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  1. About me claiming the loud mouth role i claimed it some time ago. I'll place my vote on Nick since he is a but suspicious and cloudy with his roles. Plus I have exams to study for and i wonder if I'll be free to cast my vote later. [EVICT] NICKCRASH
  2. I'm a hostage. Nooooooo. I demand my rights. Sorry for the double most moderator.
  3. I am going to die at any moment if everyone else is innocent. I have to make my stand. My roles are so useless i mean thief, Toy gun smith, and loudmouth. I explained my roles and yet I am found a threat. I am excluded form the other mafia groups. I have been all alone. Nick's role is still unclear to me anyways and he gives off a suspicious mood. I still want to see what the rest of the day brings to my utter eviction.
  4. For half of both factions to be gone and I win that is all i can't kill anyone or help in anything all i can do is sit back and watch what happens before I die. Clear enough? I'll die sooner or later since I'm a suspect might as well wait and see what happens.
  5. The third role is loudmouth: i get to say who visited me on an odd numbered night.
  6. If i stay quite for too long you might find me suspicious. I am the Nano role. I thieve items at night or give a plastic gun to someone so as for them to be "killed" during the day phase. I am of no threat to anyone I just want to full fill my win condition.
  7. Information probably Drakyle?I visited Yahen for the sake of visiting nothing out of the ordinary, I'm planning on doing.
  8. Wha! Wha! What? I have been nominated too be evicted nooooo. Do I look that shady?
  9. @Lord Drakyle Why do you keep finding me so suspicious just for band wagon, All i want is to win and my roles win condition is pretty easy to achieve the only thing that hinders me is time and me surviving so my vote stands for Kiet. Even though from the beginning i wanted Nano gone. Also I'm not bandwagon for sake only I'm only placing my bet on the winning side.
  10. So we band wagon kiet. Alright changing vote to kiet. [EVICT KIET] [UNEVICT NANO]
  11. Why Yahen. Why Newt. Lets trust him this time. He already role claimed so is there any threat to him. Can't you change your mind to kiet atleast.
  12. bandwagging against you is fun however since you provided this info ill take off my vote for you. Get rid of Nano4.
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