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  1. LeoYT

    Terra's Palossand

    its holding a synthetic seed so it changes to ??? type and both of the defenses get a boost, you need to change the terrain before it swaps in
  2. LeoYT

    The Vic Mignonia Lawsuit Chronicles

    Especially Funimation when they removed Vic's name from the iTunes credits of the Broly movie - something that is highly illegal - and then lied saying iTunes did it, instead of saying something like it was a rogue employee (this alone proves corruption) but the whole convention thing is just straight up cowardly, its one thing to just mention it once to the owner, but the fact they harassed him 3 times to the point where he doesn't wanna run another one ever again just to remove Vic is horrendous.
  3. LeoYT

    The Vic Mignonia Lawsuit Chronicles

    RoosterTeeth recently posted a new job opening for a lawyer, while I don't think this has anything to do with the Vic situation, the timing of this is interesting.
  4. LeoYT


    380, the same number of my lil cinnamon bun
  5. Lance's Limit Break looks kinda familiar:


  6. Its time for our Emerald 6-pack challenge


  7. Its time for Amber to assert her dominance 


  8. LeoYT

    Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

    Or you could just prevent the leaks using Flex Tape
  9. In just a few days, Amber shall unleash her wrath upon the world

    For those wondering, her beatdown phrase is Ehh Boi, Ehh Boi, Ehh Boi!


  10. Ahri has the ugliest prestige skin

  11. LeoYT

    The Vic Mignonia Lawsuit Chronicles

    A corporate investigation isn't an actual investigation, its more like people in a room discussing what the potential scenarios and consequences and selecting the best option. specifically how much of a PR backlash would they get if they kept Vic. thats why there were no court charges when they let him go
  12. LeoYT

    The Vic Mignonia Lawsuit Chronicles

    @Commander ANN isn't gonna get hit, this will most likely bankrupt them. Although that would probably just make an even more biased newsletter take their place I was actually gonna go to Pensacon, but they might have more problems than Vic since the Bomb threat was made and they claim it was done by a Vic supporter, but they did not even contact law enforcement or the FBI about it probably because they did not want the local news to find out they were threatening to arrest any Vic supporters that would attend the con. (If they did thats a 1st and 5th amendment violation) and that would easily bankrupt the whole convention. They also uninvited people that were taking a NEUTRAL stance on the subject (because being neutral still counts as supporting Vic appearently) Not sure if Goku needs to be fired but Samantha Inoue-Harte faked a swatting and Marchi who wished physical harm and promoted violence toward him should be fired even if he is guilty
  13. LeoYT

    The Vic Mignonia Lawsuit Chronicles

    I don't think that Vic would go after RT as they really had little choice but to let him go since they couldn't really afford to take a PR hit.
  14. LeoYT

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    Ice, water, grass. What do they have in common on the glitch field? They all special and Terra likes to spam amnesia negating all her weaknesses
  15. 120 like insurgence seems like the proper amount especially since those last 20 levels are quite the grind to get without rare candies. But it really depends on how much post game content there is. If each legendary quest is about the same amount of time you spend on something like Sandys quest for example, where its just a few battles in unique places. Then you might wanna go for 130.