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  1. If you aren't utilizing Sun, you might as well go with any other sweeping Fire starter, as they'll all outperform regular Charizard as a sweeper quite handily (Infernape and Blaziken because of their speed, boosting moves and Fighting STAB, and Typhlosion because of Eruption). This changes with Mega Evolution, but by the time you get the Charizardite X you can catch Charmander normally. Pair Charizard with a sun setter (Ninetales, Meowstic, Bronzong) and run Air Slash, Heat Wave, Solarbeam and a fourth move of your choice (Sunny Day, Dragon Pulse, Focus Blast, and Flamethrower are probably the best options).
  2. If you just beat Shade, you're not far at all from the game's first Shiny Stone. Out of the 'mons you have, Bounsweet will probably do the most work in the time before you get it, with a set of Play Rough/Trop Kick/Synthesis with the 4th slot being mostly irrelevant. Pumpkaboo isn't a bad option either, nor is Petilil.
  3. As of E18, Greninja cannot learn Ice Beam, Venusaur cannot learn Sludge Bomb and Garchomp cannot learn Earthquake. The best replacements currently are Icy Wind, Venoshock/Sludge and Stomping Tantrum. Also, you can only get one of those 'mons before like, 9 badges into the game I think, and the rest after that are 13+ badges in, so you'll need to have some temporary teammates to make your way up to your ideal team. Also, I'd personally recommend Fire Blast or Iron Head over Poison Jab on Garchomp, and Bulk Up over Protect on Blaziken. And if you're fine with using potions, you should probably replace Venusaur's Synthesis and Rotom-W's Pain Split, though they aren't bad moves to have anyway there isn't much point to using them if you've got 50 Full Restores sitting in your bag. And as Endstrom said, having a rotation is a very good idea in Reborn. There are 'mons like Rhyperior and Cofagrigus that do particularly well as part of a rotation due to their ability to straight up invalidate certain teams - Rhyperior takes next to no damage from physical attacks (even super-effective ones) and Cofagrigus' Trick Room sweeper set makes very quick work of teams lacking an appropriate check to Ghost types.
  4. I don't think having 2 mons of the same type is necessarily a bad thing, especially in a case like this where only 1 of the weaknesses are shared (Gallade is neutral to Psychic and Blaziken is neutral to Fairy, so only Flying is shared), plus we're already past the Flying leader. A Flying resist somewhere on the team wouldn't be a terrible idea though.
  5. What's with all the Quick Claw spam? Your team is pretty fast, so it's kinda useless. The Life Orb is available as of E18 and would go particularly well on Greninja, a Groundium Z would be perfect for Flygon (Firium Z isn't bad either), and Blaziken and Scizor would appreciate items that boost their STAB moves (Flame/Fist Plate and Iron/Insect plate, respectively). As for Gallade, you could either run a second Life Orb, a Choice Band or Choice Scarf, or just a type-boosting item like the Fist Plate. (I don't remember if its Mega Stone is available in E18, but it probably will be in E19, so run that once you get it). As for movesets: - Blaziken would benefit greatly from Bulk Up (Swords Dance once the TM is available). Its sweeping potential when its attack is boosted is what makes it the best 'mon in Reborn. I'd personally replace Blaze Kick, as it's nice to have one of Blaziken's STABs be powerful but risky and the other be reliable. Brave Bird could possibly be replaced with Stone Edge or Thunderpunch but it's not the worst option ever. - Gallade doesn't have any STAB moves for some reason. I'd recommend at least grabbing Close Combat, and seriously considering Zen Headbutt. Keep Ice Punch for the 3rd slot and run either Swords Dance or Knock Off for the last. - If you're going to run a Ground/Dragon type with 4 attacks, Garchomp is strictly better than Flygon. Flygon's niche over Garchomp comes from its access to Dragon Dance, so if you're running Flygon you 100% need to run Dragon Dance, probably instead of Flamethrower. I'd also recommend Outrage or Dragon Claw over Dragon Rush, as Dragon Rush tends to miss a bit too often. - If you decide to run Garchomp instead of Flygon, a set of Stomping Tantrum (to become Earthquake when we get the TM), Dragon Claw or Outrage, Stone Edge, and Fire Blast or Iron Head is ideal. - Thunderbolt is useless on Snorlax due to its awful Special Attack. I'd replace it with Curse, as Snorlax is one of if not the best users of it in Reborn due to its incredible bulk, naturally high attack and already abysmal speed. Giga Impact is also a bit questionable and I think you'd find a bit more use from Return or Body Slam. EDIT: Also should slot Fire Punch in there somewhere for Steel types, possibly over Ice Punch. - Scizor has the same issue as Snorlax with Flash Cannon going off its lower Special Attack stat. Bullet Punch is a good replacement, as Technician gives it some respectable power and its priority helps with finishing weakened opponents or sweeping frailer teams. Toxic isn't really a great move for Scizor since it isn't bulky enough to pull off a defensive role in Reborn with all the field effects running around; Aerial Ace or Knock Off are probably the best 4th moves you could use.
  6. Feel like I need to justify mine at least a little since I made some uncommon picks to say the least (difficulty btw) S Tier: Everyone here seems to find Shade, like, really easy. And yeah, I don't find myself losing often, but I usually have to prepare specifically for Shade (not just for ghost types) with certain countermeasures. The only field change that really helps you here is if you can get Misty Terrain up, but even then his pokemon still hit very hard and his Mimikyu stops any attempt at a full sweep. Adrienne and Aya are doubles leaders, both have bulky, hard hitting teams with good defensive typings that make them very difficult to cut through before they get a few blows in. It can take a few attempts to get a "download" on them and figure out exactly what order you need to do things in to disassemble their teams before they smash yours. A Tier: Corey is as high as he is because Skuntank. Like, really, that thing's way more threatening than anything else on his team. Not much can deal with Skuntank "efficiently", especially in the Corrosive Mist field where Aftermath deals a whopping 50%, which is usually enough to kill after whatever damage Skuntank itself deals. Crobat can also sweep frailer teams so if you're using a few too many "late evolution" mons you might just not be able to win. B Tier: Serra is pure RNG Hell with Mirror Field but not much harder than lolnoel without it. Florinia seems to be on the low end for most people, but for me I find that, while I don't usually get "stumped" or anything trying to win, I have enough trouble on a consistent basis to justify putting her in B at least. C Tier: Hardy is pathetically easy with Wide Guard or Rain and just luck without it. His only trick is spamming Rock Slide with fast 'mons in a doubles environment and hoping you flinch. D Tier: Ribombee 6-0s Noel and can be found literally 10 steps from where you fight him... If that's not "easiest leader" material I don't know what is.
  7. focus down Shelly first, Cain's lead (mimikyu, right?) is very much not threatening at all with its low attacking stat and its odd tendency to use Thunder instead of its STABs. Once Shelly is down it turns into a 1v2 and you're basically guaranteed a win
  8. Walrein's prevos can be caught in Ametrine Mountain, it has Thick Fat and learns Blizzard by level up and Surf and Rain Dance by TM. Wild Mienfoo on Route 2 can re-learn Fake Out with a Heart Scale. Bring along Golem for Stealth Rock and Empoleon + Floatzel for more Water spam and it should be an easy sweep. (Also you could probably outspeed Typhlosion if you EV-trained Floatzel, this is around the point in the game where leaders begin to have optimized natures and EVs and can very easily sweep underprepared teams so you should consider EV training of your own. Typhlosion's speed stat is 215.)
  9. @notnoyes afaik, Razor Fang and King's Rock only boost flinch rate on attacks that don't normally flinch. Air Slash would still be 60% on that set unless Razor Fang for some reason uses gen 4 mechanics in Reborn.
  10. The event Absol can hold Life Orb in previous versions (E16 or earlier I believe) but if you already got that then no, I don't think there are any others. If you're going with the niche Wish pick you could invest in HP/Attack but usually it's best to go Attack/Speed.
  11. ^ On top of that, when Espurr dies you can send in Onix and have it use Stealth Rock, which will cripple anything sent in (also I think the damage would matter for Araquanid, it has good special bulk and isn't weak to Fire). You can also evolve Numel (level 33) and have it spam Lava Plume.
  12. yeah, the magic square puzzle is kinda silly honestly... if that video doesn't help you can always just Sandbox Mode in the Gardevoirite, T-Bolt and Darkinium Z then look up the password to grab the sticker and Manectite
  13. I believe there's also a mod which lets you reteach previous evolutions' moves, I thought that was included with the egg moves mod tbh but I guess I'm just special But yeah, it probably would be just from evolving too early, since there isn't really anything else worth waiting for in Togetic's movepool besides the rather situational Baton Pass (Togekiss can get everything it needs via relearner and TMs) so most people just evolve right away
  14. I think Wish might be an Egg move. I was lucky enough to get it as an egg move when I first got Togepi instead of having to breed for it. I think there's a mod which lets you relearn Egg moves so you could try that to save some time. Kanga is a great mega, its bulky, fast, and hits pretty damn hard. Its only really problem is it has too many good moves so trying to build one with just four moveslots is tough. You'd love to run Ice Punch, Sucker Punch, Crunch, Wish, Power-Up Punch, Drain Punch, Return and Fake Out all on the same set but obviously that can't happen. I'd personally go with a set of Return/Power-Up Punch/Sucker Punch/Ice Punch, with Power-Up Punch basically just there to be a damaging Swords Dance but also to cover Steel types (despite only being 40 + 20 base power it'll still hit pretty hard since it's boosting your attack as you use it), Ice Punch to bop bulky Ground and Dragon types that can sponge Return, Sucker Punch to beat Ghosts and other fast threats, and Return as the obvious STAB choice. Comparing +1 Adamant Fire Fang vs. unboosted Adamant Fire Blast, the latter actually hits harder against some Steel types like M-Aggron and Steelix. Hell, with Naughty nature used instead, Fire Blast is almost a 2HKO against 252/252+ HP/SpDef Mega Aggron. Flamethrower hits for slightly less than boosted Fire Fang but still beats it out unboosted. Steels with less lopsided defense stats like Aegislash and Bronzong, although not too common, are better hit by Fire Fang.
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