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  1. Also the only stat that stays the same when a Pokemon uses transform is its health. All the other stats copy the opponent's.
  2. Alright so the farthest I have gotten is floor 4 and the diagram on the wall says "Break their hearts." What... what do I do here?
  3. I mean like maybe but like that's so incredibly doubtful as why would Arceus just randomly show up to save some random nobody by sacrificing itself? It would explain why Arceus refused to do shit to stop the world from ending via Indriad if once fused with her they couldn't use their powers but again that's stretching way too far and is so incredibly unlikely. Also that wouldn't be very good storytelling in my opinion.
  4. In Nightmare City right now, I for some reason can walk here. Also I checked in the real world/awake world and I can also walk in those same tiles.
  5. That was a joke. Not meant to be taken seriously. She and the playable character said that to make her feel better. It was set up in a manner in which would be obvious to tell. To most people at least.
  6. Under what circumstances would an Eevee with transform be useful do people reading this think? Just beat the Kimono Girls and I got the Eevee and I'm trying to figure out how useful the move could be.
  7. Nah, I think Nymiera and Alexandra are different people. Mostly because Alexandra doesn't question you if you're this "Adrest" person like Nymiera did and also because Alexandra seems to have no recollection of those past events. And Kanon doesn't recognize Alexandra as Nymiera. And Alexandra said she saw what Kanon looked like in a book in which is why she recognized him. And many other things. Course she might've just lost her memories but atm it's doubtful.
  8. Same. It'll probably be around sometime August V12 comes out. The progress bar is almost done and the older stuff is shooting up quickly so that should be done within a week, maybe a little more I'd say, and then the beta testing will take about a month I'd say. Hopefully they catch the glitches a bit better as opening your trainer card while playing as Ren and seeing Maria doesn't make the most sense I must say. (Also I should start quoting people considering people who just skip to the second page for no reason are going to have no idea who I'm responding to unless they go back a page.)
  9. Found another bug within 12 minutes of the last one. I uh... I went through Caratos Mountain with Aelita 12 badges ago. I don't believe I should be getting this message.
  10. You can use fly to glitch inside of these workers and walk into Texen's house. Leaving the house doesn't break anything, you don't get stuck, but this isn't supposed to happen nonethless.
  11. Nymiera is someone completely different from Nim/Lorna.
  12. Yeah Vitus is the first human man and is most likely immortal.
  13. Yeah, I think so too as considering I activated it after the Hospital event it doesn't make any sense why Damien would ask if I've seen her considering I was in the room while he talked about her.
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