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  1. Sceleratis "... I see" Sceleratis replied, her finger tapping the hilt of Folkvangr a few times before she rolled her shoulders, "I don't have much of an idea myself, but I know that this is some kind of... Alternate world of sorts... Like some messed up afterlife" she explained herself, still staring at the castle in the distance, "However, I don't have a clear idea on how everything works. But... So far, all I've gotten is bad feelings. Like from that" Scel continued, pointing to the castle as she did so. And then, with that, she finally turned back to Mayu, cold and hardened determination set in her eyes, "So, because of that, I want to make an offer with you, Mayu. An offer of alliance, both for mutual protection, and as my... Apology for earlier."
  2. Tomb As soon as the hand slammed into the ground, a small bat slipped from its grasp, fluttering away in panic. But, before the hand could lift itself from the ground, Sam’s wave of energy hit it, causing it to convulse for a second and rear back, a chorus of agonizing screams erupting from the wall, drowning out the cymbals. And that was before Brigitte’s sword hit. Once it did, the results were immediate. While the hand didn’t seem otherwise bothered by Sam’s attack, the sword and its holy flames cleaved the hand in two, a new eruption of blood pouring from the two halves as they quickly dissipated, the screams of agony continuing to increase in intensity until it just about filled the entire room. Then, as soon as the dissipating hand returned to the wall, it stopped, being replaced by a chorus of laughing children. Marked Door Soon after the two insulted the demon’s choice of interior decoration, one of the bodies lying on the ground twitched, their arm beginning to move and push the rest of their body off of the ground. However, thanks to the sudden glowing red veins, it was clear that it wasn’t a miracle that someone survived, compounded by the fact that when it got to its feet, bloodied eyes stared back at the group. Nope, it seemed that the demons were making new toys out of corpses. Groaning, the body bent down to retrieve a weapon, a rusty sword, before beginning to trudge over to the group. At least, at first, all it did was trudge, but as it continued, its stance got more and more straight, as if discarding the stiffness from laying down for who knows how long. Judging by the rapidly increasing sounds of groans and rattling of chains, it was clear that the rest of the ‘demons’ were beginning to wake up as well, two already beginning to rise from the same pile the first came out of. Battle Combatants Current Theme: Thee Oh Sees
  3. Mira As per usual, Mira stands off more to the side, arms folded as she stood in silence. She would've asked for more information on the other "CFW"s, but right now that was being taken care of. She'd inform of the... Well, strange occurrence with Judge, namely his arm, but only when the other things were taken care of. Better to let Histoire be satisfied with the good news before hitting her with the bad parts.
  4. Proditor "I see" Proditor replied simply, floating behind the group as they advanced, listening closely to the story being recited. It wasn't much, merely what seemed like a mourning for a lost soul, one who died from an illness. It didn't explain anything more than itself, however. Nothing so far did. But, when the group reached the end of the hallway, Proditor stopped himself, staring at the grey house in front of them. The note was of interest, but it... Almost seemed like someone was expecting them. The sounds coming from within helped that conclusion. "... If there is any talking needed, I believe I would be the best suited for it" he commented as Jun crept into the building, his voice selectively speaking to only the group.
  5. Walmond & Lambda "Dammit..." Walmond growled as Lambda pulled back from the recent flurry of projectiles, the green magic from her recent spell fading away. There was simply too much or her to counteract, which meant that yes, she was going to have to take offensive measures into her own hand. As for Lambda, she was content with keeping back, trying her best to maneuver the sea of stars... At least, she would be having an easier time of doing it, if she wasn't constantly being distracted. First, it was by Empi again, shouting tips on how to flirt at Lambda, causing her to divert her attention for a split second to tilt her head in confusion. Why would she need to know how to flirt? She was a defense/serving robot. She had no reason to flirt, not with other individuals, nor with Walmond. Maybe it could be nice, but there wasn't a point. ... She was getting distracted, on flirting of all things. Readjusting her focus, Lambda turned to... Isobel, who was approaching again with another poppy. Immediately, Lambda recognized the event, she was going to heal Walmond. So, naturally, she began extending her arm, making it easier for Isobel to get to her target. Only to be pushed back, raising an arm and waving it in panic when Isobel shoved the poppy into her face. Once it had left her face, Lambda brought her free hand, brushing off the remnants of the poppy before shaking her head and giving Isobel a confused look. At least, for a second, until she was forced to finally redirect her focus on Marisa, her shields once more extending after their brief repairs. For Walmond, she had been preparing her electricity magic for her attack, before nearly being thrown off when Lambda suddenly panicked. Looking up, she saw that it was due to Isobel's appearance, doing her own healing with Lambda. Such a reaction was... Surprising. It shouldn't happen, since that was a reaction of something... With... Sentience. Marking that for later, Walmond turned to Marisa, snapping her fingers as a flurry of lightning bolts flew towards the darkened witch. They needed to finish this fight. Walmond uses Tazer on Marisa, dealing 1d4+[9/2] (5) damage, and forces a Con check against Walmond’s int. If Walmond wins, the target is paralyzed for three turns, and has a 50% chance to lose their turn at the start of each turn. Lambda uses Defensive Modifications, sealing her attacks but giving her a 30% damage reduction for two turns. Action List
  6. Freya If Freya was feeling down about being unable to navigate the crowd on her own, instead having to be led through, she didn't show it. If anything, she just seemed to be getting pumped up to begin exploring the Necronomicon, and not entirely just to find the rogue necromancer, "I can't see well over all these people, how close are we to the entrance?" Freya asked, looking at Aquila as she talked. If she was still, she could've at least stood on her tip toes in order to see, but it was a bit difficult to do that when they were pushing through the crowd.
  7. Azgrurk For the most part, Azgrurk had, surprisingly, fallen silent as he processed what was going on. It had taken him a while, but he was now taking notice of yet another sinking feeling, like something was wrong. Not helped by the fact that one of the Humies just teleported over to the rock. Yeah, so clearly, the Universe just liked giving him a hard time by challenging what he knew. That was wonderful. "GAH, I'M GOIN' BACK TO DA SHIP. TELL ME WHEN DERE'Z A FIGHT DAT NEDZ CLOBBERIN'" Azgrurk grumbled, waving his mechanical hand as he turned around, stomping back to the Weatherlight without really seeing where he was going. He could at least get some stuff done, instead of waiting for something to happen. He could even get some of his boys together. That would be nice.
  8. Proditor ... Must have been his own imagination. There was nothing here as of this moment. Signs of people coming through, aside from his companions, but... Nothing else. There were no other entrances, and it didn't seem like any activity went on by the doors. Strange... Perhaps there was a teleporter he'd have to watch out for. Regardless, shaking off the feeling of being watched, Proditor continued his journey through the Judgement Hall, ignoring the box that laid to the side as he went to regroup with the rest of the party. Thankfully, aside from a long hallway showing a bustling, city, the party had not gone too far, allowing Proditor to float forward at a leisurely pace. He was also thankful for the fact that he caught the end of the 'message' some holograms were reciting, of a human and someone named Asriel, a prince from what he was hearing, bonding and filling the 'Underground' with hope. It certainly explained quite a bit. "It would seem I've missed the history lesson" Proditor commented as he approached the group, "Have I missed anything of importance?"
  9. Proditor With a voiceless sigh, Proditor lowered his hand, floating away from the graves. There wasn't anything else he could learn from this place, at this time. Of course, there were still questions, but he couldn't act on them without a more stable source of information. So, with his diversion finally over, Proditor turned away, floating out of the Grave Room, and back to the Judgement Hall. As expected, the group had moved on, so he had to catch up. Presumably, they wouldn't have moved too far ahead. Hopefully. However, as he moved through the hall, silently ignoring the change in scenery, something caused him to pause. A feeling that someone was near, just out of sight. Taking advantage of his own pause, Proditor expanded his senses, attempting to see if there was, in fact, anyone around.
  10. Tomb Despite what it seemed, nothing jumped out at the group as they approached the red wall. The only thing that did seem to happen was a new noise, childlike laughter emanating from the red wall. Strange, since it was still a mass of screaming faces. However, as soon as one approached the wall, a gigantic red hand burst out of it, splattering blood everywhere as it slammed itself down, trying to grab the nearest individual... Which just so happened to be Bard. Marked Door The first door lead to another expansive hall, filled with crumbled debris and a significant lack of lighting. Unlike the main hall, there was far less blood staining the ground, only a few spots here and there, some leading out into the main hall once more, while others simply remained as circular puddles. From what could be seen, the hall seemed to also connect to the other door that had been on the same side. ... On closer inspection, once the group got a better look, they could see a collection of corpses and weapons scattered along the ground, motionless and discarded. A few seemed to be hanging from the ceiling, barely in view, hooks keeping them aloft. There was more now than just demonic stench in the air. Now it truly smelled like a tomb.
  11. Proditor ... Strange. The empty coffin, one filled only with mummy wrappings, was the one with psionic traces. Why child corpses were filling the other graves was lost to him. The reason behind making a burial place for it, with a specific amount of coffins. It was all odd. Focusing on the remnant of psionic energy, Proditor attempts to figure out what it is, at least from how much is remaining.
  12. Walmond & Lambda As soon as Walmond had finished her healing field spell once more, she took notice of the flood of magical stars, surrounding almost everyone with projectiles. But, before she could say anything about it, Lambda tightened her grip on Walmond, keeping her focus entirely on the new wave of projectiles and avoiding them, all without a command. Walmond heals herself, Lambda, Rory, Empi, and Masako 2d4+14 HP each. Lambda heals for half. Lambda attempts to avoid Event Horizon's attack, using her basic defense to give her a 50% Damage Reduction. Marisa deals 25% less damage to her as well. Command Return is on a one turn cool down.
  13. T1-N Once T1-N hit the ground, his jetpack retracted back into his body, the droid unslinging his rifle from his back as he moved to the building, specifically the left side. It took only a quick glance around the room to note what was inside, thanks to the fact that the room itself was extremely simplistic. The one thing that did catch his eye was the red and gold box that rested along the wall. Curiosity getting the better of him, T1 crouched next to the box, still holding his rifle as he attempted to open it.
  14. Theme Mot takes a shot at the Gashadokuro, the bullet hitting the core of the behemoth for 44 damage, drawing is attention but giving Mot the self satisfaction he needed, healing him for 22 HP. Mitsurugi goes for the core of the Gashadokuro, only for the rib cages to prevent her from getting to it. It seems as if only precise strikes would get through the ribs. Nonetheless, the ribs take 104 damage, just barely keeping their shape. As soon as Spicy stabs the Gashadokuro, the gigantic skeleton seems to freeze in place, only able to twitch slightly as her seal took effect. She also deals 14 damage to the Gashadokuro’s ribs. The Green Imps begin their assault again, the two that had chosen to watch deciding to peace out, turning tail and fleeing the battlefield. The other, last living Imp slashes at Sorina again, dealing a rather pathetic 8 damage. However, it is stabbed by the shards of ice that swirled around her. Ako continues to abuse her brush, healing Sorina for 15 HP, before throwing another prayer slip at the grounded Dead Fish, the paper sticking to its face before bursting with light for several seconds. By the end, the fish had been vaporized, leaving only a small flower in its place. Sorina, on the other hand, loads her grenade launcher, firing a round that splashes acid over the Green Imps, including the ones that were trying to run. The ones that were running are quickly dissolved, turning into petals that were also destroyed by the acid, while the other screeched in pain as green smoke curled off its body. However, the mask managed to stay perfectly intact. The Red Imp, despite being angry with its lost weapon, turns from Lexiel, sprinting off to attack the culprit of the crime: Mitsurugi, slashing at her for 14 damage. Lexiel summons a new Soul Warden, giving everyone a gracious 5 HP back. Kino and Enma advance, attacking the Gashadokuro’s ribs with their own strikes. The first, from Enma, marks it, dealing 15 damage to its ribs, while Kino follows it up with her own debilitating strike for 35 damage, healing both by 5 more HP. Kino’s strike is enough for the Gashadokuro’s ribs to finally fall apart, revealing the blazing core that immediately send a wave of heat to those nearby. The Gashadokuro struggles to move, unable to bring its hands down thanks to Spicy’s seal. Turn Order Status
  15. Mira Had it not been for her helmet, Mira's eye roll would be incredibly noticeable. As it stood, the glowing red eyes underneath her helmet only seemed to shift a bit as she folded her arms, "Whatever..." she muttered to herself. Iowa had already done the job of introducing her, mostly by saying her name. It wasn't her job to get new arrivals in with the program. Speaking of her job, she looked back at Uni and Nepgear, "... As I was saying, is there a way we can locate Judge's allies?"
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