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  1. no, you don't actually need to join a gang until you need to find Luna on 7th street
  2. So does Shelly have the Kricketune if you didn't do the event at all?
  3. The Gothita is the Library is pretty good as well as any other psychic type but theres only a few available at the time
  4. Kiki is also gonna be a problem with his current team its one of the few gyms that a Blaziken can't sweep
  5. Lets see if we can keep the win streak alive


  6. He's also lucky that Skuntank didn't have empowered aftermath
  7. The Mii Gunner is actually Sans echo fighter

    1. Sōkō Hikigaeru

      Sōkō Hikigaeru

      I won't be surprised if Mii Gunner skyrockets in usage because of the Sans outfit.

    2. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      I was already planning on running Gunner anyway, but that's because its the only Mii style that fits the atrocity that is my StreetPass mii. That Sans Mask? Counterproductive for my needs. Shame that the weapon is tied to the body outfit, though.

  8. This is clearly the best time to take back all those gyms


  9. Funny thing is Belly could probably sweep the gym if he actually learned body slam but since it isn't a mist field he can also use Jacques without taking entry damage
  10. Corey's team is slightly stronger on this route but the field effect is not as disgusting as the mist field
  11. Missing the cop means the Corey battle will be slightly easier
  12. Me: Opens any door

    Kittens: Proceeds to use Skull Bash

  13. I'm probably wrong, but since the super potion vendor is gone, isn't the next mart that sells them after ZEL/Taka battle?
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