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  1. Ohh didn't realize that, I honestly though you can always go back How about going back to the past via Sashilla village(if i spell that correctly) if i remember the shop there sells revive?
  2. U can always use fly, there are mandibuz through zone zero anda skarmory too
  3. You need to open all doors in wispy ruins first
  4. Amethyst Cave in route 2, just go to the second train station near venam's house
  5. The general rule for team building in rejuv and reborn is to have at least 2 fast nuker pkmn ,a tank pkmn, and a field changer pkmn in the team and a few rotations in the pc to cover type and field advantages, in early u won't get many good pkmn but try to consider something like gulpin or alolan rattata for your choices, these guys carry me halfway through my run, a swoobat is also a good early game pkmn too counter fighting and poison type and a thunder waver like magnetric is a valuable option in early game if you can't get luxray (though i still use magnetric in my main team, it was just that good) and don't forget to get lycanroc with good iv cuz believe me when I said it will carry your team with that sweet rock slide, but the most important thing is to use the pkmn that you like
  6. Lol yeah i remember back in the earlier versions where i need to catch and use a friggin raticate in my team just becuz it knows suckerpunch, but yeah honestly gryson if you think your stat is outmatched then don't held back and ev train the crap out of your mon, especially since speed room is free and in v12 the ev training is considerably better and easier compared to the last versions and ohh boy if you think this battle is hard rejuv has many surprised for you lol
  7. it would help if you know her team, cuz i honestly forgot but if im not wrong then she should have a drifblim, mimikyu, mismagius, chandelure, gengar? so you definitely need a special wall to soak up the damage, and just like @nhehvnukl said to bring someone that knows flash and don't be afraid of using your healing items, it would also help to get a electric type pkmn that knows thunder wave: magnetric is a really good choice, u can get it in chrysolia hotel, it has nice speed and hit pretty hard also have electric terrain move that would really help in future ( you really need to have some pkmn that could change the terrain ) if you just wanted to kill that drifblim then use lycanroc's accelrock or rock slide
  8. My suggestion is to at least bring a pkmn that works as a tank and an EV trained fast/durable sweeper and be prepared for A LOT of double battles, other than that play the game and use your favorite mon or go in blind(that's what i do and its super fun)
  9. Not bad, definitely answer some questions which kinda surprised me, the battle is pretty hard especially that double in the top of the pyramid but not crazy hard like the valor mountain geara and zetta one (almost unwinnable in intense), but overall good story, music, and beautiful sprites, so amazing work Jan and Devs also can somebody remind me how to put spoiler tag again?
  10. Yep, its the sidequest in the west gearen help center in the saki mansion, can you specify what do you mean by Allen vs grunt, if you mean how to activate it then it automatically begin when you try to open the door
  11. Hmm i think so cuz i finish this after im done with v12
  12. I don't think she meant anything just tell you to be prepared, try to talk to her again and ohh boy a really hard battle about to happen
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