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  1. N1Dude

    Does Reborn ever get you frustrated?

    When i first started reborn, i didn't know Skill link was a thing. So when i battled Noel, i was like: Okay if this Cinccino just hits me with 3 or less hits with Tail Slap (or idk what move) i should be good. And i restarted the game sooo many times and every time it hit me 5 times and i got soooo angry Then i looked it up, and i was like omg i'm so dumb. Figured out a strategy to live Cinccino's hits. Only to find out that it was holding a king's rock. So it would take me again so many tries to not get flinched. That sh1t literally made me take a break of Reborn for a couple of weeks. I was so pissed
  2. N1Dude

    My relationship points and my reaction

    Yeah i do admit that i regret not taking the time to find a way to defeat the arceus but at the time i was just too lazy and too excited to see what would happen in the story that i just could not make myself to find specific items or pokemons because trust me, my team was ass I really like Radomus too so E18 made me regret that decission even more! I agree on the Saphira part, but again. Who knows what happens in E19 haha. But for now i do like her badass and protective attitude over her sisters. But now i remember, i do not like it that she just coldblooded killed those meteor guys on the lake, might've been needed but in my opinion a bit far.
  3. N1Dude

    My relationship points and my reaction

    Thanks And.. Interesting huh? Explain yourself Well it really depends how Saphira will act in E19, i really like her and if she continues this way she might take Shelly's nr1 spot tbh imo
  4. N1Dude

    My relationship points and my reaction

    lol, never knew that existed. Boy does that ruin my sort of discussion idea. How dare you make me look like a fool For real though, i'm not interested in that. I'm interested in what other people have and what they think without them having had a look at that post to start like a little discussion and to make people think about their own relationship points. Because seeing the relationship variable guide, that just makes it boring in my opinion lol.
  5. Hi guys, So while downloading the modular episode 18 modpack i saw that i could see my relationship points with (almost) every character in the game. So i was like, lets take a look and i was actually by some of them really surprised. That got me thinking, how do you guys feel with your relationship points? And how different are they going to be from mine? Also i'm not sure how the points system works but let's get into it anyway. Here are my relationship points: So let me first say that I definitely do not remember every encounter with every character. But some of the points do bring up some memories. But some of them just don't make any sense in my eyes. Like; Amaria: -4, I chose to not battle Taka, so that's the Reshiram route? So i guess that's the route where Amaria tries to kill you and is not happy with you? Cause that explains the -4. Aya: 1, I expected hers to be higher, but then again she was not happy with me when i beat her in the gym battle. But we fought team meteor together and had to go through route 3(?) together so i still expected it to be higher. Blake and Cal: 1 and -1, so this one made no sense to me. Why would i have a positive relationship value with Blake and negative with Cal while Cal helped me with finding heather and battling team Meteor, his brother, Blake? Blake is a total douche while Cal is trying to get on the right path. Cain: 6, This one just wants to f*ck me lol. Elias: 4, I couldn't defeat Arceus so i decided to side with Elias. Call me weak and lazy i don't care . Fern: 1, This one being positive surprised me as well, but i guess that is because i probably begged him to let me out of the nuzleaf cage. Not sure though. Gardevoir: -3, not sure why. Is it because I battled her and made her blow up for Radomus at the glassfactory? Guess me believing Ell didn't help either. Heather: 4, Heather being that high surprised me as well, because at the beginning she was pretty pissed off with me for beating team Meteor before her at Beryl. Laura: -1, No idea why this is negative. Probably has to do something with leading Solaris to her so the kids were save in their house? I don't know. Luna: -1, Again, no idea why this is negative. Is it because the glassfactory and because she thought i led Bennett to her in her gym? No idea. Radomus: -1, Again, i'm sorry i couldn't defeat the Arceus okay, jeez leave me alone. Serra: -1, I remember her being a bit bitchy in the glassfactory, i guess she doesn't really like me because i kinda led her son Bennett away from her and led him to leaving with El? Shelly: 6, She's like my little sister Taka: -2, Oh he mad cauz i didn't battle him. And probably because he died. Victoria: 3, Expected hers to be higher as a good friend and rival. So there you have it. My thoughts about my relationship points. Let me know what points you guys have, what you think about yours and what you think of my thoughts about my relationship points. I can't imagine your points to be way off of my points but i guess we'll see. People who have done more runs probably know the answer about that already haha. Thank you guys for reading and let me know! N1Dude,
  6. N1Dude

    Preparation for the finale!

    Why did you go for a Z-Draco with an Adamant Chomp while you can easily make him run Z-Outrage for way more damage? Your only fairy resist is your Aegislash, so i think that you're kinda forced to run iron head on it. By the way why did you make it speedy with jolly nature? In my opinion you want your aegislash to be slower so you take the hit before you change to your blade form. While King-Shield has priority so you don't need any speed. My aegislash runs max attack max hp adamant with king shield SD shadow sneak and sacred sword. But you lack fairy coverage so i'd suggest you run Iron head over sacred sword. About the scrafty: 252 SpA Gardevoir Moonblast vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Roseli Berry Scrafty: 270-318 (99.6 - 117.3%) -- 93.8% chance to OHKO So if you want it to live a fairy attack you should give it some sp.def investments and make it intimidate. Or it has to be behind the screens ofcourse. I get that you have ice punch for the upcoming dragon types but otherwise i'd definitely run Iron head over it purely because you have a mega-gardevoir over there. But overall it looks pretty solid
  7. N1Dude

    A Team in the Making

    If you only have 4 pokes, Why not both?
  8. N1Dude

    Power-up punch on Kangaskhan

    TM-98 Power-Up Punch
  9. You're over exaggerating in my opinion. They are working on it so it's mostlikely going to happen so you'd better prepare for your disappointment then. I mean all there is left is a gym leader, elite four and post-game. Gym leader will raise the cap to 100 (mostlikely). Then there is the elite-4 and not every member will give you a level cap. You'll probably need common candies so your mons won't pass the cap when you're at the 3th or 4th member or you just stay a couple of levels under it. Then there's probably Lin or something and post-game so you'll probably have to go to like level 110,115 or 120. Not that big of a deal especially with all the money you grind and the ability of buying rare candies (for not even that big of a price).
  10. I'm guessing that EP19 is the last gym leader + elite4 and post-game. While EP18.4 is probably all of the above but the post-game. In the scoreboard it says that the post-game scoreboard will open after the rest is done so after that is done maybe they change the threat into EP19? It's just a theory but could be it, idk.
  11. N1Dude

    The Time Has Come! Our Pokemon Reborn Adventure!

    Yeah that's what i meant actually, so 731 pokemon, You'll need Phione too, he's catchable as well. I can tell cause i got Naganadel myself and i just checked my dex (which said 733 but i got poipole and naganadel in there so that makes 731 to get him). It's pretty hard to get lost in there, you can see on the map really well in what part of the dessert you actually are. And all there is to the dessert are actually on the sides so there's not much more exploring to then just walking along the sides. would recommend you to walk to the bottom towards the beryl bridge, there's a nice reference waiting for you which i really liked.
  12. N1Dude

    The Time Has Come! Our Pokemon Reborn Adventure!

    Wow that actually kinda shocked me haha I just assumed that everyone just completed the game and is waiting for the last episode, guess i was wrong Because after every episode i was thrilled and couldn't wait to see how the story would continue so i couldn't resist to NOT play if you know what i mean haha. And you've got all those awesome runs going on and i figured that you'd complete the game for yourself with your own save file or something first but appearently not so this surprised me a bit haha (nervous laughter). You'd have to catch every pokemon so Sandbox that little guy in. Wouldn't want you to go through all of that just for the sake of 1 mon. Would actually feel guilty if you did so. But since you'd need to catch every pokemon to get a poipole i'm sure you can guess that it won't be available (legitimately) until the last (and current) episode so i don't know if you wan't to wait for that. I honestly couldn't care less, i'm already happy that you're willing to take so much time for us to put out this awesome content so you do you dude Best of luck!
  13. N1Dude

    Post-E18 Team

    I personally use a butterfree Compoundeyes makes the chance of a luvdisc holding a heartscale go from 50 to 60 percent, and it gets Thief.
  14. N1Dude

    The Time Has Come! Our Pokemon Reborn Adventure!

    YEAH finally Dude! For the last couple of episodes I watched and I was like yo where the f*ck do you get the GUM key from again. But I'm thrilled to see that big ass lady (that's unfortunate ) Goodra put in some work. Good luck with your run and future battles!
  15. N1Dude

    Team roster opinions (currently on Kiki)

    With my mono dark run I used this technique with my honchkrow and Incineroar. I intimidated him to -6 this way so that my alolan Muk could live EQ of it so that i could toxic it. Then did the same again, switch back and forth and with the help of fake out on incineroar the toxic did his job.