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  1. I'm fine with this as long as it doesn't just turn into a "Grind for 20 levels or stand no chance whatsoever" kind of game. Not the most fun when that happens is all.
  2. Alright, gotcha, thanks. One other thing though, what even is the Parks and Recreation center and was it mentioned earlier/have I seen it before?
  3. This has to do with doing the new quests in Gearen City after it's fixed up and changed and the battle that you can go do after you're done with them all.
  4. Wait, what were you expecting to happen after you accomplished every single quest?
  5. Make sure to water the berry crops once every 18 hours. That's the only way to yield more than one a crop.
  6. We don't know the difference yet but if you release the Giratina you actually stand a chance in the fight between the two scientist's and will probably win. Other than that nothing really changes whether you win or lose as Lavender and Braixen are booking it either way.
  7. This post has been made before but there were a lot of characters I wondered what people thought their ages were, stuff like that, anyway, I'm going to put down a bunch of characters that come to mind and say what I think their ages are or just put that I don't know, add reasoning for why I think they're the age I'm saying, and then if people want to add on their own reasoning for why they think a character is a certain age then I would like that. Good lord this took absolutely forever to make. If I forgot any characters that are important feel free to debate over how old they are anyway. This took like three hours of debating with myself plus typing and I am tired. I just now realized I didn't add Eli and Sharon but they're probably in their 20's. Peace.
  8. You get blast powder in Grand Dream City but like in the underground part where you can go to the guy to change natures and where the quest thing starts. A person from Bladestar is selling it.
  9. So I remember doing a quest awhile back, it involved choosing a quest to do in GDC and then having to find some missing children then you go into the underground, make a friend with the guy who let you in, find a robot person without eyes, she has the magical powers to cure a bunch of Pokemon, other stuff I don't remember happens, etc, anyway I just remembered the quest ending in V10 when I did it said it would be continued later and also those two were heading to the scholar district and I was just wondering if that quest was continued or not as I don't know where they are.
  10. Honestly you just have to search for them on the ground. No other way until you get the mining kit and even then you should be prioritizing type plates/fossils instead of shards.
  11. I mean you two could battle via like the showdown thing online though I've never used it myself. And probably Incineroar would be a better option than Houndoom though I wasn't thinking of them at the time.
  12. I myself would suggest some fire type to add to your team as you're good on grass and all your team seems to be good on taking down water/flying types making electric a little useless to add to the team. Houndoom could be a good option as it also adds dark to your team but that adds the weakness against the fairy type, fighting type, and one other maybe that I forgot. If you don't want a Pokemon with those weaknesses and just the weaknesses of a fire type perhaps Magmortar? If you got a Magby lying around somewhere or haven't gotten the Magby egg in Gearen yet then you could train up them. You're able to trade 10 fire type Pokemon in in the power plant in west gearen for a Magmarizer so that wouldn't be an issue as you could just take a trip to Terajuma and get fire types at the volcano there. The Pokemon you choose is up to you but fire seems the most helpful to add.
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