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  1. Starry Knight

    Predict the Next Person to Post

    Sorry I missed your call Zero-sama Silver how you doing sorry I interrupted your summoning ritual however I call Seki
  2. Starry Knight

    Predict the Next Person to Post

    This isn't Seki but hey Q-Jei sorry I missed your summon Q-Jei I return your summon
  3. Starry Knight

    Where can I get a Metal Coat?

    They do but you can't get to them till rt 3 caves otherwise I would have suggested them, skarmory and beldum also have 5% Chance of them as well but are quite a ways off as well, the closest one to them is in Tanzan Mountain after beating Noel
  4. Starry Knight

    LF ditto(at least 1 iv 31)

    If you didn't do the day care quest it might not be in black stream factory in that case it will be in 7th st
  5. Starry Knight


    Okay have a good day
  6. Starry Knight

    pls bless me a decent torchic

    The only nature I can remember is Modest but I could do that, I know my breeding buddy has a natural nature though
  7. Starry Knight

    pls bless me a decent torchic

    I can breed something no gaureented nature though
  8. Starry Knight


    I'm on
  9. Starry Knight

    Where can I get a Metal Coat?

    You can have someone trade you one if you want as well, if you do PM me and I can give u one they are held by a couple of wild things later in game as well
  10. Starry Knight


    Sorry for missing and yeah if I don't get called in I'm an on call worker so I may get called in if @Vanitas @seki108 @luisor anyone else offers you can take them up on it
  11. Starry Knight


    I'll be on in a few just eating now, had to wait for my bf to get the either net cord out of the ps4 @Plush_Kiid I'm on for next 3 or so hours now
  12. Starry Knight

    Shiny Lotad

    This is a place to ask where stuff is in future reference please take asking for trades to Online Play I have one I can trade you
  13. Starry Knight


    I can trade both if you would like
  14. Starry Knight

    fast leveling to level 70

    Audino rt 4 give some hood exp
  15. Starry Knight

    Regarding the Ducklett... (done)

    No need on my end and most likely Zero's hope you have a good day Don't forget to edit title to done or if you need something else to that