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  1. Last update. Did it!!!! It just got easier as time went on
  2. Well heres a small update I tried yesterday and got to the 3 fight with the psychic leader (forgot his name) and serra. Basically for cain and shelly lead with pelipper and gyarados. 2 ddances on gyrados pelipper hydro pumps the marowak and hurricane the ribombee then pelipper dies to dazzling gleam combo from ribombee and primarina then Replace pleipper with tentacool to tank hits and spam rain dance and heals gyarados who will kill the remaining 11 pokemon. The fight with luna is really easy too once the tbolt mismagius is gone. Them I lost halfway through the 3rd fight but Im almost there thanks for the advice guys!!!
  3. Thanks for the advice! Unfortunately Im still getting absolutely destroyed by them so im just gonna stop playing for a while but thanks for trying to help
  4. doing a mono water run of reborn and I for the life of me can't get past this I honestly have no idea what to do. Pokemon at my use: https://imgur.com/a/QRw696L I usually lead with sharpedo and azumarill to try an aqua jet the ribombee to try and stop it from setting up webs but I'm always just short of damage and it lives with the smallest bit of health and will sticky web or dazzling gleam and kill sharpedo and do decent damage to azumarill and the marowak will rockslide and put azumarill in the red and then it just kinda goes downhill from there I can really only make it through a little more than half of this fight before just losing I have no idea what to do
  5. fixed it. had to open it up in rpgmaker and set the player character number back to the trainer I had
  6. is there a way to fix it? either through rpg maker or changing file names in the graphics folder or wherever the characters are stored maybe?
  7. dunno if this is something to put here but after the cutscene with the hooded girl and Aelita in the castle library I wake up in my cell as Marianette and my trainer card says it's me but it's marianette's sprite and says I'm now female so either I wasnt paying attention and i'm supposed to be disguised as her or this isnt supposed to happen I've tried to just close the game and just play through that part once more but again I woke up as marianette
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