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  1. You’ll be fine in the upcoming phases! uwu M-Me? MVP? N-Nani??
  2. I have no reason to betray when I’ve been actively helping town all along. Besides, I used all my harmful suits immediately just to get rid of them. Town has helped me stay alive so far, why shouldn’t I help return the favour?
  3. I can’t believe I overlooked this small detail before napping. Everyone, remove your votes from Candy. I believe she is telling the truth. The Stalker cannot visit the Mayor once he’s revealed. Check the Mayor’s role description if you don’t believe me. Nice try, Matt; you almost got away with it. I believe my theory of him igniting due to being wounded and not thinking he’d be healed really isn’t looking like a dumb shot in the dark after all. [unvote] Candy. [eliminate] Drago.
  4. I just realised that Aldo is more likely to be the Witch in this scenario. The Yellow Press obviously did visit the Witch at some point, and Aldo could have used Seal’s and Ali’s deaths as his cover-up. If he is indeed the Witch, all he has to do is claim the most convenient role for him — Medium. Then he could claim whatever he wanted, since I assume he got a chat with the Yellow Press, and use that to his advantage. I hope I’m making sense. I believe we have, indeed, found our Witch.
  5. He was never doused I don’t think? If he said that, I missed it. He got wounded by a thorny suit I gave him on N2, though.
  6. Honestly, yes, the Arsonist does need an extra night to set up at least one kill. Witch and Tailor can’t kill at all anymore. I feel it’s better to lynch the Arsonist first to have a safety net. Also I’m not quite sure if I understand your post, Lía.
  7. Scratch what I said about lynching a townie between Arso/Witch, I apparently can’t count. I kinda feel like trusting Lía more over Aldo, but I’m really not sure. We know for definite that one out of Seal and Ali was the Yellow Press, and if Aldo is actually the Witch then all he had to do was make a lucky 50/50 guess. Yellow Press might have even been Ali. I think I’ll follow the Mayor’s lead on this one. But please, please, please try and eliminate Arsonist first! It’s actually kind of difficult to read both when they both initially prioritised lynching each other rather than the Arsonist...
  8. Man, we've had counterclaims galore in this game. Moreso than what I've seen before. To be honest, with how things are, we know someone out of Aldo and Lía is the Witch. Candy is, as far as we know, the Arsonist, unless she states otherwise (unfortunately her vote on the Mayor doesn't help her if she is, in fact, town). Regardless of how things go, it's likely town will win. Depending on how town feels about lynching one of their own between lynching the Arsonist and the Witch then I might also have enough time to win as well -- granted this is kind of stalling so I'd 100% understand if you guys just want to win asap.
  9. I honestly don't oppose to this. I don't need to be eliminated to win alongside town as long as I give out my final suit, however.
  10. If we vote for the Witch and lynch them, potentially Lía, then we won't have to worry about the Arsonist dousing anyone tonight. I just felt that voting for the Arsonist could be a better move. With how quickly we've all claimed, unless Drago was the Witch all along, then it's likely I won't reach my win condition. This is fine, since I was hoping to help town anyway, but I'm a little bit bummed by this.
  11. My vote remains on Drago for now, simply because I'd like to pressure him. This does not mean it will stay on him, however. The dead are kind of right, since the Tailor is listed as an "Evil" role... however, I am able to win with all alignments, and it's obvious from my actions which I have chosen. I'd like to prioritise a lynch on the Arsonist for now, even if Lía is the Witch. It seems that we know someone out of Lía and Drago is the Witch thanks to Seal. This does, of course, depend on how truthful you are. I have no reason to suspect you yet. Also I feel kinda bad for you since Medium is a pretty crappy role. Arsonist is more dangerous to town than the Witch is, but I will follow town with whatever decision they make. Lynching me is pretty pointless considering I legit have no more suits that could kill anyone.
  12. I feel like Drago would've hidden receiving the Thorny suit if he was Doctor...
  13. I'll be honest and say I started off the game with 2 "harmful" suits. (Bomber suit and the Thorny suit) I kinda gave the Bomber suit to Bean on a whim just to get rid of it since that was the most harmful suit I had. I didn't know he'd flip Jailor and bring his jailed person down with him. Then I decided to use the Thorny suit on Drago. It wasn't a definite kill but it could've been. He was someone I suspected a little bit, so I figured it wouldn't hurt (especially if the doc was able to save him in the event he was actually town) to give him the Thorny suit. I decided to get rid of the harmful suits first, but keep the ones that would also help town. I asked Nick if I was still able to protect the Mayor if he revealed, since the other roles apparently can't do that, way before AL revealed himself. I kept a suit just for the Mayor's reveal if it ever got that far -- I'd have probably used it on another townie if the Mayor died at any point. I won't reveal any other suits I may have, but I can assure you that they're beneficial to town. If you all want to lynch me now that I've revealed, that is fine. Just know that I was planning on siding with Town from the start.
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