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  1. I like the new Butterfree looks pretty cool
  2. @Shade Solar Wrong section for that, a link stone would also work, you can check the item guide in my signiture for it or look in on the hunt. for trades and battles see online play in the future however if your still on Discord me or tag/quote/pm me Discord handle is @Starry_Knight_Constellations#3200 that is prefered about to play stardew and my laptp mutes everything but discord
  3. Happy belated  birthday

    1. andracass


      you were good in my timezone, so it counts!


  4. wrong section of the forums please use online play next time for trades or battles
  5. If anyone needs me contact me through Discord, been playing stardew and computer keeps muting the browser


  6. Welp, dad's roof caved in a bit off to go help him

  7. only when it says something along the lines 'they don't seem to play together' is when it's not working depending on the phrase the likiness of an egg appearing changes, in this case it's not very likely but still possible. Just run a couple times around a large city then check again until you get one
  8. Hi I can trade you feebas and another Pokemon holding the scale so it doesn't evolve right away, I don't need any special Pokemon I'm return though a couple heart scales would be very much appreciated, your welcome to use my trading thread 8th Street black market in the future.
  9. Starry Knight


    it just goes by too quick unless you have suction cup lead or auto hooking mod on
  10. Starry Knight


    Tini can be hard to get, make sure alt is off otherwise it will get away
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