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  1. Blue: 23 Silver: 30 Brendan: 25 May: 33 Wally: 20 Cheren: 3 Hugh: 19 Serena: 35 Shauna: 20 Gladion: 23
  2. Problem resolved. Just had to change Talonflames ability to flame body, so that Floatzel got burned and my Delphox could survive his Aqua Tail. One Psyshock and the weasel was dead. The rest of her team was piece of cake. Thanks anyway for your help reaper.
  3. Normally I would have done it just like you said but the problem is, that none of my pokis can learn Sunny Day through normal means with the current levelcap and the tm isn´t available yet. Also Houndoom could only learn Thunder Fang through breeding (since move relearner is only available after 7th gym) and I can´t go back to sheridan village at this point of the game (even with the move available her Floatzel still outspeeds my Houndoom). And changing the field is also kinda impossible for my team, since they can´t learn any of the moves that can change the field. On any other run I would use a tank , just kill the speedster with electricity or freeze the field, but with fire pokis it became really tricky.
  4. So I´m doing a Fire monorun and I am at my wits end against Valerie. I manage to one hit her Qwilfish, but as soon as she sends out her Floatzel my whole team is extinguished. After many retries which I can´t even count anymore I realized, that I need help, so please...anyone...help me to take her team to the dephts of hell (Cause I can´t take it anymore ) My current team: Kitsune (Delphox) Lvl. 40 Timid Psyshock Light Screen Mystical Fire Fire Spin Sloth (Camerupt) Lvl. 39 Serious Flame Burst Earth Power Rock Slide Amnesia Nephthys (Talonflame) Lvl. 38 Jolly Peck Agility Flame Charge Quick Attack Feupatte (Pyroar) Lvl. 40 Serious Endeavor Headbutt Noble Roar Flamethrower Fiery (Houndoom) Lvl. 40 Docile Ember Shadow Ball Smog Snarl Hideyoshi (Pansear) Lvl. 34 Rash (Placeholder) Fire Blast Acrobatics Bite Lick On my box: Slugma Lvl. 21 Ponyta Lvl. 18
  5. Just finished "Romancing Saga 3" and...phew...must say it was a very hard way to the end, but it was worthwhile. Still it will take me many years before attempting another playthrough (curse you dragon lords, you gave me one hell of a time) with another main character and even then, no one could be better than Katrina.

  6. The new pictures could also hint, that we will find another castle of the 7(?) ancient kingdoms from the lore (If I remember correctly, we already saw 3 of them). Either in the past as it seems rather well preserved (but the elevator in the first picture and the tubes/cables in the second picture don´t seem to support this) in the present and someone repaired or redesigned it. That would also connect with your "shrine entrance" theory. I´m really hyped for the next version O.o
  7. After seeing your post further above, I can only return the compliment
  8. Gen I - Articuno/Eevee Gen II - Togepi/Espeon Gen III - Gardevoir Gen IV - Froslass/Glaceon Gen V - Cinccino Gen VI - Delphox Gen VII - Alolan Ninetales Gen VIII - Hatenna
  9. Blue: 24 Silver: 30 Brendan: 25 May: 27 Wally: 24 Barry: 2 Cheren: 19 Hugh: 18 Serena :30 Shauna: 24 Gladion: 27
  10. Currently I played Sword till right after the 5th gym and I must say that I kinda love this game so far, after X&Y/US&UM (both didn't catch me story- and gameplaywise) I thought this wouldn't happen anymore, but I really like how they managed the gyms, the max raid battles can be really though without proper preparations, the characters are interesting and I found some cuties among the new pokegang. I also like that the Lvls of the opponent pokis shift between 3rd and 4th gym (maybe I was just underleveled xD) so you have a reason to train in the Wild Area. I am happy that I bought this game and I hope I will enjoy the rest of it like the part so far
  11. Blue: 24 Silver: 29 Brendan: 25 May: 25 Wally: 24 Barry: 12 Cheren: 19 Hugh: 20 Serena: 28 Shauna: 25 Gladion: 26
  12. Giratina is Griselda. We learn this from the Odd Tower sidquest in the newer versions and the treasure chests in the Whispy Ruins, but i also think in future updates we will see more from her since she is the sister of Spacea and Tiempea. Maybe it works like the aelita rift and we/someone save/s her human self or at least she manages to switch between both forms. Even though she seems like an evil one from the notes in odd tower, maybe she changed her view on life after all this years (doesn't explain her helping Geara, though). I think that she will bring some light to the real plan of her sisters at least.
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