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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  2. @xXAulkranXx Read the posts just above yours, buddy. The quiz is no longer with us. F
  3. Absolutely. A lot of people will have to start a new game; I'd bet that the special ending would require you to also do things like and
  4. @Conkeldurp That's just where we ended up. Amethyst was always thinking it was going to be 19 or 20 including the postgame, but she ended up combining them for this Episode.
  5. @MuchoG No, I haven't had to grind much at all; I like talking to everyone and exploring everything. I also walk everywhere, rather that using the run feature.
  6. 162 hours and in the middle of Ep.16. Not including the major sidequests. As you can see, I like taking my time.
  7. @Zro567 Last I heard, there will only one ending. However, there will be a "standard" version, and an "extended" version for people that made certain choices throughout the story. The code for it is not in the game yet, so we don't know what the proper path is.
  8. @QualityGamingYT New mining sprites, by the looks of it.
  9. @peden Like the others have said, this final installment is going to contain both E19 and the postgame. Amethyst did say that Nintendo have been issuing cease & desist orders to various fangames, so if they come for Reborn, she'll slip out the E19 story bit before the order's deadline.
  10. @wcv It's all good. I was expecting more than one response.
  11. @wcv Siragon told me basically the same thing, just in a much more passive aggressive way. Most of the things listed have already been logistically figured out, it's just a matter of implementation. Regardless, the scoreboard and hype thread are up, so I'll stop speculating and start watching. Here's to Ep19!
  12. All aboard! The last train is leaving the station; we will be arriving somewhere...but not here. And "thank you" to Amethyst and all other devs for working on this game over the years, it's been an awesome journey. Godspeed.
  13. @wcv @Zander People were saying that Ep18 would take a long time too and that got done in about seven months, even with Amethyst leaving the country for six weeks and another five or so weeks of slow progress due to her housing situation. If nothing like that happens during Ep19's progress, coupled with the fact that the AI and new Pokemon have been implemented, and that she has assistance with the mapping and side quests now, I can't see this taking more than 4-5 months to finish. Maybe February at the latest.
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