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  1. Yeah, In case you don't know the early game zygarde cell (especially after restorations) is missable if you don't collect them when they're there before so thats, why it was always recommended to follow a guide to get all zygarde cells along with your playthrough, sucks though you won't be able to get a Zygarde albeit only its 10% forme
  2. Just for reference imma post the field effects so that you can work out your strategy Bewitched Woods: -Pokemon sleeping in the fairy rings takes damage equal to 1/16th of max HP. * Fairy type moves increase in base power by x1.3. * Grass type moves increase in base power by x1.3. * Grounded Grass Pokemon restore 1/16th Max HP each turn * Fairy and Grass types now hit Steel-type Pokemon for Super Effective Poison attacks deal neutral to Grass and Fairy types. * Dark- and Fairy-types now hit each other neutrally * Dark-type moves increase in base power by x1.2. * The following moves gain a 1.4x boost in power: Ice Beam Hyper Beam Signal Beam Aurora Beam Bubblebeam Charge Beam Psybeam Flash Cannon Magical Leaf The following moves gain a 1.2x boost in power: Dark Pulse Night Daze Moonblast * The following moves gain a 1.5x boost in power: Hex Mystical Fire * The following moves accuracy has been increased to 95: Poison Powder Sleep Powder Grasswhistle Stun Spore. * The following moves change the field to Forest Field: Purify * Strength Sap now also lowers Special Attack * Forest's Curse additionally curses the target * Moonlight restores 75% of the user's Max HP * Dark-types are no longer immune to Prankster moves * Effect Spore has a doubled activation rate * Natural Cure heals status at the end of the turn * Flower Veil affects all types of Pokemon * Flower Gift is active regardless of the weather * Nature Power becomes Dazzling Gleam * Camouflage changes the user's type to Fairy * Secret Power may randomly inflict Sleep, Poison, or Paralysis. * Magical Seed raises Special Defense and applies ingrain to the user
  3. But the field is Bewitch Woods so poison type deal neutral damage to fairy and grass, so no exploiting that type, my suggestion is to train talonflame and have it learn tailwind to double you mon spd as most of his team is fast and hit hard but very squishy so get yourself some flying type mon/ice type(You have shadow vanillite if you catch them so maybe train those), the other alternative is to change the weather to sunny/others to make use of fire types
  4. What was florin team again? i only remember that he has a sceptile
  5. Budew is also a great asset in the early game, Roselia is a beast with Budew learning mega drain early and itself learning giga drain (which is a 10pp move in reborn thx a lot ame) in lv 25, hell Roserade carries me throughout my entire playthrough in my first run as my main grass damage dealer and toxic+ leech seed spammer the only downside is that Budew evolves with high friendship at the day which you can speed this up by taking it to the salon and get a soothe bell but it still takes time and you won't get a shiny stone until after shade
  6. Hardest for me is definitely Flora and Adam(He still gives me Nightmares..) mainly because of their synergy with the arena which hard to take advantage of, the easiest is gym is and call me crazy it's Ryland, For me Ryland team is just a pushover maybe because most of my mon counter his and his claydol is bugged but i always beat him first try in any of my playthroughs Overall rejuv is really hard without a proper mon to counter your enemies team (Angie's team is a beast and Erick is also no pushover, hell keta is threatening for a second gym fight) but it always depends on your mon, I'd say its almost impossible to beat intense mode with just 6 mon without rotation, But if we are talking about the worst fight in rejuv the crown gotta go to geara and zetta in valor mountain that fuckin fight took me swapping all of my mon to create a special team just to kill them (I mean come on Jan a Mega Absol and Mega Gengar this early!!? and f*ck me he got a freakin dragonite!! and why the hell does melia is so useless here!!! why does your togekiss doesn't know any fairy type move!!! REEEEEE!!!!!)
  7. Xatu actually destroy the gym up to Narcissa the sheer OP combo of Ominous wind+Stored Power wreck the early game, not to mention you can ev train very easily now so its even more deadly
  8. Get a grip man his team is not even his intense team (Breelon, Hariyama, Troh, Lucario, Pignite, and hitmontop) but if you want to cheese this fight go Get yourself a xatu or go to route 2 and get a fairy type: swirlix, igglypuff(can trade to get cleffa), Dendenne or eevee and evolve it to vaporeon for tank, espeon or slyveon, the other option is to ev train your mon to outspeed and hit them like a truck, in rejuv ev training your mon is very easy now
  9. The only special steel TM available in the game is Flash Cannon which is only obtainable after defeating the steel gym leader(Good Luck with that..) which considering where you at is still a long way to go, there are ton of way to deal with her mega altaria (if that is the one that worries you) e.g: Wailren, your lucario, magnezone, etc
  10. It was good but Honestly, the entire plot of the series and the antagonist can be summed into 1 sentence: "It was all Lightning's fault"
  11. Well honestly you can just download a winZip and extract the file
  12. Yeah ev training just got a hell lot easier now this is a godsend, especially if you are on intense and need that ev for your mon asap
  13. Honestly the Taka one is super relatable, ame dropped us a bombshell on that one
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