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  1. Okay I am ready as well My user is Snorlax @Airis have a good day/night
  2. I'm here. My user is Snorlax do you want me to wait?
  3. a candy would work @theSenex I will wait my user is Snorlax
  4. Ah, have no idea, I was hoping for a reference of where you were getting elite 8
  5. @theSenex Do you have a spare heart scale? or a valuable I can sell? I have one I can give you but they are expensive to farm and get
  6. Alright for future please tag or quote whoever your talking to I will request @TomNF Was tyranitar the one you meant to give me?
  7. I assumed it was 4 members then Champ, I haven't seen anything about 8 members
  8. Where did it say 8 members in a row and champ?
  9. @Airis Heart scale if you have a spare one if not no worries
  10. Alright will trade you one if your still on?
  11. What's wrong with the quest?
  12. I can trade you one if your still on
  13. okay unless your still on
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