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  1. Rattata. ...hear me out here. With extremely early access to strong STAB Normal moves (including Facade!), a pre-Julia evolution, the ability Guts, very strong Dark moves in both Crunch and Sucker Punch, and no "required" egg moves or TMs, the OG Route 1 Rodent is one of the best, most splashable early 'mons in Reborn. It tears holes in Julia, Florinia, Corey (especially Corey) and Shade with even the most minimal setup, and if it come into battle pre-poisoned with STAB Facade it's practically unstoppable. Anything it can't beat normally can often by bypassed or crippled using Super Fang. Super Fang also makes it excellent for catches, guaranteeing you never knock anything out with a crit or the like. Its only major weakness is dying over time to poison chip and priority/fast 'mons like Breloom, Crobat and Gengar. Alolan Raticate is obviously stronger, but it's post-Corey and by that point you have better options for both Normal (Dodrio, Lopunny, Ursaring) and Dark (Murkrow, Pangoro, and soon to be Sharpedo and Houndoom) types, so its only real purpose becomes type compression. Kantonian Raticate's only competition is Teddiursa, who only evolves just before Corey and has a garbage movepool outside of Facade and egg moves, and Lopunny, who is a pain in the ass to evolve and will likely only start to shine post-Florinia. One could also make a case for Litten being an excellent starter choice, but it's a much more lowkey pick than Torchic and not as dominant on its own, despite being an incredible glue 'mon with a lot of good things going for it.
  2. Meteor Mash has a 10% chance to raise attack and is noticeably more powerful, and Iron Head's chance to flinch rarely comes into play so most people prefer the former. Aside from what's been recommended, Metagross can also run Speed/Attack with an Adamant nature and Agility/Rock Polish. After one boost it's faster than pretty much anything, and its attack is so naturally high that most things get OHKO'd unboosted by super-effective hits, so with the right 3-move coverage Metagross can sweep some teams. There's no 3-move setup that will win every battle like this, though, and running a bulkier set is usually better because Metagross is just such a good glue 'mon. You can also forego Zen Headbutt for more coverage, and run something like Meteor Mash/Bullet Punch/Ice Punch/Hammer Arm. Meteor Mash is pretty much essential though, as Bullet Punch is very weak even with such a high Attack stat. Bullet Punch can also be replaced if you don't care to ever outspeed your opponent, and at that point almost any moveset you choose should have perfect neutral coverage and incredible super-effective coverage. As for Mega Metagross once it's out, Speed is 100% the way to go. Jolly nature with max EVs will outspeed a majority of what you face, and even without bulk investment or an Adamant nature you still have incredible natural bulk (80/150/110 is practically unmatched except by Toxapex and legendaries) and you're still hitting like a monster truck thanks to Tough Claws.
  3. I remember doing this on intense fairly recently, and my Lunatone's Moonblast carrying super hard (you can get one heart scale by this point). His signature move is pretty scary but it seems like he preferred targeting my other 'mons or using different coverage moves that DIDN'T one-shot Lunatone, so I had plenty of time to do massive damage in return. My full team was something like Voltorb/Shuppet/Lunatone/Braixen/Lycanroc-Dusk and one other 'mon I forget (Fletchinder, maybe?). Don't undervalue Shuppet's Will-o-Wisp, it's a free cripple on one of his 'mons, possibly more if it lives.
  4. Lefties + Curse Swampert swept her 6-1 for me, so you could try that. A set of Rain Dance/Curse/dual STABs should do the trick easily, since it worked out for me even with Hail up the entire battle. Swampert ended up going down from repeated chip damage, but once she's down to just Aegislash it shouldn't be much of an issue.
  5. 20+ in HP and in the next 2 most important stats (in this case Attack and Defense) is usually more than enough. Even low-IV 'mons will work fine as long as you make sure their stats are supplemented by the right natures and EV training, though IVs will start to become more relevant around levels 50+.
  6. can't say for rejuv since I never played through much of it, but for reborn by far the easiest in every playthrough I've had of this game is Luna. A fast fighting, fairy or bug type kills 5/6 of her team, then you just need to worry about Honchkrow or Bisharp, the latter of which can't really do anything on its own. Hardest is probably Shade, Aya or Adrienne.
  7. I was mostly suggesting Golisopod and Bronzong because they're the 2 notable 'mons that resist both ice and ground, but having a bulky 'mon that isn't weak to either is good enough and might potentially fit better on your team. But if Golisopod does you well, then have at it I used Delphox on a run once, and honestly, I dunno why I hadn't tried it before. Its skillset craps on quite a few major battles, and screens keep it useful well into the endgame. It's not the best starter but you can't really go wrong choosing it
  8. - Both your main team and reserves get bodied by fast 'mons with Ground and Ice moves, only Heracross and Swampert aren't weak to either. Ground in general is a weakness, with only Flygon and Heracross resisting, and neither being known for their bulk. Something like Golisopod or Bronzong could work. - Roserade could be making use of Technician, which boosts Magical Leaf to a 90BP never-miss STAB and Hidden Power to a 90BP move of your choosing (Poison for a better 2nd STAB and Fire/Ground/Fighting to deal with Steel types are probably the best options). - I'd consider a Hasty or Naive nature on Garchomp with Flamethrower over Fire Fang to take advantage a) of its >100 base Speed and b) the low Sp. Def of most Steel types you'd be targeting with it. - Electivire can get Cross Chop through breeding, if you don't want to breed for it there's a mod that lets you relearn egg moves. - Swampert would make a good setup 'mon with Curse and Leftovers. I personally run Waterfall/EQ/Rock Slide/Curse with max HP and Attack, pretty simple set but very effective (solo'd Titania with it). - Heracross could make use of Knock Off over Night Slash, but both have their advantages. I'd also consider keeping a 2nd item to alternate on it for if/when you want another mega. huge respect for the delphox pick
  9. Not seen here are Weavile and Cofagrigus, who I added to the team after taking this screenshot. I'm honestly surprised how far I've been able to take Durant, I knew it was a solid 'mon due solely to its ludicrous attack stat with Hustle, but it's still competing for team slots even with Pokemon that are 100+ BST higher than it and have far stronger moves, which is nuts to me. Strongest member around is probably Ujiyasu (Rhyperior) or Aya (Naganadel) but they're recent additions and haven't really proven themselves fully so I'll stick to the MVPs in my signature (even if not all of them are still in the rotation). Retired mons include a Calm Mind/Misty Terrain Aromatisse that tanked Solaris' Garchomp on Pyrous Mountain without Intimidate, a Crobat who was ready to retire after Samson but ended up sweeping Ciel, an Arcanine who carried almost every Doubles match I brought it along for, a few early game monsters like Raticate, Swoobat and Leavanny, and a Tauros and Braviary that just weren't keeping up due to, respectively, weak moves and being 100% outclassed by Staraptor. Oh, and a Spiritomb I used for like, 3 battles.
  10. As someone partway through a mono-Fairy run (just post-Noel, procrastinating on the Aventurine Forest sticker) Mawile has been pretty much essential to breaking down special walls and taking hits from common Poison and Steel types. It isn't the best but if you pick your battles carefully it can do pretty good work surprisingly often.
  11. First of all, make sure your team is properly leveled. Your levels are all over the place, with your Arcanine being (I think) 15 levels below the cap. Getting everyone to mid 60s like Metagross and Blaziken will make a huge difference. Noivern's moveset is... rather questionable. I'd go back to the move relearner at the circus to get Dragon Pulse and Boomburst on it, and learning Hurricane at level 62, replacing every move except either Roost or Air Slash. It would probably help to have a more reliable Rock move on Crustle, like Rock Slide. Rock Wrecker leaves you too vulnerable, especially in double battles like this. Switching Arcanine's ability to Intimidate will help a lot with the physical attackers on their teams, and although it's not super relevant for this battle in particular, Metagross could have Clear Body to prevent itself from being intimidated. Lastly, you should probably consider replacing Emolga; it's solid early on with its high speed and easy access to both electric terrain and paralysis, but it's frail and weak and does little but set terrain at this point. You have a pretty big Ground and Rock weakness, and a Water or Grass type would help with that, so you could consider grabbing Walrein or Floatzel (unfortunately I don't think you have access to a good grass type in your immediate area? if you aren't averse to trading, Gogoat, Roserade and Chesnaught are some of the best you would have access to by this point, and honestly some of the best in the game, alongside Breloom and Ferrothorn who are obtained much later)
  12. If I understand Stance Change correctly the stat change happens AFTER evs are added to your stats, so investing in Defense will give you greater Attack in Blade Forme (and of course better Defense in its default Shield Forme). With that in mind maxing HP and either defensive stat depending on whether you want to use special or physical moves should be a priority. Physically attacking Aegislash are definitely the better sweepers with priority and a boosting move but special attacking ones still hit like monster trucks and can afford to run more defensive options like Toxic or Will-O-Wisp.
  13. As mentioned Typhlosion is great out of the box and tears the early- to mid-game to shreds, getting Nature Power very early on, Lava Plume as it evolves and the sweeper's dream Eruption not long after that, but it won't last in some of the later parts of Reborn unfortunately. Don't let that turn you away though; by the time you should be considering putting it away you have access to many other strong Fire types like Arcanine, Delphox, and Ninetales through normal methods. Incineroar also has an extremely strong start with its excellent typing and powerful moves making short work of all the most difficult early leaders, and has a good niche in late game as a doubles 'mon with Intimidate (although Arcanine is arguably better at this, but it doesn't get Fake Out and has a worse defensive typing). Delphox is the other nice choice, getting access to Light Screen and Shadow Ball without the TMs (which are obtained very late normally) and having strong special moves, although its stats are barely better than Charizard or Typhlosion's and as such it falls off offensively come late game. It's also a bit weak early on, not getting STAB on its Psychic attacks and having weak Fire STAB until level 36. Charizard isn't a bad choice, but is unfortunately outclassed by Typhlosion from the time they both evolve to the time Charizard can mega evolve. It can still perform quite well with Sun up, but you get the TM for that well after you get access to the move relearner, and there aren't many 'mons that learn Sunny Day by level-up that would be useful outside of setting sun and immediately getting sacked, so you're effectively stuck waiting for Ninetales. It does have a niche against Kiki due to being resistant to Fighting and not relying heavily on Air Slash, and it's not bad against Samson either. It's almost certainly the best Fire starter late game but by that point you can get it through other means anyway.
  14. The main draw about mixed Hydreigon is having access to Superpower through move tutors in neo Reborn City (after Titania I think?), which deals with bulky sandstorm abusers like Tyranitar very well and saves a slot on Flamethrower as your Steel killer. For the most part, it's better to go with Focus Blast, but it's something worth considering. I don't have a Hydreigon in my rotation personally but if I did and I decided to go mixed I'd run it with Draco Meteor/Dark Pulse/Flash Cannon/Superpower, with Dark Pulse as the spammable STAB, Draco as a nuke, Flash Cannon for Fairy coverage and Superpower for steels and sand teams. If you're running mixed, the best nature is probably Rash - Defense should be kept as high as possible to soak up something like Mach Punch so Special Defense is the better stat to lower, and it isn't necessary to boost Speed since Hydreigon doesn't compete with the common base 100 tier anyway, so Special Attack should be boosted instead. Pure special sets should run Modest.
  15. You can use a wild Sawk with Sturdy+Counter and EV train its HP, or do the same with a Slaking and give it a Focus Sash. Intimidate spam with something like Granbull works wonders as long as you don't get crit. There are also some mons that can just straight up take hits, but they're few and far between and most will struggle to kill it alone. If you're going the tank route, try Aromatisse, since Misty Terrain + Moonblast will chunk its health pretty well and it's completely immune to Dragon Rush which allows you to easily stall out Earthquake.
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