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  1. FoxRainbowHeart

    Favorite Pokemon.

    Before gen 7 it was Vulpix (Kanto) but when gen 7 came out it changed to Alolan Vulpix. I have always had an affinity towards arctic foxes so the second I saw Alolan Vulpix I fell in love with it
  2. FoxRainbowHeart

    Darkness is Love

    Looks a little older than I pictured Luna but still great overall.
  3. FoxRainbowHeart

    Custom Trainer Sprite (Complete)

    Maybe some time in the future but as of right now I am still just getting used to spriting. Not long at all. This is my first custom sprite I have ever done. Before this I mainly just messed around with re-colours. Haha, I don't get the reference but thanks
  4. FoxRainbowHeart

    Custom Trainer Sprite (Complete)

    Thanks a bunch haha
  5. FoxRainbowHeart

    Custom Trainer Sprite (Complete)

    So I posted a little while back my custom trainer sprite I have been working on and I have finally completed it. The mugshot is not too great, I just couldn't figure out the eyes for it haha Anyway, here is the finished result; Have started working on another custom sprite so keep an eye out for that
  6. FoxRainbowHeart

    My First Time Spriting!

    Found the base on google images and just worked from there
  7. FoxRainbowHeart

    My First Time Spriting!

    Aww thanks bud =^.^=
  8. FoxRainbowHeart

    My First Time Spriting!

    Thanks and possibly in the near future. Still getting used to it myself
  9. FoxRainbowHeart

    My First Time Spriting!

    Now working on the overworld sprites
  10. FoxRainbowHeart

    My First Time Spriting!

    Yeah, I did struggle with trying to make it look more like a hand but ultimately failed haha. But thanks so much =^.^=
  11. FoxRainbowHeart

    My First Time Spriting!

    So, this is my first time making a custom trainer sprite, If anybody has any tips on how I can improve then please feel free to tell me. Anyway, here is my first trainer sprite:
  12. FoxRainbowHeart

    Dark Type Spriting Project Status Report #1

    Looks great. Will love the see the full sprite sheet when done. Keep it up =^.^=
  13. FoxRainbowHeart

    The Fox Sketchbook

    Lil Foxy
  14. FoxRainbowHeart

    The Fox Sketchbook

    Doodle doodle doodle time! Hey all, this is just a place I will show off my sometimes good, almost always terrible art. An old OC of mine
  15. FoxRainbowHeart

    Pokemon Full Moon

    Oh wow, nice. I ended up KO'ing Yveltal haha