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  1. Also the great Candy has returned! Save us from this transfectous plague of the all devouring Vileplume! The end times are nigh!
  2. What madness have you wrought dear Game Maker!? The prophecy has been foretold! Upon the eating of the Candy, all ensnaring Vileplumes of doom are coming to wreak havoc upon the lands! It is truly a sign of the end times!
  3. okay maybe I edited out the evict Bok cu zI don't read lel but you saw NOTHING
  4. Hi everyone how are you all today? Yeah I don't really have much to provide that hasn't already been said. I can agree with the town reads that Lía gave us. So for now I will leave my votes as [Evict] Hypurr
  5. Holy shit u changed ur pfp! @Candy Prince give her her breathe bacc. in b4 its been like this for awhile and I just noticed
  6. Okay. @Lord Drakyle You're kinda acting a bit over-paranoid, an aggressive town can help sus out maf. @Yahy A bit too far Alpha. Try not to attack people so much. Now both of you shut up and kiss already. uwu
  7. Hi Drak. Just want to point out. What you said here makes you a threat to town. Chill.
  8. But Draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakk. Thats the fun part. Just let Alpha do his thing. It'll be more fun that way. Oo can I show up? I'll check with ect too.
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