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  1. They might be in the wine directory as well if your mac
  2. You can copy your game and move it to whatever computer you want. As long as it's in the right place and is called game.rxdata it will read it or if 18.2 game_#.rxdata # being anything above 2 Would recommend running the reborn game from the 2nd device and having it create it's own save file path though and just deleting the dummy file
  3. To elaborate on ditto if you mess it the first time it becomes available after the 9th badge I believe. You need to find day care couple for it to show in the first place and do the puzzle. I recommend saving before catching it you only get 1
  4. Cool was just trying to proc a notification to them to maybe help them see your message but I didn't know that
  5. What timezones are you in and when are you available? I know Hyena said 7pm.....
  6. is there a way you could sent it on like a weedle online?

  7. Just give me about 10 or so minutes and will get it to a point where you can do all the quests @pigtv Try this game.rxdata
  8. Drivers up to date? Check your antivirus to see if it's blocking them Try resetting you computer
  9. I can kinda do something about it. Would you mind having to redo a good part of the quests though
  10. I can trade you one for something to release
  11. Not sure exactly how far you were in the quest but left you off just before recieving the houndour Ps sorry defulted the controls since it was easier to navigate for me Game.rxdata @pigtv How long ago did you hand all them thier job quests if recent try uning a backup
  12. Nope to both. I reuse cannon folder pokemon, I alsready have everything I want currently
  13. Grab a pokemon you don't want and put in your party Next in your menu go to pokegear from there online play from there if you don't have onle already register then log in or if you have one just Login Then You will be requesting so head to trades then request trade I will be waiting for the request my name is Snorlax when your ready will leave it on waiting for you
  14. I can give you them or the pokemon accoisated with them. They should be becoming available again next episode though PS if you want you could also PM/DM me your save and I can add them in
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