need to claim tomorrow, and then we can piece this together. I'm confident we can get this. Even if Arch was one of the power roles, we should be able to figure out the liar among the 2.
  8. Nope. Remaining mafia are Amine, Aldo, and Newt. We lynch them one by one.
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