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  1. Blue: 24 Silver: 29 Brendan: 25 May: 24 Wally: 24 Barry: 20 Cheren: 19 Hugh: 22 Serena: 26 Shauna: 24 Gladion: 25
  2. Got an e-mail that they arrive in the next two hours. I'm so excited 😁 

  3. I know what you mean and I want to enjoy the games, too. And it is not like that I will not be happy about them when they come out. For me the problems aren´t the games themselves, but that we got the full truth about some things like the Pokedex disaster or the out cut moves not from Gamefreak themselves. When I buy a game from a well-known and long living franchise like Pokemon, I want to know beforehand how big the difference to the past games is and not AFTER I bought the game (okay we got to know about it through leaks, but you should all know what I mean). If GF told us some things beforehand I would still buy the game/s since I would know what to expect and I could adapt to it. So in the end all I want to say is, that I´m kind of glad that I know what to expect from the games through the leaks and I think I will enjoy them, but the way GF handled the infos is just sad.
  4. Blue: 23 Silver: 29 Brendan: 25 May: 24 Wally: 26 Barry: 20 Cheren: 19 Hugh: 24 Serena: 25 Shauna: 24 Hau: 2 Gladion: 25
  5. I have to admit that in V11 this more than traumatizing battle was the first time ever were I changed the game mode to easy. I´m not proud of myself but after so many resets I couldn´t do it anymore The second time I tried it was when V12 came out and I almost managed to win with the use of Bilizzard+Heatwave= Water field (even though I still don´t know how a wave field gets created on a mountain). After this I tried a strategy where I used my Sylveon with Misty Terrain and I won on the first try so that is the strategy I can recommend you. But the truth is I really miss the V10 version of this battle O.o
  6. When I woke up I had a earwig from a pokemon song and realized I only want to go back to sleeping till friday 😅

  7. Can we get Rotom? Since there is this room in Hawthorne mansion with the gadgets and I didn´t find any clues in the guide... Apart from this, the game is awesome I like the story, the graphics and the music. The best thing (so far) is the murder investigation segment wish I had known about this games existence before halloween, but still good
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