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  1. Try cleaning under your keys, works perfectly for me atleast the one called Game does
  2. Whynut who evolves into Wobbufect can be found in Ilolia valley
  3. Go back a save state https://www.rebornevo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/18748-a-guide-to-using-your-backup-saves/
  4. Yep that's fine what's your user I will request
  5. I have a perfect one for you, almost perfect shiny or a trained one which would you prefer?
  6. Will be on in about an hour just about to eat then being driven home
  7. Everstone additionally passes the nature of the one holding it to the egg
  8. I won't get home until 5pm EST
  9. @Silversixx You know the little part with the street rat you fight is? A panpour OR a pansear will show up by the boxes it has to be raining though The garden becomes available after you beat Fern regrettably
  10. You can change your clock to leap ahead 8h. The weather report from the TV should give you a rough estimate when to jump ahead to alternatively if you don't feel like trying to do that there is a mod that allows you to manipulate the weather and when your done you can just delete said mod It the opal ward bridge but it's under it, you access it from the lower Peridot ward though. Sorry for mixing that up a bit PS sorry keep losing internet so responses might take awhile
  11. In the rain check by the train station Also check under bridge in Peridot it can be panpur or sear
  12. You need rpg maker to see it. It's North of dessert town
  13. @SilverAngelus Ice: I imagine Ice being part of the mountain where we initially find Bagon, it look like part of the Victory road Steel I imagine part of the railnet, maybe something happens and we can reacess it, of not maybe Teknite ridge south going down from water source Rock could be many places but I imagine dessert or Tanzan Gigas: watch Ame turn the joke house from the previous dev into it's masked temple that would be hilarious or even for rock/steel
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