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  1. Mira While Mira would never admit it, the paralysis was beginning to take its toll on her. She could feel her body beginning to shut down as Trick's saliva began working through her armor, despite her own Magra trying to counteract it. Whatever properties were in it, it was effective. If she wasn't in that scenario, she'd have tried to simply cut off the beast's tongue once it tried again, but unfortunately, she didn't think she had the speed to do so as of this moment. So, she simply had to finish it off before it could get the job done. With her most recent strike done, Mira stepped back, flipping her sword around and impaling it into the ground. A mere instant afterwards, a fairly large amount of Magra began to pour into the sword, and the ground, by extension, creating what was more of a black mass then a sword. Then, with a single word spoken in an amplified, distorted way, the armored woman dragged the sword towards Trick. "FALL." Mira attacks Trick with Half-Moon: Crescent Slash, expending four Magra in order to deal (6d8+STR)+4d6 damage. She also gains one Magra at the end of her turn, and will gain a bonus Magra in three turns. Magra: 1/8 Loadout
  2. Freya "Captain Who-now?" Freya asked aloud, turning to where the Necromaster was looking... Only to see nothing. Strange, was he supposed to be a invisible or something, or was this just a trick to get the to... Distract them. Gods, she was an idiot sometimes. So, just as Danielle yelled something about a demon bear, Freya had already began turning around in order to make sure the Necromaster wasn't trying any funny- "Did you really think you could escape me, necromancer scum?" Freya's world froze. "No..." Was all Freya could mutter in response to the sight of the woman who had been hunting her for as long as she could remember. The one who was directly responsible for the path she had to take for her life. The one who lead the same people who she had finally gotten away from, or so she thought. But here they were now, standing before her and ready to cast their justice, "No, no no no, why are you here? Why are YOU here?! I'm not even a part of your life anymore, why do you still have to be in mine?!" she began shouting, now taking a step back, clutching her staff close to her body as her entire body trembled in a mixture of terror and, unsurprisingly, hate.
  3. "Oh, peaked your interest have I? I specialize in my own form of magic. Dark magic, specifically, self taught" Reeve replied, barely phased by the fact that Ari practically appeared next to her, "I'd demonstrate, but it's a hassle to do so outside of casual, life threatening situations. Besides, I'm sure Nicolos can remember our first meeting, and can attest to my talent" "And, for the record, I'm not a fan of baseless boasting, so I get where your coming from. The worry of me just claiming that I'm good without the skills to back it up. But the Polyion family is full of talented mages, and I happen to be one of the most talented among all of them. I believe I can qualify as a fairly great mage."
  4. Mira Okay, now this was disgusting, for too many reasons than Mira could list. Outside of that, there wasn't much that could be said for Mira outside of merely shoving her sword into Trick's side again, aside from the blurb her helmet had given her. Specifically the bit about a power source housed in his body, and an entity being released when Trick was defeated, or if it simply got out of hand. Mysterious. It wasn't worth her time to shout it out though. Trick was going to die anyways, and she might as well kill the threat before it ruined her armor further... And froze her completely, considering she felt her body stiffen a considerable amount once she was hit by the saliva. Well, whatever, she could handle a bit of gunk, and being slowed down wasn't a detractor for her anyways. She didn't give it a second thought at that point, mostly because she was already in the middle of another swing at Trick. Mira attacks Trick with, surprise surprise, Black Heart again, dealing 6d8+11 damage. In addition to this, she gains two Magra this turn from her Magra Generator and Magra perk, and gains one more Greed stack (Currently giving +1 Syn, -1 DR). Magra: 4/8 Loadout
  5. Lexiel Once the constructs began going to work, the area seemed to brighten up a bit, almost as if the land was brimming with happiness by Lexiel’s act of kindness towards the shrine. Or maybe it was just the clouds moving out of the way sun slightly. Regardless, they opened the shrine's gate without difficulty, closing it behind them and getting to work on the shrine, the sight of which was covered up by the illusion Ako had put up. Unfortunately, not the sound. Ako What was obvious was Ako’s gratitude, letting out a heavy sigh of relief as the constructs went in, “I’ve never really had anyone else help make the shrine. I wondered what it would feel like seeing others work on it” she commented before clearing her throat, “Well, the sun isn’t going to wait for us, and I’ve wasted enough of your valuable time as it is, great Kami. Let’s go, Taka Pass isn’t too far from here” she added, putting her supplies back to wherever she held them and heading down the path that the merchant from earlier had gone down. Overall, the walk towards Kamui wasn’t that eventful, only time consuming. The only true thing of note was the multitude of large areas almost untouched by human progression, preserving the beauty of nature and giving everyone a great view of Nippons natural wonder. At least, for the most part, until they reached a giant bridge that presented the only path across an even greater drop to the sea below, flaming phoenix statues marking both sides of the bridge… With the side they stood on covered in scorch marks and bits of metal, as if a war had been fought here before. “So, a long time ago, it would’ve been a hassle to get through the Checkpoint here. The guards were really picky about lowering the bridge, and it took sending word the rulers of the capital in order to lower the bridge. Now it’s just down for good since, from what I heard, an archer was practicing his aim by firing into a cannon, only for his arrow to mysteriously catch on fire and cause a chain explosion through the entire system. It’s apparently too expensive to repair the bridge, so it’s just been left like this” Ako explained as they crossed the bridge. She wasn’t much for history, but she felt the need to comment on that part at least, if only to quell any questions before they came up. Taka Pass It only took a bit more walking for the group to wander into yet another area of Nippon. Specifically, a sparsely populated ravine filled with trees and bamboo, overlooked by a particularly gigantic tree with pink leaves that rested atop a waterfall. The path that the group were going on split off into two areas, one that led to what seemed like a gated village, and another simply leading towards a thicker area of bamboo. There was a third path, but all it went towards was a bare mountainside. A bit further down the path, the group could see a run down house sitting in the middle of a large pit… Giving off an aura of menace despite it being clear that no one lived there anymore. That, and there were large, green scrolls floating around off the main paths, seemingly content to just float around in peace. Aside from that though, there wasn’t much to really ruin the view. “Alright, before we move on, there’s a bit of a crossroads that I should mention” Ako began as the group moved past an archway placed right in front of a small, bridged pond, pulling out her map from under her sleeve, “The Sparrow Inn is in this area, not much of a detour either. We’ll be passing it once we head to Kamui, and I’m still positive that one of the demons is there-” she continued, turning to face the rest of the group as she pulled out the demonic slip once more, double checking one of the areas she had pointed out earlier and nodding as soon as she got a positive result, “Right, still there. So yeah, I was wanting to go there and deal with the issue, partly because it’s on our way, and… Partly because I still owe the Sparrows a favor after a certain incident” the shrine maiden explained, rolling up the map again and sliding it under her sleeve, “Of course, as companions of one of the Kamis, it’s only natural that I leave the decision making to you.”
  6. Walmond For several seconds, Walmond just looked back at Rory, before shaking her head, "I've encountered some other engineers that make robots to fulfill the bare minimum, but remember that like us, this 'Instructor' comes from another world that operates differently to both mine and yours. What may correlate to a bad trait in your world may operate differently for another's. In addition, it may simply be a design flaw that hasn't been ironed out yet due to lack of field experience. Even I'm still having to perfect Lambda, and I've made her several years ago, with several more years of experience on me" she explained, waving her hand as she did so, even if it could only barely be seen thanks to the relative size of her cloak, "I'm not even sure why you thought it necessary to pull me aside, of all people. I'm hardly the person to make concrete decisions on whether or not to accept assistance from another."
  7. Walmond "Well then, it would seem our mission is the very same-" the scientist began, only to pause once she saw Rory point at her, "Hm? Oh, fine. Give me a moment, 'Instructor Prototype'" Walmond responded after a second of surprise, stepping away from the group until she was, presumably, out of hearing distance. Once she was far enough away, she turned back to Rory, "What's the problem?"
  8. Walmond Not long after Rory gestured to her, Walmond had finished the seal, quickly tucking the artifact under her cloak as she stood back up, "Rory is correct. That being said, without the artifact that woman-" Walmond gestured to the sliver haired girl that Isobel was carrying back... And the same one that Lambda was floating over towards now to help the two out, or at least see if they did need help getting back to the shore, "-should, hypothetically, return to her senses, if her hostility was abnormal" she explained, now turning to the girl(?) in the other maid outfit, "As for you... If you're not native to this world, then I would assume that we're the ones you are meant to cooperate with. If you are willing to share the details, what are the specifics of your mission?"
  9. Proditor "Very well" Proditor responded, floating away from the child. They weren't going to be much help, and they weren't hostile either. Additionally, like Nader said, they needed to get a move on. They've wasted enough time as it was. So he followed Ignia out of the house, already beginning to expand his mind in order to detect anything else in the vicinity aside from the earlier child.
  10. Valkyrie There wasn't enough energy anymore to spare. There wasn't even enough time to spare anymore. Grima barely registered Finale's announcement/taunt, instead changing her path from going from the side... To charging straight into the minefield. As she had realized, there wasn't time, not with Finale practically never giving her a second to breathe while she remained at practically peak condition. Her shield and armor would just have to withstand the explosions, that was all she could do here. ... Yeah, she didn't have the skills to win. Maybe before, but not anymore. Time had dulled her blade to the point where she could barely handle a single fight like this. But regardless, she wouldn't quit, win or lose. She made a oath, and if her entire being was made of small negatives, then this would be the one positive she would hold onto. The positive that she'd never let a promise die without her trying to keep it alive.
  11. “Yes, I’m sure it’s surprising to have your meeting interrupted by someone you do not know, but I can assure you that I’m not here for any nefarious purposes. I’d even introduce myself, but I’m sure Nicolos would be more than happy to-” Reeve continued, acting as if her own version of the events at hand were going on, before she froze. She wasn’t actually looking, but it took her a bit to realize who, exactly, had asked who she was, and it wasn’t someone she didn’t know. “Wait, you don’t even remember my name?! After all we went through together?! Well, I mean, it WAS one battle, but it was a pretty big one, and I still remember our talk afterwards clear as-” the girl shouted, pushing herself off of the tree in disbelief and, judging from her expression, broken feelings, before freezing once again, “Oh gods, I didn’t actually give you my name, did I?” she muttered, before slapping her forehead, “Of all the times I forget to introduce myself… "Well, I suppose it’s time I make amends to my error in our previous meeting, Sir Nicolos” Reeve quickly added, before doing a small curtsy. “I am Reeve Von Anextra Polyion the Third, the Shadowed Mage of New Avalon, the Angel of Victory, and youngest daughter of the current head of the Polyion family” she greeted, straightening and bringing out one of her hands to gesture to herself, “It was quite a long time ago, but we met during a particularly large battle against the Cursed near here, if I recall correctly. Surely you can remember the fine, dazzling mage who wrecked havoc upon the inhuman foes you fought all on her own. Regardless, I have been searching the lands for you ever since you first opposed Rosanne, Sir Nicolos, in hopes that I may assist your mission to create a brighter future for Tameloc. "With my talent as a mage, and my nobility, I’m sure that you’ll find my help very rewarding.”
  12. If there was one thing Reeve could regret right now, it was not bringing enough rations to handle a few detours. Her trip to Candlelight was originally supposed to be a rather straightforward one, as it always was, but apparently someone had tipped off the local bandits to her normal path, which she had taken great care to make as risk free as possible, resulting in them deciding to take some time off to nab a noble. One or two bandit attacks Reeve could handle. She was an experienced mage after all, but when she was attacked every two hours on the road, sometimes more often, that was where she had to draw the line and get creative. So, she had begun to move through the wilderness itself… Except that general plan resulted in her getting turned around more times than she could count. She wasn’t even sure she was near Candlelight anymore, or heading in its direction. “... I really should’ve brought a map with me, maybe a compass too... I could try to make a location spell and figure out where I am, but that would require making one from complete scratch...” Reeve thought to herself as she walked along the forest trail, or what could constitute as one, arms folded underneath her cloak as she struggled to think of a way out of her current situation. There was plenty she could do, but all of them involved either risks or good chances of failure. And then suddenly, as she stumbled onto the edge of a clearing, specifically a sort of grove… That was already filled with people surrounding a campsight. Immediately, Reeve stepped behind a tree, barely poking her head out to get a good view of them. They didn’t look like bandits, which was good, but they didn’t look like everyday civilians either, which was not good. It wouldn’t be much of a problem to just sneak her way around, and she didn’t have the strength left to risk a fight right now, not until she got to Candlelight. In fact, she was right about to start creeping around the grove to continue on her way, until she scanned a single familiar face within the crowd, a man with blazing red hair. Almost everything about that one man was something she could recognize.The scar on the lower half of their face; the somewhat overall attractive, if rough, appearance they possessed; and most importantly, the hilt of a clearly magical sword, one so notable that she could feel even from here. Nicolos. In a fraction of a second, the realization of the importance of this discovery snapped to her. She had finally found NICOLOS, and it only took getting attacked several times by bandits in order to do so. He had already gotten a group of followers as well, which was to be expected of a future king. Regardless, she needed to make her appearance soon, otherwise she might miss the chance, even if they didn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. So, without warning, Reeve burst from her hiding spot, twirling around the tree she was hiding behind and expertly leaning on said tree with folded arms and a smug expression, even if her arms were still under her cloak. “Well well, I didn’t expect to see a familiar face out here. Long time no see, Nicolos. It seems I’ve finally managed to cross paths with you and your little..." “... I dunno, gang? Freedom fighters? I think I’ll go with 'group' for now, unless there’s something else you call yourselves.”
  13. Walmond "That seems to have something to do with the guard" Walmond commented after, once again, being carried over the lake by Lambda. Now though, she merely stepped forward to pick the artifact up, all while listening to Chen's explanation as she immediately got to work on the seal. They had the artifact right there, and it was better to get the problem taken care off immediately, rather than simply wait for it to be a problem.
  14. Walmond As soon as Chen jumped forward and let out her screech, Walmond merely blinked impassively, ignoring Lambda reflexively pressing her master closer for their protection, "Interesting. Sounds like a form of magic, if an... Odd one" she admitted, nodding in understanding as their guide continued to lead them to their destination. Once they arrived though, Walmond pushed herself off of Lambda, opting to walk herself instead of letting Lambda merely take her everywhere, causing the robot to look fairly crestfallen as they followed. As for the issue of the gate guard not being around, Walmond didn't exactly pay much attention to that. Her thoughts were mostly directed towards scanning the mansion itself, along with wondering why Lambda seemed more human than normal.
  15. Walmond "Well..." the scientist mage muttered, bringing a hand up to readjust her cloak, "That was an overall strange turn of events. Regardless, we have the stone now. Chen-" she continued, barely reacting when Lambda suddenly picked her up and settled Walmond into her arms once more, having detected that they were probably going to be moving very shortly, "What is this 'Sakuya' like? I think it would be best to have an idea of who we're dealing with before we go sprinting into a potential fight."
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