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  1. I still really appreciate this guide I must say, thank you for making it.
  2. False, sure the poster here could have gotten it if they had started their save on a version of the game before said event was possible but they likely started the game after the event was added into the game considering it's unlikely for them to be asking about this and not to have started their game within now and a year and a half ago about I'd say. Anyway because they started their game after the event was added the item won't be there. It's only there for people who missed the event because it just simply didn't exist yet.
  3. Atm it appears to be no as nothing has been stated or hinted about it.
  4. I must say that is an idea indeed but it would certainly mess with a lot of other things and they'd have to change it a lot for it to make sense on why you can't just go to Goldenleaf Forest to help you and Melia out or just wherever you are in the region at the time but yeah. Also the story might be a little confusing after that.
  5. Yes but clearly when someone says "Pulse Hypno" those who have played Reborn will know exactly what the person is talking about here as everyone's thought it.
  6. Okay so just to make sure you know we're talking about intense mode, right? Like you did fight Zetta and Geara in intense mode right? How many healing items did you use if you did fight them in intense mode? And what version did you fight them in in intense mode?
  7. There's a sidequest that you can do if you go south of route 3 right outside of Goldenleaf Town. You use surf to get there. The place is called River's End.
  8. Yeah but like considering the Oshawott would be your starter/the very first Pokemon you'd get I'd say it fits the best. Not to say the MC can't have multiple Pokemon of course. I mean like Ren has 8 himself. Not on him, just in rotation.
  9. Well you see your problem was quite simple and easy to fix. You see what did was you found the secret path to get the egg as you know. Your problem though lies at the fact that that was only a secret code to insert and not the actual code to proceed in the gym. So I just went ahead and completed that last puzzle for you. So yeah... also a word of advice, there is little to no chance that you are going to beat Venam with only three Pokemon unless you're on easy mode. AKA, I severely advise getting more Pokemon. Possibly a psychic type like Woobat. As your team as is is not going to have a fun time if you're playing easy. Anyway here you go.Game.rxdata
  10. Oh yeah definitely not the greatest designed battle but it is what it is.
  11. I feel like Xerneas would make more sense to be the main legendary Pokemon of the game.
  12. Yeah I don't remember Melia's Hapi having Sing. It did have Yawn but that isn't exactly good enough.
  13. The Melia vs Madelis battle in easy is quite easy as the Houndoom is only level 18 and it only uses Ember without using Nasty Plot. In Normal it's a little bit more difficult being I think level 20 but only knowing Ember but it might also Nasty Plot. And then in Intense it's unforgiving by using a Nasty Plot and then Incinerate. To win in Easy just Metronome until it gets confused or falls asleep and then spam ancient power and heal when you need to, normal the same thing, Intense hope to god that thing falls asleep and then hope to god you get an omniboost on ancient power before using metronome again and somehow getting Hydro Cannon or something.
  14. It's been like four months, I think they're good.
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