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  1. When you train up a Trubbish/Stunky with Acid Spray for the PULSEs Also, not mine, but I must have found this on the forums some time ago because I had it saved in my ages-old Reborn folder. Wish I could remember the creator/context.
  2. Hi, just beat Charlotte and the next story beat calls for me to go fight PULSE Avalugg, but I'm missing the Dive HM? Where would I go to get that? Thanks!
  3. Yeah man sure I'm Kunikunatu. HMU when you read this and I'll be online.
  4. When Wishiwashi's HP drops below 25%, it should only revert to Single form at the end of the turn. Currently it will revert immediately after the HP drops.
  5. I picked one of the sprites that was canonically male and asked the game to refer to me as female. The game will usually call you by "they" since that's how they dealt with it before the split, but in other instances (such as Samson & Radomus' place) they'll call you female.

  7. Copycat will always fail if both of the following conditions are met: The user moves after the target The move being copied is a Status move At any other time the attack functions as intended.
  8. Haven't yet completed the latest version, but I always thought Melia was something of an author's pet. Do they really try to hitch us together? Ouch! It's in the nature of a more story-heavy Pokemon game that it's NPC characters are going to eke into your spotlight a little bit, though...
  9. Does this count? In the Lapis Ward Pokemon Center there's a guy who talks about The Savage. The story he gives there is pretty brutal, but it's not completely made up. When Reborn was an on-line Pokemon league, there was a real guy calling himself Savage who ran a mono-Water team. All well and good, until he gets to Shade -- and finds, to his horror, he has absolutely nothing to counter his Shedinja. Presumably, once you submitted your team for the League, you couldn't make any changes without starting all the way over, from the beginning. So this guy throws himself into fight after fight, and loses every time... he did eventually beat him, but it came down to a PP-stall war. Unfortunately the logs are lost, I was only told this by another user.
  10.  Is Copycat broken in the latest version of Reborn? Every time I try to use it, it says "The copycat failed!"...

  11. This is like those off-the-wall illuminati theories. I love those. How about my mans Crash Bandicoot? (Also, does declaring them an anime swordsman make them more or less likely to get into Smash...?)
  12. This tile in the Totem Area in Rhodochrine Forest is layered above the player.
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