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  1. Psychic - Alakazam. It's been on my team ever since I rescued the little abra and has always come in clutch. Wonder guard is an amazing ability as well!
  2. If a player has a shiny pokemon then that's meant to be. That's why most GL's have one!
  3. 3v3 or 6v6 no field or random field I've played til the end of reborn so my mons are lvl 90-95 Don't expect too much, I'm not that experienced with online battles
  4. Online username: Grey Timezone: GMT+1 Availability: after 6pm most likely. Send me a PM and we can talk things over. Rules/Field effect: I prefer no field effect or a random field effect so it evens out the odds. I'm not all that good but I like a challenge.
  5. I have 3 moon stones in my inventory. I'll give it to a useless pokemon and trade it over. I don't need anything in return. Shoot me a personal message ASAP and we'll sort it out.
  6. Well, what's your team like?
  7. I just started a new game (before backing up my old save file, you never know) and saved with it. Next thing I knew I had 2 working save files.
  8. Have you tried consulting the item guide yet? You can find it here:
  9. Thanks! Are there any other changes you know of, besides A.I. stuff, that's new with 18.2?
  10. I'm playing version 18.2 and I've never had any problems with this. I want to change the nature of one of my mons but when I go to the psychologist, he tells me to bring a heart scale. I have 2 in my bag but the game doesn't seem to notice this. Is this a known bug or is it just me? Edit: I just went to the move tutor in Onyx and she happily took my heart scale. I'm guessing the psychologist is out of commission.
  11. sup loser, where my reputation points at? Also WELCOME TO THE SERVER EDGEBOI
  12. Why not both? Finish the game with your current game file and maybe try out the new password gamemodes with a new save file, just to keep things interesting!
  13. Kidding me? My previous car was a Ford Fiesta and I absolutely loved it. Too bad some drunk prick crashed into it. RIP Steven.
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