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  1. Valkyrie As soon as Grima had heard a noticeably different 'boom' from the norm, she forced herself to peek above the edge of her shield, a few bullets managing to ricochet off of her helmet as she saw the source. A mortar volley, coming at her, and fast. Within an instant, the world around Grima slowed down as she stared at the mortar shells flying at her. A volley of them, aimed above her to get around her shield, the shells speeds indicating that they would hit just before the machine gun fire ended, barely enough time to react. But, it had taken Finale time to switch fire, and as such, there would be enough time for Valkyrie to counteract it. Unfortunately, her shield was extremely heavy, so it would take too long to simply lift it up after the machine gun fire ended in order to block the mortars, unless she did something extra to force it up. One second With that, the world returned to its normal speed, just as the machine gun fire began to let up, forcing Grima to go with her plan, kicking the bottom of her shield just as she began lifting it to quickly force it forward and up, along with placing her other hand beneath the shield to add extra stabilization. Then the volley hit, exploding the area around her, and on top of her shield, almost knocking Grima to the ground from the multiple explosions, though still managing to force her to one knee. Queen was right, it would be really hard to approach with that much firepower, and with how quickly Finale could switch between modes. But she wasn't going to give up, she just had to take the onslaught and get close. Once she was close, she could likely finish the fight easily. So, forcing herself up, Grima kept moving forward, her shield's position depending on where Finale was aiming. If it was directly at her, then obviously, Grima would move the shield back to the front, but if it was simply more mortar fire, then it only made since to keep her shield up.
  2. Proditor "Interesting, I suppose I have" Proditor replied, resisting the urge to point out that, at the moment, they were under a 'rock'. Regardless, without budging an inch from where he floated, the alien continued, "I will repeat my earlier question. Where is Asgore now?" he asked again. He felt that it would be important to talk to this king, both for information on this mountain, and to potentially clear up any hostilities. There wasn't anything to convince that these monsters were fully hostile nor fully friendly to humans. Foxface might simply be an exception.
  3. Ako As expected, the mention of the name Orochi caused a sinister breeze to travel through the air, yet despite that and Ako's previous warnings, nothing seemed to happen, likely because of the nature of the two women who were saying his name. "The Demon.. Tried to make an alliance with you?" Ako whispered as she turned away from the collapsed shrine and to Mitsurugi, almost breathless as she heard the goddess spoke, "I... Of course he would. He always tries to spin complicated situations in his favor. Why he'd try to target a mortal enemy is beyond me though" she continued, before shaking her head, "She's right though, in not worrying about the shrine. It'll take me a while to fix, for sure, but the important parts don't seem too damaged, see?" with that, Ako gestured to the shrine, which had begun to crumble a bit further as the charred remains failed to support their own weight... But at the same time, it revealed one thing. The statue of the wolf, shining brightly among the destroyed ruins around it, untouched by the heat produced by the strike of lightning. After pointing that out, Ako lowered her arm, but not before flipping out the cursed travel slip she had shown earlier, "Regardless, we have made progress against the Demon, because, if I'm right-" she began, aiming the slip at the floating essence left by the Gashadokuro, which caused the symbols on the slip to begin to glow, "Yep. That was one of the demons strengthening the seal. I guess it had left Kamui to try and take me out, since I had been trying to get into the Moon Cave for a while now. It definitely got more than it bargained for, that's for sure" she stated with a small grin, before flipping her slip back into her sleeve, "That just leaves three more. Only two if I can actually break the seal myself."
  4. Mira "I can fix myself just fine, I wouldn't need someone else to keep me in the fight" Mira commented, taking notice of the fact that she was essentially ignored, but otherwise, she didn't try to dissuade any planning. She wasn't the tactician type, and while she would love for the chance to kill a big target like Trick on her own, she didn't make the shots, that much was obvious.
  5. Proditor For the most part, Proditor stayed to the back of the group, silently observing the story being told and the house. There wasn't much to comment on, as the story had made itself clear... Or, as clear as it wanted to be. There was more to it, clearly, but that didn't matter. What mattered now was the first true denizen of this mountain, a small, fuzzy that was busy taking what it could out of a refrigerator. An odd first encounter here, aside from the child, but not unwelcome, especially when it didn't seem at all hostile to them, merely greeting them. However, a single word from the monster's question caused Proditor to move forward to put himself in sight, as it seemed important to interject, unfortunately just as Lucine was beginning some small talk. Specifically, the name of "Asgore". "Who is Asgore, and would you know where he is?" Proditor asked once he floated forward, directing his focus entirely to the small monster.
  6. Mira Once the group had arrived, Mira had chosen to stay in the back, silently observing, as she normally did. However, once Iowa spoke up, followed by the officer speaking and giving them a map, Mira suddenly began to speak, while completely ignoring the kid, "If you deem it necessary to assist with civilians still inside the area, then we could merely keep Trick stalled. If they are like Judge in terms of strength, then I should be able to do that, if not eliminate him myself" she stated.
  7. Ako With Mitsurugi’s comment, Ako nodded, “Yeah… I can probably patch it up in a day. I just need a bit more… Well, materials I guess. I’m not sure how many of you guys know of the Celestial Brushes… Except for you, Lady Mitsuru- Er, Great Kami” she replied, quickly fixing her own mistake. She wasn’t entirely sure how Mitsurugi wanted to be referred to as, so, she just went with the best response. Though, even she went silent when the goddess began to offer her divine protection to the destruction to the shrine, even if it mostly remained on the outskirts. It wasn't proper for a mere shrine maiden to interrupt such a thing. Mitsurugi Though it had been a while since she had done a full blessing of protection, the amount of latent divine energy in the air was enough to get the effect going, her symbol beginning to carve itself into the slip of paper, along with a sliver of her power starting to come out into it. Overall, it was actually going pretty smoothly. Then, without any warning, everything snapped. The prayer slip in Mitsu’s hands practically exploded, paper quickly dissolving into nothing, while a lightning bolt came straight out of a clear sky, hitting the shrine directly in the center. While it didn’t seem that harmful at first, that quickly changed when the shrine began collapsing in on itself, revealing that the bolt had pierced through the entire foundation kicking up a cloud of dust as it was destroyed. Ako As soon as the prayer slip exploded, Ako practically jumped out of her skin, likely shouting a curse if she wasn’t a shrine maiden, before having to spin around to see a lightning bolt hitting the shrine. After a few moments of shock, Ako began to sag, her expression becoming one of annoyance and dread, “Gods… That’s going to take a year to rebuild…” she grumbled, rubbing the side of her head. She didn’t blame Mitsu- The Great Kami, not at all. Just her own bad luck. Probably Amaterasu getting revenge for all her sleeping around.
  8. "Greetings, ladies and gentlemen, to the shop! Donations are entirely welcome, but please just enjoy your stay. Wouldn't want anyone to feel unwelcome, now would we?"
  9. Battle Mot, after barely avoiding numerous crashes, takes aim at the newly exposed core, firing a bullet that leaves a significant crack in it, dealing 71 damage and causing several flames to burst out of the core in response. Mitsurugi then follows up with an explosion of danmaku, dealing another 65 damage. This time, the core merely seems to bounce rather roughly from the explosion. Spicy, feeling like it’s time to start ending it, enchants Sorina’s minishark with fire, creating a terrifying shark minigun with a burning maw, adding 48 fire damage to her next attack. Ako, meanwhile, expends another Ink Pot in order to heal Mitsurugi by another 17, all while throwing yet another slip of paper at the core, a brief flash of light appearing before the core is zapped by a strange blue lightning, dealing 25 damage. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to do much else. Finally, Sorina takes aim with her minishark, firing her first shot, a stream of projectiles wreathed in flames, at the core, dealing 37 damage with the first volley. The fire damage added from Spicy’s buff, however, doesn’t do much to the flaming core, but still managed to add on another 10 damage. Regardless, Sorina continued to fire, putting out another 26 damage to the core, before taking another very questionable bite out of a toenail that can regenerate, causing a giant foot to slam down onto the core, dealing 15 more damage. Several more cracks start to form in it, but it remains together… Somewhat. Lexiel quickly summons yet another soldier to her cause, this time a zealot that seemed even angrier than the Gashadokuro, especially for the fact that it could actually hit the thing right now. Regardless, Soul Warden healing everyone for 5 HP, again. And then, Enma and Kino begin their final assault on the core, the first hit to it being from Enma, cursing the demon with malice (and 14 damage), before Kino blasts the core with her followup, dealing 27 damage. A single extra crack appears in the core. … Right before it finally shattered, just as the Gashadokuro managed to break free of Spicy’s seal, having been preparing to slam its fists down. But, it would never come, as when the core finally shattered, the great skeleton just… Stopped, the burning lights in its eyes flickering out. And then, without any personal sound, the demon simply began to fall to the ground, gravity pulling it back and into the ocean as sakura petals fluttered around it, quickly vaporizing the demon before it could do anymore damage. Shortly after the Gashadokuro vanished, another flurry of petals converged next to the cliff, leaving a glowing sphere of red light, merely left floating there, and an old, impaled sword in the ground, resembling that which the demon had used. Rewards! Ako With the battle finally complete, Ako let out a sigh of relief, before turning to the destruction caused by the demon’s appearance, “Egh… That’s gonna take a bit to clean up…” she muttered as she rubbed the back of her head, flipping the rest of the prayer slips that she had not used into her sleeves once more while the beads around her neck shrunk back to their normal size. She used a bit too much of her ink during that fight, so it would be a bit before she could start using her brush once again. Which sucked, since she'd rather clean up the mess right now.
  10. “The shadows are no place for a mage of my caliber. I refuse to sit around and watch this chapter of history pass by without joining in, for my name is Reeve Von Anextra Polyion the Third, and by my title as youngest daughter of the Polyion line and a noble of New Avalon, I shall stand by Nicolos and his dream!" ... "… Once I find him.” Reeve Application sheet for Infernus
  11. Walmond Just as Walmond lifted her arms to send out another wave of healing, the ring of light Marisa set upon her had disspiated, causing the magic in Walmond to sputter out and fade away, "... Huh" Walmond muttered, looking at her hand in confusion before refocusing on the fight again... Mostly by taking notice of the large amount of projectiles currently coming directly towards him. "Lambda, evade!" she commanded, just as Lambda readjusted her grip on her master, keeping her shields up to protect him, and flying up to avoid Marisa's most recent attack. Walmond and Lambda do their best to avoid Marisa's Light Sign "Earthlight Ray" Action List
  12. Azgrurk With a slightly annoyed grunt, Azgrurk waved his metal arm at the GLOCKMAN, "ALRIGHT, TONE DA DAKKA DOWN A TAD" he shouted, quickly losing his own interest in his new 'weapon'/crew member as he stared out into the distance, pondering what he could start working on next. Maybe he'd have to take a look at the supplies in the ship...
  13. Mira ... So, from what she could figure out, the helmet was a sort of scanner, able to detect the physical health of a target and potentially add some information about them. A strange bit of skills for a helmet, but... Whatever. It had more worth than her old one. With that, once she had done her work on making the helmet appear similar to her normal armor, mostly by vastly shortening the wings and horns, along with the lights in the helmet shifting to a blood red color, Mira finally let it go, bringing both of her hands behind her head. Then, with one swift motion, Mira took off her helmet, revealing a surprisingly young, black haired and deathly pale woman, before she quickly placed Judge's old helmet on her head. Now that she had finished with that, Mira silently continued her preparation, bringing out her sword and beginning to infuse it with a bit more of her extra Magra. Mira attempts to infuse the rest of her Magra (1) into Black Heart, either to temporarily increase its damage, or some other effect. Her Synergy is still 12, and her previous attempt with the crafting gives her a potential bonus to this act. Previous craft
  14. Freya "Well... Not really. We're still looking for a trace of him, but he's somewhere in the area, as far as I know" Freya replied, rubbing the back of her head as they walked... Before having to pause to face the new arrivals, specifically, a woman introducing herself as Danielle, and what seemed like a man covered in robes, "Oh, well, pleased to meet you as well Danielle. I'm Freya, this is Aquila" she greeted, gesturing to Aquila as she did so, now restarting her approach to the con itself, presumably with the others following to prevent her from getting swept up in the crowd, as she had already done before.
  15. Mira At Histoire's remaining statements, Mira merely waved her hand, as if brushing off the extra information, before finally unfolding her arms and grabbing the helmet that had been scavenged by Judge's 'corpse', "I'll be taking this" she stated, before turning and walking to one of the further off chairs, still in the same room but far enough so that someone would have to go out of their way in order to talk to her. Once at a seat, Mira practically slammed the helmet on the table, staring at it with piercing red eyes as her very essence started to infuse itself into the armor, both to ascertain its true abilities and to add her own... Touches. Mira takes the Helmet of the Judge as her own, and begins infusing it with Magra to alter its appearance and also enhance its effects. She will be using 2 Magra for this, bringing her total down to 1, and a crafting token. Her Synergy is currently 12, and her intelligence is 0.
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