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  1. well i tried one final time and it worked! strange but i'm happy regardless ^-^
  2. i am trying to do the narcissa quest and she wont appear at the cave in route 9 and i think it is because the cave past narcissa is in wont stay a dark cavern after i change it. if someone could have a look, id appreciate it immensely! Game.rxdata
  3. everytime i went to route 9, it just said the crystal won't respond. i tried everything and talked to past narcissa and nothing happened....weird.... how did you do it? i just tried now and nothing happened..... Game.rxdata
  4. i have 3 bugs to report. first is narcissa's dark crystal cavern bug. it wont stay a dark cavern after changing and i think it is preventing me from activating the stone on route 9. (i saved in the cavern) second is the kakori help center bug. i cant open the kristilline city center cause it isn't recognizing my quests as complete. third is the egg bugs. i cant pick up the bulbasaur or cyndaquil eggs i can interact with the eggs but cant take them even when i make space in my party. if someone could take a look and hopefully fix it, id be forever grateful! Game.rxdata
  5. Kakori ranger hq there is a guy you trade berries with for the Wailmer pail
  6. Did chingling get moved? I cant find it in gearen city
  7. luciarose

    a rather theatrical sidequest v11

    The time crystal on route 9 where do I go once in the past to find narcissa? Or is this quest accessible in v11?
  8. Wow it has been moved to that late in the game? Well, I'm in west gearen now so I have a little ways to go. Oh well, ar least I know now. Thanks ^-^
  9. I got all the way to terajuma (kristiline) and found the pancakes and the thunderstone but where is the rare candy vendor? Did I somehow miss them?
  10. i dont know if it has been reported, but when you do the bandit quest at kakori help center it doesnt give you the reward and i completed all the quests, but because of the bug, i cant get the last reward or the one for completing them all. Game.rxdata
  11. if you could fix it i would really appreciate it. i applied the patch and it still didnt work for some reason Game.rxdata
  12. i installed the patch and i am still stuck... Game.rxdata
  13. I guess that's not too far off from where I am now, but still......oh and I tried to load up v10 to get some of the items like the pancakes for my pikachu but it wouldnt load up and I kept getting black screens.....is v11 not compatible with previous versions? I'm at golden leaf town so I'm not too far in the story yet
  14. I just started a new save and the thunderstone isn't given by dr jenkel and I'm as far as golden leaf town and haven't come by one...but my main question is, where are the rare candies, apophyll pancakes, and funnel cakes sold? I tried the vendor before golden leaf but no luck.
  15. I reached the vendor that sold the rare candies and funnel cakes and apophyll pancakes on route 3 but she doesnt sell them anymore. Where did they go?
  16. luciarose

    Rare Candy Shop

    I cant buy rare candies from route 3 anymore. Does anyone know where they were moved to?
  17. luciarose

    Thunderstone help

    I defeated venam as with previous versions and instead of dr. Jenkel showing up, Karrina did. I still went to dr. Jenkel's but I didnt get the thunderstone. Was it moved and if so, where? I wanted to have it so I can either evolve eevee or pikachu. Thanks!
  18. luciarose

    dragon scale help

    thank you so much!
  19. luciarose

    dragon scale help

    i am a ways away from getting the final sticker and i need a dragon scale to evolve my seadra. if anyone has an extra or spare scale it would help me and id greatly appreciate it!
  20. luciarose

    dragon scale help

    my id is AmandaRose
  21. luciarose

    dragon scale help

    i'm available to trade now, thank you!
  22. luciarose

    ice stone trade

    i recently got an alolan vulpix and am in need of an ice stone. the other ways of getting one are not available to me at the time so a trade would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
  23. luciarose

    Ice Stone AGAIN

    oh i didnt know....i'm somewhat new here....i just saw the related topic and thought since it wasnt closed it was okay...how doni make a new topic?
  24. luciarose

    Ice Stone AGAIN

    I got an alolan vulpix, but am in need of an ice stone as well. If it's not too much trouble, could I trade for one?
  25. i wanted to play as ariana's v9sprite but when i surf or rock climb or ride my bike, my sprite changes. is that normal or am i somehow missing the sprites for them? can i add them from v9 and would they still work?