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  1. @ArcBolt27 There seems to be an error in your end, I've attempted both seeds you gave and I'm not getting any errors. I even reverse engineered the Randomizer to find the move it was trying to learn in the first place, however neither would give me Jump Kick, which is the move ID 92. I can refresh your seed if you want or the other option is starting a new save. The same goes for you @acecy34.
  2. When reporting an error, please provide a screenshot of the error message, otherwise it will A. Be harder for me to reproduce when I've never encountered that bug before B. Be incredibly time consuming to try to solve it
  3. In addition, I am updating it again for Shadow Pokemon to be randomized, except for Madelis' Shadow Mewtwo.
  4. I had fixed it before you posted this, please download the new patch!
  5. Different character names have nothing to do with it. It seems I made another typo causing the randomizer to actually turn off? No clue how it even happened, but it is fixed now (you will need a new save). As for the inputting a seed, I decided to leave that out for now but never updated the Changelog. My bad~
  6. It seems I've made a few typos in the code! This has now been fixed, make sure to download it now and replace everything!
  7. Well you need to have enabled it when prompted while starting a new game
  8. Thanks for the reports guys! These bugs should be fixed in the next few weeks, with a way to reset the seed to fix these bugs. I'm surprised at some of them, but no worries! Everything will be in working order!
  9. Unfortunately I do not have a time slot, as I had planned it to be released before this weekend when I went on vacation, but it refused to actually work, so I decided to disable it until I figured it out.
  10. I have never used that modpack before, so I honestly have no idea.
  11. I believe so! I can add it to my list of things to look into!
  12. Hey y'all~ This time, I'm bringing to you a Randomizer option for Version 12 of Pokemon Rejuvenation! Huge thanks to @Amethyst and @andracass for some technical workings inside the code and shoutouts to Rei over at the PokeCommunity Forums for the basic concept. All credits and instructions on installation are included the README file included in the download. Features: Fully random generation of Pokemon Seeded generation of Pokemon, Movesets, TMs, and Abilities. Rift Pokemon, Two special Pokemon, and Legendary Pokemon stay true to their original formes, but may have different moves and abilities You can now nickname your Pokemon directly from your Party Any Pokemon with special effects in battle, such as Crests or Mega Evolution will be randomized to a separate Pokemon with a Crest or Mega Evolution, respectively Mono-Type runs! Let your run be restricted to only Pokemon of a specific type, or multiple types if you desire! Options to set the run to only catch Pokemon that apply to your settings or to just fill your entire PC with your selected typing(s). Changelog: Known Bugs: Strikethrough means fixed in the next update. Red means game-breaking. Yellow means potentially game-breaking, but is avoidable/can be worked around. Green means visual bug/does not affect performance/will not break the game. Download Links (Original): Google Drive Dropbox Saves from the Version 11 randomizer will NOT continue to have randomized Pokemon in them. I have modified how the program handles the randomization (slightly) causing old saves to be incompatible. Mono-Type runs ALSO require a NEW save file. They can also only be started if you have selected a randomizer.
  13. It seems crests in the [Items] pocket are infinite. You can't have more than one in a pocket, however you can have multiple Pokemon hold it. I've tested with 6 Pokemon. EDIT: The only options for both are [Give] and [Cancel] so you can't get rid of the one in the [Items] pocket.
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