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  1. Hm. I guess the last maf role to disclose is the Briber. My theory for Nick is that he might have been the Sun Worshipper. Maybe he had some kind of ability that prevented someone’s lynch in exchange for his life. I don’t know if that’s right, but I don’t think it sounds too out there. I mean, it’s still also very likely that someone else tampered with the lynch, but my idea probably isn’t a bad one. It’s also the only role on the list I can think of that might have some involvement with lynches. [disclose] The Briber. As for Bean’s flip, I do apologise for that and I wouldn’t oppose to being lynched if that satisfies people. It was, really, the only lead I had (besides the weird behaviour of a few individuals, eg. Drago) but that flip makes me think about other individuals and suspect them just the same. However, Sopheria’s flip makes me suspect Drago a little bit less. I’ll wait a little before voting since I’m sure people will fire bullets at me for the events of yesterday’s lynch. I must say that today’s phase post etc. was quite odd, but maybe that was due to Alaris having a lack of time to make a detailed post. Maybe. I don’t know.
  2. Just so you’re aware, the ‘saving it for tomorrow’ part was about my explanation for Nick’s lynch, not about Bean.
  3. The only lead we have to go by right now is that you claimed to be Immolator in a temporary chat, Bean. I’d rather follow that lead instead of running around like a headless chicken (hehe) and not knowing what to do, even if it happens to be inaccurate. I will explain better during the next day phase, should I survive that long, so I’ll just ask for people to trust me (and please shift your disclose votes to either mafia roles!) and vote for Bean.
  4. This is simply perhaps Bean being Bean, but I received word that Bean claimed Immolator. Also, Nick's lynch being of his own doing is a gut feeling of mine. I will probably explain next day phase in more detail, but I have an idea of sorts that seems kind of feasible. If you and Kiet were fighting over who should be Mayor, I think it's safe to assume that only one of you was Mafia. This is me saying I don't believe you're also Mafia. Do what you want to do, but I believe you. We must protect and side with our Mayor after all. \o/
  5. Okay, guys. Here’s the deal. [eliminate] Bean. I have reason to believe he is mafia and not the ancient being. Do what you will, but this is my decision. I’m also going to throw a disclose vote at another mafia role, because we honestly need to disclose those first. I don’t agree to wasting a day disclosing something that is obvious to me. [disclose] The Piercer.
  6. Honestly, I think mafia is either out of Bean or Matt. It's not both of them. I also have information about something that took place during N2 which makes me suspect one of the people involved. Coincidentally, Bean is involved in it.
  7. Guys, I can't say for certain because I honestly do not know, but I have reason to believe that Nick's lynch was of his own doing. Bean might not be the ancient being. Also, I'm not really sure why we're trying to disclose the vanilla townie role since it's very likely it isn't even in the setup. Besides, we might waste a disclose vote on something pointless if it comes back saying what we already know about it.
  8. Inb4 the ancient being doesn’t exist anymore.
  9. What a coincidence! I am also Alaris’ alt!
  10. No, Bean. You are (probably) not invincible. Someone tampered with the lynch. Perhaps that was Nick’s own doing, or someone else’s entirely. That’s what I make out from this anyway.
  11. Bean’s whole thing is a total wtf moment. Admittedly, I sent my last post when I was half asleep so I probably didn’t make too much sense. I purposefully avoided voting/disclosing so I could check the thread after waking up. But I was not expecting an additional two pages, degenerates! [Eliminate] Drago. [Disclose] Swindler. My reason for voting for Matt is because, like Baz, I’m not 100% on the whole Bean/Newt puppet thing and it’s not like my vote for Matt will affect anything. I’m doing this so that I have a vote, and I do know he has already been voted but as I said, it shouldn’t matter.
  12. I think it's safe to say Bean's been targeted by the Puppetmaster. There's no other reason for him to vote himself. From my understanding, he has never done that in games. I assume we're also trying to figure out the mafia's roles first. Therefore Bean's disclose vote makes no sense otherwise. This, however, probably does not mean that he is 100% town. Mafia can, and will, should it benefit them, target their own to give them town credit. I do not have a full town read on Bean, but I also do not have a scum read on him. This could change depending on what exactly happens in the game. For now, I'll wait and see in that regard.
  13. I'm pretty sure the anonymous person can only tell lies. That's what they seem to be hinting at, unless they're trolling (which is a huge possibility depending on whom it is, and I have a good idea based on what the messages are saying). Though, they would have no idea about the existence of a cult leader or not unless the role list is to be trusted. I think I'd like to place a temporary (perhaps permanent should I not be able to return before the day ends) vote on Nano since I don't like that he wasn't fully clear with his role "claim". [Eliminate] Nano.
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