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  1. You have a really big fighting weakness! I'd recommend to switch out lycanroc-dusk for a Pallossand or a like a gliscor. A ground type is always welcome and they can both be switched in fighting types if they don't carry ice type attacks. Bullet seed on technician breloom is better. Cause you have 62,5% chance to do more damage then the 80 BP seed bomb. 2 hits give you a 75 BP move while 3 hits is a 112 BP move (!). He should have Swords Dance as well later on and you should consider running mach punch on it over drain punch. With it's lak of speed mach punch might be better on it. When he get's SD you should switch Weavile's and Breloom's items. Breloom Life Orb and Weavile Choice band. Physical mega lucario is always better than a special one in my opinion. But i understand you running special cause otherwise you have to rely on 75% acc iron tail or you have to got through all the troubles of breeding Meteor Mash on it. But Swords Dance Close Combat hits like a truck! You should consider making Espeon a support mon as well. You couldMake it screens, you have some really vulnerable mons so they might really benefit from the screens to set up SD's or something, It should have max hp ev's and max speed ev's then. I'm not sure if Umbreon really fits in this team. Unless You're going to switch out one of the mons for a bulky one cause he doesn't really have any options to pass his wish to. They all just die in 1 or 2 hits. Unless they're behind screens ofcourse. But hey you've really put in some work in the EV's and you use the pokemon you like so you should keep doing that! Clearly you're very proud of your team and I just hope that my tips will help you build this team better and make you happier using it
  2. Well i checked smogon with my EV-spread. To the left is my spread and to the right are my in game stats. They are the same and my invested attack is in blade-form (I shadow sneaked a vigoroth) clearly way bigger than my special attack but they have the same base stat so my attack has to be invested. So i don't know if you, showdown or pokemon reborn is wrong lol. I guess you can see them as 2 different pokemon and not the same pokemon with a stat shift.
  3. Aah never knew that. Awesome Time to change my aegislash' spread then. Thanks
  4. Well, base form aegislash has the same base defence as sp. Defence so specifically special attackers no. Those 4 defence evs are just to put them somewhere lol. Just set up in base form and sweep with shadow sneak in blade form.
  5. Im currently running this; Aegislash @ Spooky Plate Ability: Stance Change EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def Brave Nature - Shadow Sneak - Sacred Sword - Swords Dance - King's Shield
  6. Thanks for the adjustments for in-game! Did not have much time then as you can see I mean aqua jet-drapion lol, just a typo ofc. The team has a veil setter so I was like, let's give it as much set up as possible. And I liked the idea of agility empoleon better over coil eelektross. Also because you already have a water pivot in Gastrodon. And agility empoleon is just really awesome imo lol. It was kinda set up to set up veil, and then chip away to eventually win with ninetales or empoleon late game (this team doesn't have great win cons). I agree on the hydreigon but you need a fire move on her. So I'd make it flamethrower and FClashcannon over Earthpower. But give it u-turn over flash cannon when scarf is available. If we're talking in-game definitely make eelektross discharge then for the field effects and possible extra support for the possible para. And as I said, aqua tail ofcourse, and hone claws is fine. Maybe give it signal beam then, the team doesn't have a bug type move and covers the slot until ice beam is available. If we're talking in game then don't make it stealth rock and defog cause if the way less usefulness in-game which is way less imo. Toxic us in general a good replacement for ice beam.
  7. Did not put time in it to really balance it out, but it might end up something like this
  8. Awesome I'm happy for you! Too bad i typed all at the above for nothing though
  9. Don't forget that Sludge Bomb isn't available yet, I'm currently running Life Orb Gengar with Shadow Ball Focus Blast Dazzling gleam Venoshock But you should probably run energy ball over focus blast considering you have enough fighting coverage. You could also teach it Thunderbolt over dazzling gleam to take advantage of the terrain you're setting with magnezone, considering you have fairy coverage with azumarill. Find out for yourself what's working for you.
  10. You could also use Slowbro and Jellicent and teach them Trick Room to neglate the webs and even use them to your advantage. Make sure to change all the swift swim abilities and you could hit them really hard with kingdra (focus energy-sniper-scope lens, always crits with draco, neglating sp. attack drop), Azumarill, Swampert or even wailord with water spout. Or kinda try to stall them out with heal items, rain dish, water absorb and stuff. I personally think you should balance it a bit, 2 Trick room setters, 2 bulky mons for healing and stuff (looking at you Lanturn and Milotic, I mean Surf-water absorb is just so powerfull in a double battle, you can heal both your mons in 1 turn while even hitting both other mons while they're both bulky) and 2 very hard hitters. But you'll need to find a good balance for yourself, what works for you. You could lead with Slowbro and Lanturn, Set up Trick Room with Bro, it might need a Kasib berry to tank a Shadowbone from the Marowak. While you can just Surf with Lanturn, Ribombee sets up Webs. Next round both your mons will be faster than marowak and ribombee cause of the Trick Room so a double surf should be able to knock them out. Sticky web is up so all your incoming mons will be faster because of the Trick Room. You can give the Jellicent a Terrain Extender so Trick Room will be up for 6 turns instead of 2, but keep in mind that Trick Room has negative 6 priority so it will go last always. By the way, ghost and Dark type attacks have the same coverage. Psychic and ghost types. So you should deffinitely switch Dark Pulse for Will-o-Wisp (or in this case Trick Room) on your Jellicent. Also switch Shadow claw on your Gator for ice punch. Maybe give Lanturn Eerie Impuls. It harshly lowers the target special attack which could be usefull cause that battle is pretty full of special attackers. Its always more usefull than ion deluge i reccon. Since Shellu uses bug type pokemon i think you should either bring swanna or pelipper. I'd say pelliper to boost your water type attacks cause of drizzle under the Trick Room. Cain uses poison type pokemon so your greninja with extrasensory could be usefull as well. Problem could be is that your greninja could still be faster with -1 speed so that you will go after the opposing pokemon under Trick Room.. But you should try that out for yourself. So If you ask me you could try it with; Slowbro Jellicent Pelipper Kingdra And 2 heavy hitters of your own choice, i don't know your pokemon that well so you know best what pokemon will hit hard. If you get your first Trick Room up you'll be able to do some damage so it is up to you to try out what pokemon will do the most damage. Probably Greninja and Swanna or something. Don't forget that Swanna isn't effected by Sticky web cause it's flying typing so i hope it isn't too speedy. Edit: Totally forgot about Lanturn lol, Lanturn and swampert could work as well. But again it's up to you what works for you the best. As long as you lead with probably Kasib Berry Slowbro or Kasib Berry Jellicent. 252+ Atk Thick Club Marowak-Alola Shadow Bone vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Kasib Berry Slowbro: 160-190 (58.6 - 69.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO calced with 0 ev's in defence and hp for slowbro. Calced the same thing for Jellicent, but with the berry it still has a chance to knock it out, it deffinitely wouldn't be able to live a surf from your teammate after so you'll need to lead with slowbro. I hope i helped and got you motivated again!
  11. That's cute Just make it Roost-3 attacks. Dragon claw/Outrage Flare blitz Thunder Punch/Steel wing/Iron tail/Earthquake, something that helps the coverage and gets boosted by tough claws (besides EQ ofcourse). Roost (Or even Return, max hapiness is 102 BP return, with Tough claws makes it a 130 BP move with 130 Base attack stat, not bad) If you are an in-game healer potions type of guy you could switch up roost for Swords Dance later on when it gets available. Or you can do it with work up ofcourse. Make sure your Charizard is a speed boosting nature while lowering one of the defences. Your normal charizard is mostly going 2 be a special attacker. Only until you get the Charizardite X he/she will become a physical attacker. So make it Hasty or Naive. At least that's what i would do.
  12. Well, I usually don't know why people would want Ghost AND Dark type coverage because they cover exactly the same. Ghost and Psychic. And if you want a special attacker i would recommend you Gengar. It's a Ghost type special attacker, it's fast and powerfull, gives you a new typing in poison and even gives you a potential mega. That leaves 1 spot open for you. Maybe something that can take advantage out of the field Your magnezone is setting? Maybe Alolan-Raichu is a good choice? It gives you another new typing in Psychic, set up with nasty plot and a great Z-move user. Edit: I think Gengar is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for your team (it also gets energy ball for the ground types). But raichu gives you a third weakness to ground types, a very strong type attacking wise so i suggest you'd pick something else for that. Considering you're THAT weak to ground types, i'd suggest you'd pick a ground immunity. Like a Flying type or a Levitating mon. I'd suggest a Dragon type considering 2 of your pokemon are weak to fire, grass and water. Which neglates those as well. So you should be thinking about a Flygon or a Noivern (or Hydreigon but that's a dark type as well and you're net very happy about that beast appearently ). Flygon has OK stats and gets dragon dance for a good sweep. Noivern is just Super fast, has OK attacking coverage but a great Z-move user. But then again so is Flygon. So I'd suggest Gengar and Flygon/Noivern to replace decidueye and hydreigon.
  13. Well technically you got yours "traded" from Bee. So his friendship starts at 0 right? I don't know how long you have it but Just level it up and walk a lot with it and it should be fine
  14. I personally hate using X-items, I despise them actually. So i would definitely go with Trick Room. But I don't know if it will work with Gardevoir because Titania runs Flash Cannon on her Klefki and i'm guessing that 2HKO's her. So i'd go with Bronzong. Give your Bronzong levitate and it should be able to live Excadrill's smart strike and X-scissor for an easy Trick Room. Then Scrafty's High Jump Kick should be able to OHKO him. Or Darmanitan's Flare Blitz ofcourse.
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