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  1. Starry Knight

    Shiny Lotad

    This is a place to ask where stuff is in future reference please take asking for trades to Online Play I have one I can trade you
  2. Starry Knight


    I can trade both if you would like
  3. Starry Knight

    fast leveling to level 70

    Audino rt 4 give some hood exp
  4. Starry Knight

    Regarding the Ducklett... (done)

    No need on my end and most likely Zero's hope you have a good day Don't forget to edit title to done or if you need something else to that
  5. Starry Knight

    Regarding the Ducklett... (done)

    You may WT the one I gave you or give it to Zero in exchange for the female one
  6. Starry Knight

    Choice Scarf

    The choice items I know of there is one for doing the magma/aqua quest then the opposite is given to you after defeating Hardy but all three are obtainable doing thief/covet fling recycle glitch in Argate Circus
  7. Starry Knight

    fast leveling to level 70

    Clown is level 65
  8. Starry Knight

    Regarding the Ducklett... (done)

    No problem
  9. Starry Knight


    I like sell-able items but it doesn't matter if I receive anything special in return for it, I would prefer the pokemon be releasable I have enough boxes filled already though @Andrewwww1010 enjoy your little fox
  10. Starry Knight


    I more meant for future reference, even when I have an open trade thread I will keep changing the name to suit the purpose I need it for @Andrewwww1010 I can otherwise I wouldn't of offered @Andrewwww1010 what is your user?
  11. Starry Knight

    Pokemon Word Chain

  12. Starry Knight


  13. Starry Knight


    Okay, I can trade you a Kanto Vulpix if I could draw I would draw a Werewolf creeping over a blurred out person with the bubble "Unsuspecting rule breaker"
  14. Starry Knight


    they should make you a mod since you seem to notice that type of stuff pretty quickly @Andrewwww1010 You can change the thread name by hitting edit in the bottom left of the original post
  15. Starry Knight

    Spinda or Cacnea male trade request

    No problem, tagging or quoting a person sends a notification to them