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  1. ..... I think this is the right place for this, as it's a fangame Think J-Awsome_One has a few play throughs here, so let's go Hello I am Uberle In my attempt to stop lurking here I'm gonna share a run that I've been doing in Insurgence Probably the first fan game I played I've been meaning to finish up my run of this, but never got to it And still haven't This is a fresh start right from the beginning of the game Because why not? Also quick disclaimer I've played through to the absolute end of this game once, but played the older version to the end three times One was a nuzlocke as well, so I know what I'm getting myself into here Really should finish that Anyway nuzlocke rules in case you don't know -1st encounter in each area -Faint=dead -Nickname everything -Dupes and species clause applies All set? Let's begin Note: This update is very long, but that's just me getting all the intro stuff out of the way. Update 1 Abscond
  2. crashes back in after speed reading a few updates I need to stop getting backlogged with this I like how Candy appears and that's what Vanilla is more confused with, and not the Rayquaza casually hovering there Back with Titania.... yay Rule 1 of traveling in a party: Never mess with the white mage
  3. The main story is There's still the whole post game scoreboard that hasn't been unlocked yet
  4. Hopefully the Terra battle will be up later today. Bets on who wins first?
  5. Also has a bit of luck to it I got the easy one and randomly got the 4 move solution But I love these puzzles As the Victory Road is story required the puzzle will probably be hard, but not that hard Or Ame could just go full force Either way it'll be fun
  6. Huh She gave up the Ruby Ring Interesting The build up was good, Vanilla slowly realizing more and more reasons why giving the ring was a better idea than keeping it and risking Heather's safety. Though I'm interested in the alternate path seeing how Vanilla reacts to Aster
  7. Ladies and Gentlemen The moment we've all been waiting for Half an hour of Mewtwo
  8. Nexus had the party open What next, these guys accurately remember a character that hasn't appeared in the same session?
  9. So, just hypothetical thing for sake of conversation If the Penta-Op crew were to do a Rejuvenation run, what parts would you look forward to them reacting to?
  10. I see you found Nexus' alternate account
  11. And caught up Again I see you learned the best way to beat Charlotte The ancient art of throwing rocks Well done You somehow made Shelly even more adorable I love it so much
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