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  1. Congrats to all the awardees! Likewise, wish to see others in season 3!
  2. Player Awards: Team Category ★ Best Town Coordination: ★ Best Mafia Coordination: Blind Mafia Individual Category ★ Best Town Performance: Walpurgis in Temporal Turmoil ★ Best Mafia Performance: ★ Best Third Party Performance: Venus in what Lurks Below ★ Easiest Player to read: ★ Hardest Player to read: LykosHand in Riddle Mafia ★ Most Tactical Player: Dive ★ Most Interesting Player: Venus ★ Best Newcomer: Alaris Host and Mafia Game Awards: ★ Most Interesting Set-up: What Lies Below. ★ Most Organized Game: Reborn Battle Royale ★ Favorite Game: Reborn Battle Royale ★ Most Creative Host: Venus ★ Best Flavor Writer: Alaris ★ The Judge Host: Reborn Mafia Awards:  ★ Jack of Clubs: LykosHand ★ Queen of Hearts: Walpurgis ★ King of Spades: Dive
  3. Whoa! Cool new functions yay! Noice
  4. Just noticed that dramatically my total posted content count is 2,000 as well as my rank upgraded in the meantime. :eyes:

    1. Candy


      Wow~ 2,000 posts eh! Sugoi :D

  5. Tic-Toc, Beep-Bop and poof.

    Here comes a new veteran now! Welcome me to the veterans rank henceforth. :) Most of the experiences had been so far so good. :D

    It'd been really pleasurable to be a part of this community for more than a year. ^_^ 

    I expect that I will continue to remain a part of here as long as I can!

    1. Corso


      Sees 267 rep

      Good, now mods can't reset your rep

    2. LykosHand


      Congratulations for have becoming a veteran Paul :D 

  6. Paul25


    33 np xD and Hello both of you btw
  7. Paul25


    28 Noooooooooooooooo
  8. Paul25

    Reborn Mafia AMA Gauntlet

    Time to vote: 1. Jace 2. Lia 3. Kitty
  9. Paul25

    Pokemon Word Chain

  10. Paul25

    Pokemon Word Chain

  11. Paul25

    Reborn Mafia AMA Gauntlet

    Omg So many questions I have never seen in my life xD. I'll just be asking a question bc you know how many questions you have answered this ama. 1. Which place do you hate the most?
  12. Paul25

    Breeding Guide / Recommendable Sets

    The glare set looks good. Hopefully, that'd turn off to be a viable and reliable set in Reborn and may assist you a lot during tough battles.
  13. Paul25


    20 I blame my damn pc and that weird power cut off for this situation :rage: