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  1. Update: Chapter 16 is out! Vero and Lucia: The slums (part 3) I know I've said it before, but there may be more time between updates in the future, but never more than a week. And also, like before, don't hesitate to give feedback! Constructive criticism and general appreciation are both good to recieve and help me in honing my writing skills.
  2. Update: Chapter 15 is out! Shit hits the fan at the Jasper Ward.
  3. Update, Chapter 14 is out! Vero and Lucia: The slums (part 2) So, I originally intended to post it yesterday, but I've somehow become sick in the middle of the summer. Because of this, I am also unsure that the second half of the chapter actually has the same quality as the first. If you remark a drop, please let me know.
  4. Basically, we would be a more powerful version of Undertale's protag? Also, I'm pretty sure someone must have said it already, but I have never seen such a cute Drapion before!
  5. I must say, this was a very interesting theory. That the plot armor would actually have an explication is intriguing to me. There was a sidequest, however, that I recall. It ended with obtaining a crystal ball and having an old fortune teller tell us the story of an alternate Reborn, seemingly without the Protagonist. In it, Fern seemed to take our place, and this reality apparently ended in its total destruction. Where would that fit? Finally, small nitpick; there is an abandonned PULSE machine under the wasteland, in the same room as a shiny, speaking Garbador. It is heavily implied that this Pokémon is the origin of all the waste.
  6. That, my friend, is an excellent question! For Decibel, I will keep referring to them with non-gendered pronouns. Part of their character is the mystery they have around them, and keeping their gender a secret will add to that. As for Ari, I made something a bit different. I do not intend on directly stating it, but I have let some hints in the story that she represents a different branch of the LGBTQ+ than Decibel. I felt that it would be better to make the two different in this regard.
  7. Alright, this one took some more time, but chapter 13 is out. From now on, I will slow down a little bit, so I do not stress myself out for litterrally nothing. Anyway, to those who will see this, have a good read!
  8. Alright, I didn't think I would make it this quickly, but the 12th chapter is out. Decibel: The cavalry is here! Seriously, I think Decibel has been my favorite character to write as of now. What do you think?
  9. Update: Chapter 11 is out! Vero: First trial, where the young trainer has to fight his first gym battle. Up next, the introduction of Decibel.
  10. Hello everyone, could someone remind me of the names of the currently obtainable badges? I don't want to do a full playthrough just for it. @Gabriel1 Julia = Volt Badge Florinia = Canopy Shelly = Cocoon Shade = Omen Aya = Venom or Blight (forget which) Serra = Rime Noel = Standard Radomus = Millennium Luna = Eclipse Samson = Fury Charlotte = Cinder Terra = Gravity Ciel = Suspension Adrienn = Amaranth Titania = Alloy Amaria = Torrent Hardy = Geode Saphira = Treasure
  11. Chapter 10 is now out! Alice and Ari: The Jasper Ward
  12. I have just checked, both with 's' and 'z' are acceptable, but the z is more often used. I will change it, thanks for bringing it to my attention!
  13. You cannot play this on any official console. It is only on a computer, on which you install the files of the game.
  14. Quick update Pokémon Reborn: the novelisation, chapter 9 has aired. Some focus off of Vero for the time being.
  15. Update: 8 chapters are now public! They mainly focus aroud Vero, but the other MCs are going to have their turn in the timelight too!
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