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  1. Well technically you got yours "traded" from Bee. So his friendship starts at 0 right? I don't know how long you have it but Just level it up and walk a lot with it and it should be fine
  2. I personally hate using X-items, I despise them actually. So i would definitely go with Trick Room. But I don't know if it will work with Gardevoir because Titania runs Flash Cannon on her Klefki and i'm guessing that 2HKO's her. So i'd go with Bronzong. Give your Bronzong levitate and it should be able to live Excadrill's smart strike and X-scissor for an easy Trick Room. Then Scrafty's High Jump Kick should be able to OHKO him. Or Darmanitan's Flare Blitz ofcourse.
  3. Well, with a mod you can reteach egg moves at the move relearner as well. So without this mod it's unobtainable if you don't trade. Charlotte's pokemon are EV-trained and have good IV's. Typhlosion's base speed is 100 and Darmanitan's 95. Krookodile's only 92 though, So depending on the natures of Typhlosion and Darmanitan it shouldn't be able to outspeed those. I might be able to look up what their speed stats are.
  4. E-speed is an event Dratini and thus unavailable for Reborn. If He's going to run bulk up he might as well run blaze kick over flare blitz, he'll need turns to set up, and since a +1 blaze kick is stronger than a neutral flare blitz you might as well get rid of the recoil. I do agree on the brave bird criticism though. Bulk-up - speed boost blaziken is OP. You might wanna run Hyper Voice Pixylate. It's stronger than moonblast and could be useful in double battles since it hits both opposing mons. I get why your Alakazam's moveset isn't all just yet. The tms an Alakazam needs are available later in the game, like focus blast and dazzling gleam. If you have the time and know how to do it you might want to consider breeding aura sphere on your Blastoise, it would probably help you out a bit. Tips for Charlotte: Try to teach 1 or 2 mons rain dance, it will help a lot. Also teach your krookodile bulldoze to help you out with the speed of her mons.
  5. Make them pinkish-purple-red or what ever you wanna call that, the colour of poison
  6. You battle on the water surface field. This halves all the pokemon speed unless they're a water type or have swift swim, surge surfer or are airborn (flying types and levitate). And in the Underwater field all pokemon who are not water type have their speed reduced to 1/4th. Also the elemental seed boosts their speed by 1 stage Underwater and applies soak to the user. Every water type will probably outspeed or your mons have a speed stat that's higher than 4 times their speed or 2 times when you're above water. So Trick Room should work pretty good. And I didn't even mention the mons who have swift swim like ludicolo, kingdra and mega swampert. But yeah, a lot of her mons are slow but the fields make your mons a lot of the time even slower.
  7. My Ferrothorn runs Ingrain, Power whip, curse, gyro ball. With ingrain, leftovers and it's natural bulk (252 EV's in HP as well) you can live a lot of turns. And curse is just great for gyro ball. It lowers your speed and ups your attack which is just beautiful for gyro ball. 2 curse's up and you can OHKO almost anything with gyro ball. Even if it's not very effective (with 252 EV's in Attack). With your slow Ampharos you could add a Reuniclus or something and make it semi trickroom so your Ferrothorn outspeeds and OHKO's everyone with gyro ball. I have a Trick Room team and i just love this strat. You could also add an Exeggutor or a Trevenant, those 2 learn Trick Room as well. Or a Bronzong if you want some extra support options as well (like screens, stealth rock, trick, and all kinds of usefull moves) and if you don't want a second grass type. By the Way if you're not using Trick Room and you want to do well against Amaria, maybe you should add the move Agility to your Ampharos.
  8. Well, a pretty fast bug flying type with compound eyes, sleep powder, quiver dance, hurricane definitely is a good combination. And with the upcoming Bug type gym he might end up being usefull. Although he gets quiver at 45 and hurricane at 50 but, it's up to you. You can always use him and decide for yourself.
  9. When i first started reborn, i didn't know Skill link was a thing. So when i battled Noel, i was like: Okay if this Cinccino just hits me with 3 or less hits with Tail Slap (or idk what move) i should be good. And i restarted the game sooo many times and every time it hit me 5 times and i got soooo angry Then i looked it up, and i was like omg i'm so dumb. Figured out a strategy to live Cinccino's hits. Only to find out that it was holding a king's rock. So it would take me again so many tries to not get flinched. That sh1t literally made me take a break of Reborn for a couple of weeks. I was so pissed
  10. Yeah i do admit that i regret not taking the time to find a way to defeat the arceus but at the time i was just too lazy and too excited to see what would happen in the story that i just could not make myself to find specific items or pokemons because trust me, my team was ass I really like Radomus too so E18 made me regret that decission even more! I agree on the Saphira part, but again. Who knows what happens in E19 haha. But for now i do like her badass and protective attitude over her sisters. But now i remember, i do not like it that she just coldblooded killed those meteor guys on the lake, might've been needed but in my opinion a bit far.
  11. Thanks And.. Interesting huh? Explain yourself Well it really depends how Saphira will act in E19, i really like her and if she continues this way she might take Shelly's nr1 spot tbh imo
  12. lol, never knew that existed. Boy does that ruin my sort of discussion idea. How dare you make me look like a fool For real though, i'm not interested in that. I'm interested in what other people have and what they think without them having had a look at that post to start like a little discussion and to make people think about their own relationship points. Because seeing the relationship variable guide, that just makes it boring in my opinion lol.
  13. Hi guys, So while downloading the modular episode 18 modpack i saw that i could see my relationship points with (almost) every character in the game. So i was like, lets take a look and i was actually by some of them really surprised. That got me thinking, how do you guys feel with your relationship points? And how different are they going to be from mine? Also i'm not sure how the points system works but let's get into it anyway. Here are my relationship points: So let me first say that I definitely do not remember every encounter with every character. But some of the points do bring up some memories. But some of them just don't make any sense in my eyes. Like; Amaria: -4, I chose to not battle Taka, so that's the Reshiram route? So i guess that's the route where Amaria tries to kill you and is not happy with you? Cause that explains the -4. Aya: 1, I expected hers to be higher, but then again she was not happy with me when i beat her in the gym battle. But we fought team meteor together and had to go through route 3(?) together so i still expected it to be higher. Blake and Cal: 1 and -1, so this one made no sense to me. Why would i have a positive relationship value with Blake and negative with Cal while Cal helped me with finding heather and battling team Meteor, his brother, Blake? Blake is a total douche while Cal is trying to get on the right path. Cain: 6, This one just wants to f*ck me lol. Elias: 4, I couldn't defeat Arceus so i decided to side with Elias. Call me weak and lazy i don't care . Fern: 1, This one being positive surprised me as well, but i guess that is because i probably begged him to let me out of the nuzleaf cage. Not sure though. Gardevoir: -3, not sure why. Is it because I battled her and made her blow up for Radomus at the glassfactory? Guess me believing Ell didn't help either. Heather: 4, Heather being that high surprised me as well, because at the beginning she was pretty pissed off with me for beating team Meteor before her at Beryl. Laura: -1, No idea why this is negative. Probably has to do something with leading Solaris to her so the kids were save in their house? I don't know. Luna: -1, Again, no idea why this is negative. Is it because the glassfactory and because she thought i led Bennett to her in her gym? No idea. Radomus: -1, Again, i'm sorry i couldn't defeat the Arceus okay, jeez leave me alone. Serra: -1, I remember her being a bit bitchy in the glassfactory, i guess she doesn't really like me because i kinda led her son Bennett away from her and led him to leaving with El? Shelly: 6, She's like my little sister Taka: -2, Oh he mad cauz i didn't battle him. And probably because he died. Victoria: 3, Expected hers to be higher as a good friend and rival. So there you have it. My thoughts about my relationship points. Let me know what points you guys have, what you think about yours and what you think of my thoughts about my relationship points. I can't imagine your points to be way off of my points but i guess we'll see. People who have done more runs probably know the answer about that already haha. Thank you guys for reading and let me know! N1Dude,
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