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  1. Starry Knight


    I have a female one and should have a froakie I'm headed to bed, I do have a froakie I can give them to you later
  2. Happy birthday, hope you have a wonderful day

    1. Angelkitsune


      thank you so much!!!! I hope you have a great day as well (/≧▽≦)/!!!

    2. Starry Knight

      Starry Knight

      The day is over lol is 1am here

  3. no problem you can ask again here or at the guild or PM me if you need anything else
  4. I didn't get the request I will refresh It just took awhile to get to me
  5. You need to keep the Balm Mushroom Heart Scales are favorite candy works as well, I don't really care if you can find it in shops or not I will wait my user Snorlax
  6. It has right nature now, Heart scales are a favorite any item really you aren't going to use
  7. I have something that could work, not right nature though, fortunately that can be changed. If u want it I would prefer items you can keep your high IV Pokemon for something else
  8. Alright have karrablast and sigilph
  9. Yep if u still need one
  10. You can get everything that isn't a mythical, a ledgendary or an Ultra beast barring the exception of Phione, Type null and Piopole* I generally prefer items over as I have everything breed out and everything I want trained already more or less trained Not 100% sure where you can evolve Cubone for the Alolian variant but am pretty sure it's in the dessert which is late game I have these spare
  11. Anything in particular? I can get you any basic form pokemon
  12. Everytime you talk to them they have a small chance of spawning the blue moon icecream, keep in mind it's very expensive
  13. I do have one of each line so it's not a problem
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