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  1. Hoping the 7 page muda is today and lasts at least 4 minutes

    probably next week but i have a dream

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. LeoYT


      within a month there will be a clip of him doing it live on tv

    3. DreamblitzX


      I think 3-4 page Ora was like 25 seconds so it might be about a minute?

    4. LeoYT


      true but scenes are much longer now, the torture dance was only 3 frames and it lasted about a minute

  2. All you did was list Marth and a bunch of other variations of Marth
  3. Shelly's only real weakness at that point is rock since she has instant rain dance and dark is just a really weak type after the early game and by that point her field is super easy to disable
  4. Not entirely sure if this already existed due to the sites search being down but how about people make a tier list ranking the reborn leaders, you can rank them based on difficulty or just who you like Heres a template to save time: https://tiermaker.com/create/pokemon-reborn-gymleaders-55379 mine is clearly based on difficulty
  5. Episode 2, Fighting Gold!

    Episode 15 Fighting Old!

    Eouside 19 Fighting Cold!

    Episode 30 Fighting Mold!


  6. I think this is a world record for how many YouTubers burned their careers to the ground within the year but Marchi is definitely hiding considering all the failed attempts to give her papers
  7. Marchi will probably try to settle but after listening to some clips of Vic at Tupelo Con last weekend I don't think he will allow it. ANN will probably wait the maximum legal amount of time before lifting the strike just as a salty fuck you to Hei since it was the head editor that did it.
  8. They welcomed the lawsuit and now it seems like they're trying to get out of it
  9. Looks like Renfamous got suspended again, nobody knows exactly why, could have been for misgendering someone like last time but thats her 3rd suspension so it might turn into a perma ban but now people are claiming this was a coordinated attack (unlike Nicks suspension)
  10. If she doxxes him her patreon and other web funding can easily get shut down
  11. What exactly gets accomplished when people bring up Vics mom? And of all things about her, its her financial stability. Is she gonna like ground him or something?
  12. I saw something today... and i was not prepared for it


  13. Giorno: you have a lot of balls for someone thats selling those drugs within DREAMING distance

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