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  1. So I guess I'll take your lead on Bean being maf then. [Unvote] Lykos [Eliminate] Bean
  2. Yaaay! Looks like we got some time to gather round and get cozy~ Is that so? I'm not sure anything Bean claims could be taken as proof, but I suppose it's a good enough lead. I can't really tell if Baz is trying to play aggressive townie or is maf, granted aggressive townie is kinda his thing but he kinda seems a bit too eager... Bok pls, in hindsight, probs a not the best thing but given Lia's post, I was genuinely convinced it would help. Regardless, I rectified that mistake. and no, Kiet didn't try to push that I'm almost certain Lykos is mafia, and Anti seems to be sus to me. I'll keep my vote for now, but might change it later.
  3. Is that so? I don’t see how Bean couldn’t be the ancient being at this point, but if he’s not, then he is most def mafia. Also tbh I decided to disclose Vanilla Townie simply cuz what Lia proposed was the only plausible course of action I could think of atm, granted if revealing a maf role is more important, I wouldn’t want to prevent that. Hmmm. Also if I’m counting correctly, we’re currently at a tie of reveals. I suppose revealing maf roles should take priority. [Cancel] Vanilla Townie [Disclose] Piercer
  4. Also, I've said a lot more than I think Bean is sus. Please don't wagon me because you aren't reading.......
  5. Hmmm. So far I kinda feel Lykos may be maf. His lack of reasoning makes him kinda sus imo. For now, I'll put my vote on him. [Eliminate] Lykos As for my reads: Bean: The Ancient Bean Lykos: initial thought he was town, but lack of contribution plus jumping on a vote make me think hes maf, likely chance of mafia Baz: hard to tell but acting quite scummy, moderate chance of mafia Anti: takes big risks to contribute, overall posts seem kinda off to me, moderate chance of mafia Nicki: her posts kinda give off a weird vibe imo, slightly suspicious Caimie: afk, neutral Sophie: newcomer, not very active, neutral Astra: doesn't really take risks and goes with the flow, neutral Jelly: attacked n2 uncontested, but based off claims and him acting odd, possible chance of town Newt: can't really get a read, hard to say, possible chance of town Candy: puppeted d2, hard to read, moderate chance of town Bok: attack n1 uncontested, likely town Knightly: claims to have saved Bok and Jelly uncontested, likely town Lia: helpful contributions on town's part, most probable town A role claim might help. I'm willing to believe you but the whole scenario seems kinda strange to me.
  6. .............this is truly the darkest timeline. We must pray to the lord Beanus for forgiveness and be absolved of our sins. So, I think Bean has ascended to ancient Bean. After going over the first game, that's the only way I can make of this chaos. I'm kinda at a loss here but I can agree with Lia if it's anything to go off of. [Disclose] Vanilla Townie
  7. I didn't think of the possibility of them both being mafia. Although I'd def wager that one of them is, trying to throw some confusion. As for the whole ancient being thing, I'm at a loss. I don't suppose anyone here would know what that means? For now, I'll follow your lead and hope we caught one of them. [Eliminate] Bean @NickCrash Sorry if you think I'm acting sus. Just trying to figure out what these roles do. also I think Ali always suspects me no matter what I do So far my scum list goes: Bean- possibly faking puppeted, moderate chance of scum Newt- same as Bean, moderate chance of scum Anti- considering he up and disappeared after being scumread, likely maf Caimie/Nicki- kinda hard to tell since they rarely talk Knightly- his story seems plausible but not 100% sure, likely town Jelly/Bok- kinda sus prior but given Knightly's story, also likely town so far I'm getting a town read from everyone else here
  8. Yeah guys, I'm lost here. We can't have multiple puppeter targets, can we? I don't know, but I think we may have an impostor. granted Sophie tends to use emojis often and Bean could very well just be beaning If that is the case, I don't know why they would fake that unless its to gain town cred... seems kinda scummy to me. lets just lynch them all so there's no more fakers
  9. Huh. Mafia couldn't pull off their kill again. Well at least we know now that Bok and Jelly are with us. Woah hold up. Ummm..... good job but why reveal this? Regardless, I agree with Nick. Please don't disclose any more information about your role. And anything else you can provide us would help out. [Disclose] Swindler
  10. Yeah the messages are only getting weirder now. Great. Well it looks like they imply there are 2 messengers and one certainly more active than the other. Perhaps that's why they're coming out as only consonants and others only vowels. Maybe its something from the sun and moon worshipers.... Anyway, I should probably get a vote down for now. I don't entirely understand the votes on Nano, but I guess he does seem to acting somewhat different than normal. Plus the fact that he hasn't said anything since is weird. I get a slight scum read on Jelly and Anti, but I'm not too sure. Candy seems to be acting strange too, but I'm not sure if that's just cuz she's too busy to post or what.... I guess until I have something more to go off of, I'll just put a random vote down (that I'll change anyways if needed) until I get a better read on things. For now I shall follow the way of master Beanus. [Eliminate] Lykos
  11. Hi I'm back. Hello peeps. Wait this one is only vowels now. Hmmm. Hold on...... THERE IS CULT LEADER IN THIS GAME We should be getting another message saying a a o o a based off of can't say consonants Maybe I'm looking too deep into this but perhaps whoever is sending these messages isn't fully aware of how the ability works. Or that they're being controlled. i.e. can't say consonants when the message only came up as consonants Or they're just trolling us hard. Yeah. This whole scenario is kinda weird. Assuming that the message is coming from town, then I don't see what role would fit unless a secondary ability allows one of the roles to act as 3rd party. Whether this information is to be trusted is another question. I suppose that's another possibility. Although that begs the question of who is giving us the messages. Anyway, I can agree with Ali in revealing the puppetmaster to help us figure out where these messages are coming from. [Disclose] Puppetmaster
  12. lol gj mafia I don't suppose we have anything to go on, do we? smh also is it just me or is that role really weird?
  13. By that you mean if there is a tie between 2nd and 3rd amount of disclose votes (as in a three-way tie or more for first or a tie of 2nd place), correct? And if there is a tie between 2nd and 3rd when there is an already established 1st, will the first place role role still be revealed?
  14. hi guys how r u doing? Oh boy I sure like *redacted*! You've earned my vote good sir! [Vote] Newt [Disclose] Puppetmaster
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