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  1. Ame tells you to use rain dance and you know he'll do anything to impress best girl
  2. I predicted Byleth was coming to smash but I thought he would be the first fighter of pack 2

  3. i cant believe he had the audacity to say that all those encounters don't count, of course they should count. its his own fault for ignoring every other vendor. He wont come close to losing to Charlotte since half his team can learn rain dance
  4. its explained better shortly after where thamill currently is but in short shes just feeding them false info
  5. Terra and ciel are pretty physical and he has to fight Fern with literal trash as his partner and I just remembered Simon also comes back in this arc with a physical heavy team but im just waiting for him to get ridiculed for actually using x items When he took off his shirt I think he was asking Etika for his energy but the gauntlet depends if he actually is using the save file that he beat Solaris on, if thats the case then the 3rd battle of the gauntlet isn't so bad
  6. He used up all of his x-Def on the first obstacle he still has Aster Eclipse, Charlotte, Blake, Terrawr, WTC, that fucking gauntlet and finally Ciel
  7. He's either gonna really hate the big top field or love it but probably hate how broken the rng is, Samson has the field rigged to be almost completely in his favor unless you have the specific flying moves that also work on that field, thanks to quiver dance Beautifly was able to sweep both Samson and Ciel But atleast he pronounced Titania's name a thousand times better than the penta op
  8. its a pawniard probably the best thing you can get aside from larvesta or gastly
  9. Jacques Schnee wears a fucking clip on tie

    That is all.

    1. Wolfox


      Very true 

  10. This guy really lost to the weakest gym leader in the game, despite how many counterpicks he had.
  11. Elias is secretly a member of the NWO He better not even come close to losing to Luna, his team counters her hard
  12. Time for the elite four in our Spork Nuzlocke


  13. *Gets Rain Dance* Thamill: "That is literally not needed" Charlotte: ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT? also now might be a good time to tell him to not use those black market mons
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