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    PR Mod Menu

    Concerning the FPS mod: I tend to play with the usual 3x speed introduced with ep16 most of the time, especially during battles. Since this FPS mod resets that speed-up every time upon entering a battle that means I have to hit alt again for every battle, which does get annoying in the long run. So, if nothing else, could you allow us to disable the FPS mod completely? If I'm not mistaken there's no value that does that currently.
  2. Balsa

    PR Mod Menu

    Well, that was quick. Dunno, it crashed on other saves, too (upon starting Reborn). But seems to be working now, thanks!
  3. Balsa

    PR Mod Menu

    Thanks again for the amazing mod! So I downloaded the latest version and it keeps crashing the game for me. Even re-downloaded Reborn completely and started a new safe file but, alas, to no avail. Whenever I enter the options menu and either try to enable one of the mod options or just leave the options menu it crashes. i attached the crash message.
  4. Thank you so much! This mod is god-send. I started my umpteenth replay a couple days ago and I really like using Fire mons and well, it's been raining for a day and a half and it just became obnoxious at this point. It's not even that the couple Fire mons I use are constantly at a severe disadvantage, it's also that the rain really kills the framerate. Like, we can speed up the game now but doing so in some areas during rain rather slows you down because the performance goes to hell. In addition every battle dragons on some more seconds due to the rain animation/text, which adds up in the long run. edit: Oh and not to forget the improved TMx usage. Surprised that this HM crap isn't dealt with in Reborn. Especially when the game's higher difficulty and level cap demand a more rounded team I find it near inexcusable that I've got to screw some mon with cut, rock smash and co. HM slaves are the worst. Well, I expect Reborn to do away with that natively eventually, considering how damn well designed it is overall. Until then, I'll gladly use mods like this one.
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