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  1. Rochi

    Glass factory

    I dont know if this is a bug actually but in glass factory after defeating shelly and cain some weird battle starts.... and in them if my pokemon faints they dont revive anymore(automatically,which happens in case of end of battling against shelly and cain).. i dont know about others but it seems impossible to me winning all these battles without fainting your pokemon( since fainting one pokemon means you lose coverage agaist lot of types)
  2. Rochi

    side quest

    i dont know if this is the perfect section to ask... but is there any complete guide of all the side quests??
  3. well i have been trying to go through here for last 45 min..... but the guard always take me to the cell plz help me out game.rxdata
  4. Rochi

    Trading Center

    what is the best fire type mon among sm pokemons?? i already use alolan muk so usnig slandit will put my pokemon to ground wreck @Thundermaze @Hooligan
  5. Rochi

    Trading Center

    how about jolly nature full speed ev trained flame charge marrowak used this set in showdown after sm was released @Thundermaze
  6. thnx for sylvally that will defeat the pulse abra for sure
  7. Id name is Rochi waiting for request @Zarc and brother do u have anything good to defeat this pulse abra?? it is really pissing me off
  8. yeah bro i am here now @Zarc i am waiting for request let me know when you are free continuing gameplay
  9. @Zarc mate i am ready id name is rochi waiting for request
  10. Rochi

    Trading Center

    @HUEnd adamant nature cubone is good if u have thick club that would be superb wanna trade now??
  11. Rochi

    Trading Center

    then can u breed me a cubone with jolly nautre and the item thick club??
  12. Can i have a silvally with bashful(or any other neutral nature)?? need this mon to mend in some spots in my team (if shiny that would be superb)