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  1. I mostly do my attack EV training on route 1. The Bouffalant over there are around level 45 so it gives lower leveled pokemon a nice XP boost alongside their EVs. You also still get EVs upon switching out and defeating it with another pokemon!
  2. Switch to a physical attacker set and you'll be fine
  3. I actually have a spare Fennekin and Chimchar on hand if you really need fire types
  4. If you don't like changing your team over and over again don't even bother continuing. It's important to have a dynamic team or otherwise you just won't be able to cope with the upcoming challenges. I have like a set of 20 pokemon that I use on rotation. It makes it fun because you get to play with pokemon that you otherwise would never play with such as slugma, meowstic, pachirisu, ... Try to have an open mind and change some pokes around. Yeah, reborn is a tough game. And without the right strategy, it'll take a lot of grinding and re-dos. But in the end, I think it's all worth it.
  5. If you're stuck on Florina or Shelly, try using slugma. You can get one in the Onyx Arcade after you get the coin case from a student over there. If you look in every nook and cranny in the game corner you can find aroud 1.000 coins while slugma is only 800 coins. Slugma knows the move eruption, which makes it really useful since it can light a forest field on fire. Be careful for pokemon that set up rain dance though, take those ones out first before attempting to use eruption.
  6. This deserves it's own canonical ending
  7. Warning! Before you begin reading further, please remember that this might change your whole perspective of the ending of Reborn!! Keep in mind that this is just me rambling. If you have anything to add to the theory, or if you don't agree with something, please let me know in the comments. I'd love to spark a discussion. And if this post gets deleted, we can all draw some conclusions...
  8. So I was roaming around the map and I decided to check out the school in Onyx, see if anything changed over the years. When I got to Florina's room, there's this girl in front of it that just says "Have you delivered it yet? Be sure to tell me what to say!" Now I remember this was part of a quest and I was fairly certain I already completed it. I already talked to every person in the school and none of them make a comment about it. Is the aforementioned person I'm supposed to find somewhere in the school or is the event totally bugged out for me? If it's bugged, what item or pokemon am I missing out on here?
  9. Dress up as a pokemon trainer, go to parties and challenge other people to a pokemon battle for free beer. Trust me it works. Source: am uni student
  10. Maybe Anna created the void? I mean, her and Cain were the only sentient ones before Luna barged in. If Anna is capable of even opening said void, could it be that Anna is actually a really powerful esper, capable of even giving us, the player, all the plot armor in the world? Knowing her, she might actually feel bad about betraying her teammates and YEET either one of them out of the void Honestly I'm starting to think her doll is actually a real sleeping Jirachi but she keeps playing it off like it's a doll. Since she's an esper, she might be able to communicate with it somehow. I'm really curious how the Devs are going to tie everything up.
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